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#1 2017-10-21 21:37:01

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400 and growing!

D1G now 400 strong! woo-hoo!

Kind of amazing....quite the rewarding year+ now that i've been using Devuan, and it all started from slow boot times and various repeated glitches in Debian jessie, I had literally zero experience with init systems prior to that, mainly because it had never been the source of problems for me (because I had never used systemd).

The change may have been one of the more dramatic i've seen, I tried the Devuan beta and all my issues went away and my machine booted fast again, I was instantly a fan and Devuan is on all my machines now.

Thanks VUA's, getting to be that time of year again when we do all our donations, and Devuan tops the list this year. wink
Vuu-do GNU/Linux, minimal 64 and 32 bit Devuan-based openbox and mate systems to build on, maximal versions if you prefer your linux fully-loaded.

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#2 2017-10-22 08:59:05

From: Any witch way
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Re: 400 and growing!

There was a time I took an interest in systemd and how it really worked.  The idea seemed interesting, but the chaos it created and that you could hardly audit was like the labyrinth.  I gave up.
When I looked at openrc, runit, and a little bit of s6, my first reaction was "Is that it?"
I thought I was missing something and there were other branches to the system.
While messing with Devuan early on, I installed wheezy.  It felt like a luxury supersportscar without the a/c, stereo, carpeting, etc.
When I converted it to Devuan it was like putting rollbars on it and throwing out the emissions stuff.  smile
I tried the same with upgrading wheezy to jessie and then going to devuan.....  it was like loading trash from the one door and trying to clean the car back out from the other door.

Wheezy, the last true debian!

Now we have systemd in debian, arch, or redhat flavors.  I think the developers on those systems are loosing their connectivity.  They can work independently and just relate to systemd.  It is a matter of time till they all fall apart and work directly for the borg.

If anyone has missed the video you should give it 2' of your time


#3 2017-10-22 09:48:33

From: as where the crow flies native
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Re: 400 and growing!

^ That's hilarious! LMAO




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#4 2017-10-22 10:26:01

From: Surrey/Hants border UK
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Re: 400 and growing!

My machines are about half & half.

AntiX, (Debian based, systemd free), been using it several years now, since the demise of #! (Crunchbang), & Vuu-Do.

(Though I still have one running straight Devuan, but it will likely go over to Vuu-Do as that seems to suit me best. smile )


#5 2017-10-22 13:49:02

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Re: 400 and growing!

Devuan satisfies my computing needs and inspires creativity,learning and experimentation.
I appreciate it greatly!

"The obstacle is the path."


#6 2017-10-22 13:53:41

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Re: 400 and growing!

fungus wrote:

If anyone has missed the video you should give it 2' of your time

A golden oldie.


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