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#1 2022-05-04 02:06:22

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Basic Packaging workflow for new package.(new maintainer)

New to debian packaging and git.

But finally bit the bullet and learned about basic packaging.
Went trough debian docs ( overwhelming at first, and even a week later)
(but trying to keep it as basic as possible, not a full time maintainer)

Started with a cmake project i need .
which wants extra libraries

Workflow so far has been (nlbwmon itself, libubox is a separate project).

git clone 
git branch -m master upstream
git checkout -b master
dh_make --createorig -p package_00.01.01

clean and edit /debian folder (only minimal needed files for now)
fix debian/package.install
add debian/package.init ( custom init )
add debian/package.links ( link daemon to function as a frontend also)

add missing files/* to codebase and add them to debian/package.install
1: modified config file (otherwise init has to be based on a non standard config file)
2: another file just to rename (as i could not figure out how to do it in package.install)

dpkg-source --commit

git commit


This works just fine for me , get my packages that i can install with dpkg -i .

But starting to wonder , if anyone shows interest in this later , or i decide to upload this
for public consumption or even to devuan at some later stage.

What would be missing in my workflow that is required for proper (accepted/certified?) packaging?

Do i need to start using git-buildpackage?
Will that let me automatically connect my git commits to debian patches?

Also upstream sources have no tagging or any kind of versioning to tie releases to.
(what do i do in that case ? create my own versioning?)


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#2 2022-05-04 02:22:57

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Re: Basic Packaging workflow for new package.(new maintainer)

You might want to have a look at the Packaging Guide for Devuan on our git.


#3 2023-09-28 16:09:40

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Re: Basic Packaging workflow for new package.(new maintainer)

I've just found (from an article in Linux Magazine) that there's a program called adequate which sanity checks packages for violations of Debian package guidelines.

Install with apt-get install adequate and read it's man page for details (it won't usually need to be run as root). From a quick check it should find various packaging errors, although there can be false positives. And it only checks if a package is correctly packaged, not if it actually does what it is supposed to. But it looks worth adding to recommended workflow.


#4 2023-09-30 16:07:43

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Re: Basic Packaging workflow for new package.(new maintainer)

Could someone run adequate --all on Cerebus or Daedalus? I got a load of warnings on my system but it's ASCII and installing Nvidia CUDA support may have caused some of them (as well as other things I've had to mess with when recovering from a disk failure).


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