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#1 2017-11-05 22:16:01

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Expansion of the development team

Dear Dev1rs,

Because Devuan is growing and needs more hands on deck to make and execute important decisions, Devuan's lead development team has grown from three to five. This decision evolved over several weeks of discussion.

Original LEADs: nextime, jaromil and Centurion_Dan

New team: jaromil, Centurion_Dan, KatolaZ, Evilham and rrq

The group decided, from the options suggested, that they will be collectively referred to as the 'Caretakers'.  Their responsibilities include attending to maintenance of the infrastructure and facilitating and improving the availability of Devuan to its users. The website's Team page will soon reflect the changes.

nextime, while maintaining infrastructure and being available for emergencies is currently not participating in the day-to-day operations entrusted to the Caretakers.

The Caretakers have been working well together and with renewed energy on the task of releasing ASCII 2.0 as soon as possible in order to sync with Debian's release schedule.

The Dev1Devs … 62.en.html


#2 2017-11-06 22:36:53

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Re: Expansion of the development team

The group of ruffians collectively known as the Devs of Devuan Derivatives on the other hand, would now like to be known as:

The Knights who say "D" (but not in front of children).

We shall say D to you again if you do not appease us. We no longer want shrubbery, we want beer. A nice pale ale will do, not too hoppy mind you.

Vuu-do GNU/Linux, minimal 64 and 32 bit Devuan-based openbox and mate systems to build on, maximal versions if you prefer your linux fully-loaded.

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#3 2017-12-22 20:05:15

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Re: Expansion of the development team

Something those less than twenty can not know about!


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