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#1 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » undesireable Motherboard config changes to time and fan settings » Yesterday 22:50:52

Thank you for your attention, Ralph.

The time zone is set in kde/plasma settings.

I have reinstalled ntp, and last night an update was available for ntpdate. I upgraded that and it removed ntp and ntpsec.

The time sticks in the linux system, but the bios time is out.

I'm not sure what to do about it.

I may have removed or turned something off when I shouldn't have.

I have plenty of free time this weekend, so I may (do a clean) reinstall the latest chimarea (? spelling)

and that should correct any hacks I've committed.

The fans are my greatest concern $$$, the time is just a pain for internet pages and logs, etc.

Thank you regards Glenn

ps, "tzdata is already the newest version (2021a-1+deb11u3)."

#2 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » undesireable Motherboard config changes to time and fan settings » Yesterday 16:42:40

Fans went off again earlier tonight...

Since then I have set the fans to run at full speed from bios.


The time has also advanced 10 hours.

Any clues? TIA

#3 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » webkit still running after closing browser » 2022-05-18 23:40:50

Wow!, That's a bit suss! It seems this is the way the world is turning. Thank you for the info.

#4 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » undesireable Motherboard config changes to time and fan settings » 2022-05-17 22:36:28


Yesterday I removed the CPU heatsink and all the fans (except the TruePower powersupply fan) and cleaned them.

Surprisingly the Noctua Heatsink cleaned up really well with soapy dishwater and a bit of vinegar.

Changed the CMOS battery with a new button and reset the bios.

Back to normal, fingers crossed.

I did this to rule-out any possibility they may be the cause. (I am still skeptical)

I'll report back here at a later date if the fans start randomly turning off. Thank you all for your interest and any comments.

Regards Glenn

#5 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » webkit still running after closing browser » 2022-05-17 22:24:06

I have noticed that too.

As a side note, I've also noticed Facebook stays connected after I log off the webpage in Firefox v100.0.

I think it (both) may bean economy of time thing, like M$Win, when the program stays in memory for faster reiteration, (it appears to launch quickly)

No answer, sorry. But I'll follow to see if anyone has helpful info.

#6 Re: Installation » alternatives to Mozilla's and Chomethings » 2022-05-17 02:44:22

James1138 wrote:

FYI. Palemoon versions after 28 no longer allows installing legacy Firefox extensions like Errorzilla without major headaches/tweaking. SeaMonkey has a confirmed major bug that prevents typing text into Facebook when trying to create a new message. A person can type messages into a clipboard or notepad then copy and paste - but a person cannot type directly into Facebook. Also some websites like YouTube do not display properly - Google Earth will not display at all!!  And Vivaldi does not like some Chrome extensions - for example themes!  I tried all 3 for months and ended up with Chromium.


I found the same problem with Palemoon and facebook.

Really frustrating.

There is one more browser, I use, that has not been mentioned in this thread, flashpeak-slimjet (slimjet) that is also not in the repo, but has both source and .deb packages. You may find it here...

Another browser I use is "webbrowser" , from GIT. I had to build and compile it myself, using .mozconfig to configure the sources, but it works really well.

Hope this helps

#7 Re: Installation » Blank screen after netinstall of Chimaera » 2022-05-16 11:39:27

I understand your discomfort as I also tripple boot.

In my experience, I found the best way was to have a fall back plan, thats how I found out about blkid, lsblk and using/editing fstab.

When I started to use GNU/Linux I was lead/taught to use separate partitions for most of the main directories, like /usr /var /tmp / /boot /home and /usr/src and swap.

However, I don't always do that, sometimes I'll let the installer decide the amount and size of separate partitions,

and sometimes The system is contained on one drive as a single partition, with the exception of a swap.

I think I remember getting a question when installing, "what login manager" I wanted to use, I generally chose lightdm. (maybe because I prefer the programs with kde/plasma)

I have used slim, sometimes it is installed by default, I think it was when I did a minimum install from the live iso... xfce4 or cinamon.

