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#1 2024-06-19 23:09:32

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Audrey Tang interview

Interesting interview with Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s Fmr. Minister of Digital Affairs on AI, Elections, and China. Open Source mentioned several times and his book, “Plurality”, is a free download. Here's the blurb from Amanpour & Company:

"When it comes to any election, technology enables the dissemination of important information. How might technology be leveraged to stop the spread of fake content? Audrey Tang is an expert in this field. Formerly Taiwan’s Digital Affairs Minister, Tang has used a wide range of strategies to address this problem. Tang's book “Plurality” details how the internet, which is a divisive space for so many, can also provide immense opportunities for bridge building and collaboration. The author spoke with Hari Sreenivasan."

Originally aired on June 18, 2024


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