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#2 Re: Devuan » Beowulf » 2020-04-04 14:49:29

bgstack15 wrote:
aut0exec wrote:

the only issue was pulseaudio not starting automatically so one of my shell functions for recording audio wasn't working properly.

That was one of my early issues with Devuan Ceres (which was based on Beowulf at the time) as well! I remember making a .desktop file for my xdg autostart to run "pulseaudio -start" I think it was. Nowadays I've moved to alsa and not Xfce, so I have different types of issues now.

I wish I could move solely to alsa but try as I may, simply can't figure out how to record streams with solely alsa on this machine....

#3 Re: Devuan » Beowulf » 2020-04-03 13:45:05

Definitely. Been using it on non-important systems for months. Switch my primary desktop over about 2 weeks ago and the only issue was pulseaudio not starting automatically so one of my shell functions for recording audio wasn't working properly. All is solved now though!

#4 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » CuBox I4 pro » 2020-02-10 00:49:29

Camtaf wrote:

If Debian works, so will Devuan. smile

I'm certainly hoping for the same thing! pardon my ignorance but I thought that the something about the I.MX6 platform was specific to it and required special consideration? Perhaps I'll just try install the Debian image and then switching the sources over to devuan to see what happens.

#5 Hardware & System Configuration » CuBox I4 pro » 2020-02-08 18:37:06

Replies: 2

Greetings everyone. Noticed the other day that the OS I was using on my CuBox is no longer maintained and I'd like to move Devuan on the box but I can't seem to find if it's supported. Debian has a build available so I'm hoping that Devuan is possible too. Anyone have any experience or is this new territory?

#6 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Secure Boot » 2020-02-08 18:31:26

czeekaj wrote:

Now it boots, but it boots USB as well. With custom keys it seems to just boot as if it was off. I guess I didn't set it up quite right. Might try again and update this if I have better luck. Dell seems like they could make really good products. But then there is just something about their bios that scares you right away. Anything Post-skylake I don't really want to dip into.

I've not experimented with my dells yet but my Toshiba Satellite was simply as easy as loading my custom keys, building a stub-load kernel, signing it, and then enabling secure boot in the bios. Will be interested in what you find out with your Dells though.

#7 Re: Other Issues » Is VirtualBox (or alternative) in the repo? » 2020-01-12 14:49:32

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:
Ogis1975 wrote:

I prefer qemu-kvm


This is where I've been moving as well. Between it and LXC, virtualbox has pretty much gone by the wayside on *nix stations. Sadly still have to use VB on Windoze stations for work but it beats the licensing cost of VMware!

#8 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Secure Boot » 2020-01-12 14:45:14

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:

In respect of UEFI, it is not possible to "turn it off" — all you can do is enable CSM ("Legacy" mode), which still runs the boot process through the UEFI firmware but subjects it to an extra added abstraction layer which is probably full of even more bugs.

Even saw some Dells the other day where CSM isn't an option within the firmware! Figured at some point everyone would move over from CSM/Legacy just wasn't sure when.

Czeekaj - I unfortunately don't have the ability to build my own chips, PCB's, FPGA's, and what not so I'm sort of stuck trusting hardware vendors at a certain point. Secure boot at least makes the bar for high jacking my system 'a little bit' more difficult!

#9 Re: Installation » installing nvidia drivers on ascii 2.1 » 2020-01-11 14:09:35

Strongly suggest nvidia-detect as Ogis1975 suggested. Also how old is your card? I've started running into issues where the cards in my systems are no longer supported by the latest and greatest 'nvidia-driver' package. So I've had to install various versions of legacy or manually pull the last supported driver from Nvidia directly (this one made me appreciate how far Linux and Nvidia have progressed smile ).

#10 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » machine freezes - nouveau driver? » 2020-01-09 01:34:13

Not going to say there isn't an alternative but I had the same issue on a Lenovo laptop with a quadro GPU. I just gave in and installed the 418.88 driver from Nvidia and haven't had an issue since.

#11 Re: News & Announcements » It'll be when It's ready, I know, but an approximation? » 2020-01-07 01:40:56

sgage wrote:

My main box would be beowulf if I could install wine32. Other than that. beowulf works beautifully on my machine.

Several of mine are Beowulf as well. Only issue thus far has been the conversion over to nftables instead of iptables which ended up causing UFW to fail to start. Easy to fix with


Can't wait to upgrade everything when it's ready.

#12 Re: Devuan » Debian considering going systemd init only » 2019-12-31 14:31:43

yeti wrote:
aut0exec wrote:

Didn't go as badly as thought but not as promising either. :-/

This result's "we support exploring alternatives" suffix will not fruit.
This result will make some overly optimistic and/or inert users stay with Debian instead of looking for an alternative.

More is lost than gained with this wishy-washy result.

Good point. Didn't look at it that way but I can definitely see things going that route, sadly.

#13 Re: Off-topic » This should be fun... » 2019-12-28 12:34:00

golinux wrote:
aut0exec wrote:

I'm in as always. Just not sure where I can help or how to get started really. Would love to help work fixes into SysV just don't possess the coding background at current to be of much use there, ha.

Reality check.  I didn't own a computer (which I didn't really want - it was a gift) till I was near 60.  I had zero technical background.  Then I wanted to "do things" so I taught myself . . . html and css from scratch in a text editor, graphics, audio and video editing, desktop theming etc .  If I didn't like something, I figured out how to fix it, even hacking the registry in my windoze days because I wanted things MY way.  My appetite for learning new things and experimenting may not be as voracious as it was all those years ago and tbh, I couldn't pull a bash script out of my head without DDG but I still manage to contribute to Devuan.  I bet you could find a niche that suits you if you looked hard enough.