I like to have choices. Usually I experiment with other distros or desktop managers and rather than risk destroying my main system, I'll use an old harddrive for the task. (but I'll detatch all the other HDD's before install, and reattatch them after install and setup.)

I'm glad you got your system working. All the best.

(btw, I did little of this by myself, forums thike this have taught me, and saved me many times.)

I stand on the shoulders of giants!

#8 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » undesireable Motherboard config changes to time and fan settings » 2022-05-16 00:24:37

I had a couple of stress free days, but last night I put Openttd on pause and went to watch TV, When I came back the fans were off, except one case fan.

Now I figure the graphics card/driver, nVidia gtx1060 (6Gb) or Openttd has power saving abitities I'm not in control of.

nVidia has an Adaptive power mode, and I have not had any luck setting it to be "on" all the time.

I haven't noticed a power setting mode for any games I use.

#9 Re: Installation » Blank screen after netinstall of Chimaera » 2022-05-16 00:10:15

That had been the cause.
After the installation of Devuan, the swap partition seemed to have gotten a different UUID which didn't match the previous one that was set in /etc/fstab in Bullseye.
I was able to fix it with your advice. Thanks a lot.

(I just wonder why that didn't happen the week before, when I installed AntiX on the partition that now Devuan is on.)

No probles, glad to help. It happens because of formatting.

#10 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] Synaptic Package List Problems on devuan_beowulf_3.1.1_i386 » 2022-05-15 05:35:21

Hi, maybe you could add non-free and contrib to your lines in sources.list

I have a 64bit system but use i386 for steam (gamming app) and when I changed over I found it usefull back then to keep beowulf in the list, although it's not current now so it is not used. I also prefer synaptic when I'm browsing for packages, dep and related info.

My list looks like this...


deb chimaera main non-free contrib  
deb chimaera-proposed-updates contrib non-free main    
deb chimaera-updates contrib non-free main  
deb chimaera-backports main non-free contrib  
deb chimaera-security main non-free contrib
# deb testing main

## Debian-bookworm-testing
# deb experimental non-free contrib main  

# chimaera-updates, to get updates before a point release is made;
# see
# A network mirror was not selected during install.  The following entries
# are provided as examples, but you should amend them as appropriate
# for your mirror of choice.

# Beowulf deb

deb beowulf main non-free contrib 
deb beowulf-security main non-free contrib 
deb beowulf-updates main non-free contrib 
deb beowulf-backports main non-free contrib 
deb beowulf-proposed-updates main non-free contrib    

Then I added this to get i386 access...

dpkg --add-architecture i386

This added i386 to the system... (although not reflected in my current sources.list, not sure why)

another example for the command line to get i386 package, like this...

apt-get install libgl1-mesa-glx:i386

I hope this helps

#11 Re: Installation » Blank screen after netinstall of Chimaera » 2022-05-14 01:12:57

There is a good chance that during the install the uuid of the swap partition had been renewed/changed.

I know that can cause problems, slow start to the system.

You can check this with blkid and /etc/fstab, that the references are the same, and if not correct them and reboot.

As for changing configs, you may need to change or set a root password, A quick web search may give you a solution.

All the best.

#12 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » undesireable Motherboard config changes to time and fan settings » 2022-05-13 10:00:52

Thank you for the replies.

The motherboard battery is fine, except time and date all the other config changes remain.

To add more info to the time problem... 

it seems when I correct the time in bios the system time increments (or decrements) by the amount of change, not the actual time.

So even though this has been bugging me for quite a long time, since I've been using my iPhone as a modem (2 1/2 years)

I figured... change the time on the desktop, the logout and log in, then run

hwclock --systohc

It seems to stick, so far, since I posted this query.

Head_on_a_Stick, I pulled out ntp as a knee-jerk reaction while I was trying to figure it out.

