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#1 2022-04-15 17:57:41

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Is wayland the new systemd ?

Will it be something we hate as much as systemd? Just curious. Sorry if this was asked before. Is it as bad as systemd or worse? By the way, why don't we fork systemd instead? Let's just remove unneccessary parts. Can't we do that?


#2 2022-04-15 19:22:14

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Re: Is wayland the new systemd ?

recklessswing wrote:

Will it be something we hate as much as systemd?

That really depends on why exactly you dislike systemd.

IMO Wayland is a vast improvement over X.

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#3 2022-04-16 00:31:51

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Re: Is wayland the new systemd ?

IMO Wayland is not at all an improvement over X.

E.g: … land_and_X

I thought the language in that comparison is quite balanced although with a hint of the author(s) "favouring Wayland".

In my reading it makes the point that the functional overlap between Wayland and X11 is small, but generally they are ideas based on rather different understandings of the computational platform/architecture.

So I'm thinking that any competition between them would be more in whether and which of those understandings better serves the purpose of end users benefiting of FOSS, and that's a political rather than technical discussion.


#4 2022-04-16 02:20:47

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Re: Is wayland the new systemd ?

i generally disgree with the suckles devs on a matter of principle, but the wayland issue is one i will have to agree 100% with them, wayland is a mess, when even the suckless devs say it was too minimalist as a bad thing you know you done fuck up, and that is without mentioning the insistence on keeping everyone chained to rastered display and DPI, if wayland was done right everything that isn't a raster would be processed as vectors with rasterization as the last step and thus the concept of DPI would be rendered obsolete.

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#5 2022-04-16 04:13:27

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Re: Is wayland the new systemd ?

It really seems that { Wayland } and {pipewire} are methods to remove any trace of old systems - Alsa/X/etc

I ran pipewire for a bit of Fedora for a while
they changed the back end for the media session
to their sh1t which I had to undo … liebrownau

This is a DELBATE move by { THEM } to put the final centralisation and dependency all over Linux

Heck the Kernal seems to be heading towards so much bloat and pre included shovelwere ,
it might aswell be its own OS soon

What would stop them putting a SERVICE or program that talks to SOYD, KERNEL or SNAP Store
that checks if you have enough good boy social points and if you don't, you cant boot up ?

The creep never ends, it always gets worse
because people typically never have the strength, moral conviction or balls to say NO
and get rid of this infection from changing stuff ever again

I'm surprised that {Fedora} , {ubuntu} and various other distros
don't enforce online cloud accounts with gnome ui's
to log in like { Windows 8/10/11} enforcers

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#6 2022-04-16 05:53:53

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Re: Is wayland the new systemd ?

I don't know enough to comment about the functionality. Well I haven't bothered to 'upgrade' to wayland.
However, X as it is now. As I still use it suffices. But I do realize any big security holes or oversight in X would be difficult to patch.
I am hopeful wayland will provide added security.

Now I can't say Xorg is terribly insecure. More so I have noticed I've only had issues when I am using say a Dell laptop. The news of SMM vulnerabilities on Dell systems does not surprise me in the slightest. Xorg works, and it's familiar. Now booting a minimal system, sure might take away some issues. But honestly the Meta packages that is xfce makes it difficult to trim it down and keep all the niceties

I had issues when booting into a X session, going to tty1 logging in as root. Coming back to the X session and seeing bounce keys or sticky keys is activated. I assume key logging. It's only happening to me on Dell systems, and due to it being such low level on the system I can only imagine automation and big 3 letter agencies at play. No issues of the sort on something running core boot or when I run a dell system further away from untrusted networks.

Now I hate to be that guy but the idea of an accessibility feature being leveraged for key logging doesn't sit well for me. But what does that have to do with Xorg? Why does Xorg have to pick up the slack for XFCEs mishaps and meta package bloat. Modularity and modability are great goals. I think X does a decent job and will continue to do a good job.

I think it comes down to user wants and needs. I do buy hardware based off of software. My first bare metal install was on a Dell laptop, now I do not want to repeat a purchase of a system that has questionable security under the hood. Devuan released under the pretense of Watching your first step. The rabbit hole does go pretty deep, down to the microcode, boot up, bios and uefi. I think we can all agree if you have a trusted execution at lower layers. IE Coreboot. You are better off. The average person doesn't care, and more fear mongering will only make you sound like a news reporter. But when it comes down to trust. I trust Xorg more then I trust Dell, Microsoft, or Google. Heck I trust systemd more then those 3. Hopefully wayland will become something people wont blink twice on installing. Maybe it can provide some functionality and no cost of security. As it stands now I don't think it's there yet.

Now this pipewire, concerns me. Why does pipewire need to deal with video? Oh containerized programs. right,
if snaps and flatpacks were not disruptive enough. What happened do one thing and do it well? Pipewire should of stuck to audio. It'll be a monolithic blob like systemd. Dangerous. That is the devil in the details to me. pipewire is trying to do too much and runs on the MIT license. Which is inferior to the GPL.


#7 2022-04-16 08:46:12

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Re: Is wayland the new systemd ?

Xorg works, no need to change it. wink

Heck, even tinyX would work for most people, as most only use desktops/laptops, & don't need the extra network services built into Xorg. smile

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#8 2022-04-16 21:55:01

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Re: Is wayland the new systemd ?

The amount of shilling for Wayland is preposterous, particularly by those who use distros without Systemd. I also think that D-Bus, Polkit (formerly PolicyKit), GVfs, Avahi, and PulseAudio being forced onto essential packages is every bit as bad. I remove what I can before ending up with a broken, unusable system (especially in D-Bus' case). Even things like Elogind are not what I desire, but it is what it is.

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#9 2022-04-17 12:49:21

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Re: Is wayland the new systemd ?

brocashelm wrote:

The amount of shilling for Wayland is preposterous, particularly by those who use distros without Systemd. I also think that D-Bus, Polkit (formerly PolicyKit), GVfs, Avahi, and PulseAudio being forced onto essential packages is every bit as bad. I remove what I can before ending up with a broken, unusable system (especially in D-Bus' case). Even things like Elogind are not what I desire, but it is what it is.

I can't speak for everyone, but I dislike the following;

bloatware in general...

Hence why I usually don't use devuan and instead use Hyperbola which finally removed all this crud, wink

Actually, xorg and wayland while both being bad, have an alternative, its called xenocara. 

The only problem being, the linux devs seem to be shrooming more and more with their designs.

I think microsoft, apple, google, etc are all indeed disasters and have evil intentions, but...

I honestly think redhat has changed the game even more...

I think its no longer EEE as a plan,

I think it is now, EETFC

Take Full Control

I wouldn't be surprised if that is redhat's plan at this juncture...  even more so with IBM being in the mix, aka owning redhat now...  sad

Btw,  if I recall correctly, xenocara already does a few things wayland does, regarding being a rootless xorg and in the case of OpenBSD, privledge separation..

I don't really get why people shill for anything redhat makes in general though.

There are alternatives that don't force crap down people's throats, ya know?

Besides, gnome3 and its forks are bloated beyond words, in fact the only desktop environment not bloated its lumina desktop.

But as always, I will use jwm, till I feel like there is something lighter that has the same feature set.  wink

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