Fair enough! I'll keep looking around. One thing that has come to mind as of late is Init scripts. Seems support for them has been dwindling (gitea recently cause me enough headaches with an outdated init script).

#14 Re: Devuan » Debian considering going systemd init only » 2019-12-28 12:28:46

That tallying system made the head hurt...

Didn't go as badly as thought but not as promising either. :-/

What's next?

#15 Re: Off-topic » This should be fun... » 2019-12-13 03:59:04

golinux wrote:
sgage wrote:
aut0exec wrote:

If Debian goes full systemd, what will this mean for Devuan?

Surely that is the question...

We'll need less yammering and more hands on deck to do actual work.

I'm in as always. Just not sure where I can help or how to get started really. Would love to help work fixes into SysV just don't possess the coding background at current to be of much use there, ha.

#16 Re: Off-topic » This should be fun... » 2019-12-12 01:09:09

fsmithred wrote:

OK, I read A.6 and if I read it again, I'm sure I'll get a headache.

I think we're screwed. As I see it, there should only be two options on this vote:
1. systemd only
2. some kind of support for other inits.

Then if 2 wins, figure out the details.

Yea... Was wondering this exact thing when reading through the options. Lots of fragmented options for non-systemd.

If Debian goes full systemd, what will this mean for Devuan?

#17 Re: Off-topic » This should be fun... » 2019-12-11 01:54:43

Voting period starts      2019-12-07 00:00:00 UTC
     Votes must be received by 2019-12-27 23:59:59 UTC

Top of the ML message.

That's an interesting set of choices to say the least.

#18 Re: Devuan » Does anyone else use FreeIPA? » 2019-11-14 03:03:08

I've wanted to use FreeIPA but haven't spent the time to go through the process. Did you happen to write up the steps and changes you made to make it work in Devuan?! I'd definitely be interested.

#19 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » eth0 losing static ip » 2019-11-06 00:56:54

e97 wrote:

thanks @aut0exec ! I suspected it was another network control manager but couldn't figure out what it was. Its disabled and removed.

Reset dnsmasq as well because I probably misconfigured it resulting in a conflict with my router. 

With those changes, everything seems good.

No problem and glad all is well!

#20 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Parrot OS and Devuan » 2019-10-29 00:42:30

golinux wrote:

A note from Parrot OS:

we are not based on devuan yet, and the rolling branch is still based on debian testing

meanwhile we have an experimental lts branch that tracks devuan, and we plan to release a lts version of parrot (5.0) for both x86 and arm architectures, and keep it aside to the rolling edition that will remain the same as now (but amd64 only)

the eta is "when it's ready"


Man... I wonder if they need people to test that LTS branch?!

#21 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » eth0 losing static ip » 2019-10-29 00:38:08

Had this problem when network manager is installed on the system. NM likes to randomly start controlling the NIC. You're supposed to be able to issue:

nmcli device set <ethX> managed no

In practice it rarely stays consistent and in theory NM isn't supposed to be managing stuff in the interfaces file either. I usually resort to adding the following in




Then restart network-manager and networking. The output of nmcli should state that the interface is no "unmanaged".

root@Devuan:~# nmcli
eth1: unavailable
	"Broadcom Limited NetXtreme BCM5755 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express"
	ethernet (tg3), DE:AD:BE:EF:00:01, hw, mtu 1500

eth0: unmanaged
	"Realtek RTL8169 PCI Gigabit Ethernet Controller (GA311)"
	ethernet (r8169), CA:FE:C0:FF:EE:01, hw, mtu 1500

lo: unmanaged
	loopback (unknown), 00:00:00:00:00:00, sw, mtu 65536

My preferred route is to just remove network manager all together with

apt purge network-manager


#22 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Parrot OS and Devuan » 2019-10-27 16:07:59

Yup Radare is in there but the cutter you mentioned isn't the "right" cutter: Check this out:

I would LOVE to see a Devuan "pen-testing" distro to be honest. I'd work to create my own but if I'm being honest, I'm not qualified to build a distro, haha. Would be a very long road!

Your linked thread is interesting. How you had any progress since your last post??

#23 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Parrot OS and Devuan » 2019-10-25 23:22:43

stanz wrote:
aut0exec wrote:

...and like a bunch of the pre-installed pieces of software they were including....

Would ya share which installed software, you like?
I'm jus` doing alittle recon. wink

Happily! The big ones here were: Radare and Cutter, vscodium (not because I want it, work does), the collection of wireless tools (don't need them currently but plan to learn how to use them). I'm sure there will be others but haven't had much more than a week to mess around with it. Are you building a distro (A devuan based distro like this would be really slick)??

#24 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Parrot OS and Devuan » 2019-10-24 02:39:01

Freemedia, Thanks for the info. The 2017 items were the ones I kept finding. Was hoping since Devuan had seen several releases that perhaps Parrot had switched over by now. Looks like they're still tracking to make the jump so I'll sit tight!

#25 Devuan Derivatives » Parrot OS and Devuan » 2019-10-24 00:18:49

Replies: 9

Just wondering if anyone had heard anything more about the potential change of Parrot OS switching from Debian to base off of Devuan instead? I booted an iso recently and like a bunch of the pre-installed pieces of software they were including but was saddened to still see Systemd there.

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