There is no network untill I connect or reconnect the iPhone, and restart squid (proxy firewall, mostly for add blocking and reduced bandwidth usage when reloading static info from recently viewed webpages)... so at boot the service fails

I might put it back, but I'm not sure I need it, now.

chris2be8, As far as the dust in the fans, I do a regular clean, usually 2 times a year, and have had no other problems of over heating, unless the fans are suddenly stopped. I have a fan in the psw, 2 front fans blowing over the drive stack, 1 fan in the rear, one fan in the top (Fractal case) , the cpu has a noctua dual fan heatsink, and the gpu has a fan that rarely spins (except for very hot days under a heavy load (game, music, web browser and system activities) It's not the fans, although I can see it's ready for that next cleanup.

I get suss at times and I think it maybe poisoned media files... but I don't know for sure.

I try to keep control of open ports, especially for apps I don't use and I turn off services I (feel I) don't require.

The torrents are generally week old motorsports, motogp, F1.

I remember buying a new music cd, in the late 90's and 2k's that poisoned the computer when inserted into the cd tray to play through my PC entertainment system(s) and maybe that type of think is recurring... any thoughts on that?

The battery could be borderline, but surely it would have failed totally by now, I remember changing it once.

The Mobo is about 4 years in my possession, but it was the generation older (X470-F) than the newest release (X570-F) at the time. (which was much cheaper and more than likely to run with GNU/Linux)

I certainly feel that if the fans were failing there would be some kind of residue... like fans not working at all.

Thank you for the replies, but I'm still searching. It's a long journey, but I am enjoying the ride. :-)

#13 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » undesireable Motherboard config changes to time and fan settings » 2022-05-12 11:52:05

Hi Rolfie, thank you for the reply.

I have had experience with bios batteries in the past, usually the time and date resets to the earliest available.

I haven't physically changed the battery, mostly because of my past experience.

The time issue is a pain but nowhere near the fear induced from overheating. Thankfully, the Mobo is robust enough, and quick to shutdown.

Another point... I don't use any power saving schemes either in bios or desktop.

I have a few batteries here for my snark guitar tuner that are the same type, so I will give it a change tomorrow and report back.

Thank you.

#14 Hardware & System Configuration » undesireable Motherboard config changes to time and fan settings » 2022-05-12 00:05:48

Replies: 12

Hi, I have this recurring problem when I boot up my computer.

The time is usually wrong (+/-10hrs).

I have a ASUS ROG STRIX X470-F Gaming Motherboard.

All the other settings, like drive order, memory and cpu settings remain as I have set them but the time/date changes it seems at whim,

And sometimes the fans turn off and the PC shuts down due to over heating. Sometimes this coincides with torrent downloads, playing downloaded videos, playing Graphics Accelerated games (Openttd, Counterstrike-Source).

I have conky setup to show fan speeds, temps and network useage but only sometimes do I see the read-out and reboot before the computer shuts down automagically.

I run Plasma desktop... and when I correct the time with the "adjust date and time" applet (from the task-bar) It seems to change the motherboard time as well (expeleted deleted!).

I use iPhone tethering for my network conections so I have, and to try and get around the time and date settings being incorrect I have removed ntp-client/server.

I'm not really sure if this is the cause of the motherboard changes, so I ask here for your assistance and guidence.

I am aware of hwclock command... Some examples I keep close...

Set the Hardware Clock to the current System Time.

# hwclock --systohc

Set the System Time from the Hardware Clock.

# hwclock --hctosys

# hwclock --set --date="8:20:05"

but, idealy I wish I didn't have this problem to begin with.

Thank you for any questions and guidence, regards Glenn

ps, I live on a border of daylight-saving time changes (nsw/queensland, Australia). I try to set it to a constant, rather than changing it every 6 months. ;-)

#15 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » [SOLVED] How to change DE in Devuan chimaera? » 2022-05-07 23:04:51

apt install task-kde-desktop

you might add - kde-plasma-desktop plasma-nm

#16 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] any chances to install nvidia-legacy-340xx on Devuan chimaera? » 2022-05-04 02:39:03

have you installed "nvidia-legacy-340xx-driver" package?

Then use dkms to build the module

#17 Re: Installation » Why is only main repo is active in sources.list? » 2022-05-04 02:35:05

rolfie wrote:

If I remember correctly about my recent experiences with the installer, that when you select a mirror to install from you will be asked several questions what to add to the sources.list. Then you get the full story. If you do an offline installation you end up with the install media and the simple chimaera main.

