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#51 2022-12-21 11:46:13

From: I'm not here: U R halucinating
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Re: Google in trouble again

LU344928 wrote:

'By making it appear as if the user is interested in everything, AdNauseam makes it hard for observers to construct a profile of that person.'

...while making your CPU glow bright white and increasing local and global warming?

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Re: Google in trouble again

I'm not sure it works quite like that, though this add on is new to me and I find myself rather skeptical ...

AdNauseam not only blocks ads, it obfuscates browsing data to resist tracking by the online ad industry. To throw ad networks off your trail AdNauseam β€œclicks” blocked and hidden ads, polluting your data profile and injecting noise into the economic system that drives online surveillance.

By blocking the ads in the first place, it conserves a lot of CPU and thus power.  Then sending back the response to the host is only a tiny bit of data.  However, I do question it's worth.  Blocking ads is part of the battle, preventing fingerprinting and blocking trackers is another part.  Not sure where this fits in.


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Re: Google in trouble again

@blackhole agree with  the poster who posted this comment:

This is a good example of something proprietors like google banning being a sign that its good. Not everything google bans is this way, but probably at least 75% of the time.  tongue

The good that this does, is that usually is that you directly block the big data corporations from getting what they desire and the responsibility falls on Google and not said website, usually anyhow...


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