Very short to dave's question:

main: free software only
contrib: SW with other than the Debian/Devuan licence, typical example Virtual Box
non-free: propriatary stuff - you want to enable this when you need firmware for your hardware to work


Perfectly succinct reply. The sources recorded in sources.list are different depending on "ON line" and "Off line" installation media.

#18 Re: Other Issues » [SOLVED] rsync operation takes ages » 2022-04-27 08:45:12

Hi, for what it's worth, I used to use an old 4 port modem/routrer as a switch.

I found, without the external phone line connected (I can't remember if it was adsl or dsl) it acted as though it was not a modem.

giving me 4 extra eth ports (it was some time ago)

all the best.

#19 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » [SOLVED] How to auto-start an application during booting » 2022-04-21 12:46:58

I have done this.
Type in a console terminal... as root


you should get a list of services and their start-up status. like sysinit, default, off, recovery. (sorry it looks messy)

root@GlennsPref:/root  rc-update
           alsa-utils |                                              sysinit
              anacron |      default                                        
         avahi-daemon |                        off                          
            bluetooth |      default                                        
             bootlogd |                                              sysinit
             bootlogs |      default               recovery                 
 |                                              sysinit
           brightness |                                              sysinit
              cgroups |                                              sysinit
  |                                              sysinit |                                              sysinit |                                              sysinit
     clamav-freshclam |      default                                     |      default                                        
                 cron |      default                                        
                 dbus |      default                                        
              elogind |      default                                        
                eudev |                                              sysinit
                exim4 |                        off                          
             fail2ban |      default                                        
            fwautorun |                                              sysinit
           fwlogwatch |      default                                        
                  gpm |      default                                        
              hddtemp |      default                                        
 |                                              sysinit
  |                                              sysinit |                                              sysinit
            killprocs |                            recovery                 
                 kmod |                                              sysinit
              lightdm |      default                                        
           lm-sensors |                                              sysinit
       mount-configfs |                                              sysinit |                                              sysinit
 |                                              sysinit |                                              sysinit |                                              sysinit |                                              sysinit
 |                                              sysinit
       nethack-common |                        off                          
      network-manager |      default                                        
           networking |                                              sysinit
             openntpd |      default                                        
              privoxy |      default                                        
               procps |                                              sysinit
 pulseaudio-enable-autospawn |      default           off                          
             rc.local |      default                                        
            rmnologin |      default                                        
                rsync |      default                                        
              rsyslog |      default                                        
            savecache |                        off                          
       screen-cleanup |                                              sysinit
             sendsigs |                        off                          
               single |                            recovery                 
                 slim |      default                                        
                squid |      default                                        
                  ssh |                        off                          
        stop-bootlogd |      default                                        
 stop-bootlogd-single |                                              sysinit
                 sudo |                        off                          
              sysstat |      default                                        
             umountfs |                        off                           |                        off                          
           umountroot |                        off                          
              urandom |                                              sysinit
           x11-common |                                              sysinit
                  xdm |      default 

Also you can use this to see the status of the services.

service --status-all
root@GlennsPref:/root  service
Usage: service < option > | --status-all | [ service_name [ command | --full-restart ] ]
root@GlennsPref:/root  service --status-all
 [ ? ]  alsa-utils
 [ - ]  anacron
 [ - ]  avahi-daemon
 [ + ]  bluetooth
 [ + ]  bootlogd
 [ - ]  bootlogs
 [ - ]
 [ - ]  brightness
 [ + ]  cgroups
 [ - ]
 [ - ]
 [ - ]
 [ + ]  clamav-freshclam
 [ - ]
 [ + ]  cron
 [ + ]  dbus
 [ + ]  elogind
 [ + ]  eudev
 [ - ]  exim4
 [ + ]  fail2ban
 [ ? ]  fwautorun
 [ + ]
 [ - ]  fwlogwatch
 [ + ]  gpm
 [ - ]  hddtemp
 [ - ]
 [ ? ]
 [ - ]  iwd.initd
 [ - ]
 [ - ]  killprocs
 [ ? ]  kmod
 [ + ]  lightdm
 [ - ]  lm-sensors
 [ ? ]  mount-configfs
 [ - ]
 [ - ]
 [ - ]
 [ - ]
 [ - ]
 [ - ]
 [ - ]  nethack-common
 [ + ]  network-manager
 [ ? ]  networking
 [ - ]  openntpd
 [ + ]  privoxy
 [ - ]  procps
 [ - ]  pulseaudio-enable-autospawn
 [ - ]  rc.local
 [ - ]  rmnologin
 [ - ]  rsync
 [ + ]  rsyslog
 [ - ]  savecache
 [ - ]  screen-cleanup
 [ - ]  sendsigs
 [ - ]  slim
 [ + ]  squid
 [ - ]  ssh
 [ + ]  stop-bootlogd
 [ + ]  stop-bootlogd-single
 [ - ]  sudo
 [ - ]  sysstat
 [ - ]  umountfs
 [ - ]
 [ - ]  umountroot
 [ - ]  urandom
 [ - ]  x11-common
 [ - ]  xdm

If your service is not listed to start you can add or del it from the list and run it, like this (for example)

rc-update add nftables default
rc-service nftables start

for the oposite, change add to del, and change start to stop.

I hope I got the question right, all the best. Glenn

#20 Other Issues » [Solved] Slimjet browser updated, broken libffmpeg » 2022-04-10 08:18:18

Replies: 0

Updated Flashpeak-Slimjet Web-Browser to ver and when ever I tried to start it failed.

Running it from a console there was an error about "symbols".

It seems to be the version of being too old.

I haven't found a replacement in my usual haunts but came accross this solution on the slimjet web site forum.

Here are some links to newer versions (I'm using 0.62.1)

Slimjet forum... … dts#p11888

the github link...

All the best.

Regards Glenn

#21 Re: Other Issues » Daedalus Bluetooth problem... » 2022-03-28 21:58:37

I have a BT mouse (Logitech M-185) Works flawlessly, might as well be cable... (bluez amd64 5.55-3.1)

The trouble I have is the Headset connection is dropping audio far too much,

and pulse audio won't show or switch to it on connect after the very first time.

I'm trying a few hacks but have no joy yet.

this page... … omatically
and this page... … omatically
but it's still really flakey
the BT icon shows up in the system tray, and connects when paired, but pulse won't change over. I have also blacklisted
manually at each boot with rmmod in rc.local "rmmod -f snd_hda_codec_hdmi" to get rid of the useless hdmi audio connection (seems to be set for laptops) on my desktop system . Thank you</edit>

#22 Re: Other Issues » Daedalus Bluetooth problem... » 2022-03-28 02:00:49

Hi, thank you for your effort. I am currently interested in this subject to get BT headset running "connect and glitch free".

...watching with interest. (although I am running devuan_chimaera)

I'm trying this with Pulse-audio... on a desktop with outboard usb-audio and hdmi module removed through rc.local


#23 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] Backported kernel update » 2022-03-19 23:09:31

I also use the bpo kernel.

Generally I have to search for upgrades for it, linux-image... and if found grab the kernel headers packages too.


glenn@GlennsPref ~ $ uname -a
Linux 5.16.0-0.bpo.4-amd64 #1 SMP PREEMPT Debian 5.16.12-1~bpo11+1 (2022-03-08) x86_64 GNU/Linux

#24 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] any chances to install nvidia-legacy-340xx on Devuan chimaera? » 2022-03-19 07:06:39

deepforest wrote:

A step by step description and a printout of the terminal as the job progresses would be ideal.

I follow this instructions and broke my Devuan(( … 77#p745277

Please post the link.

Hi, What was the out-come of the "broken" nvidia-340xx install?

I have some experience... Maybe I can help. :-)

#25 Re: Off-topic » Music » 2022-03-16 23:07:30

T-Bone Walker, Complete Imperial Recordings 1950-1954, Alimony Blues.

Dreamy bliss to Blues. Warning... contains horns! :-)

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