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#1 2022-05-04 02:06:22

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Basic Packaging workflow for new package.(new maintainer)

New to debian packaging and git.

But finally bit the bullet and learned about basic packaging.
Went trough debian docs ( overwhelming at first, and even a week later)
(but trying to keep it as basic as possible, not a full time maintainer)

Started with a cmake project i need .
which wants extra libraries

Workflow so far has been (nlbwmon itself, libubox is a separate project).

git clone 
git branch -m master upstream
git checkout -b master
dh_make --createorig -p package_00.01.01

clean and edit /debian folder (only minimal needed files for now)
fix debian/package.install
add debian/package.init ( custom init )
add debian/package.links ( link daemon to function as a frontend also)

add missing files/* to codebase and add them to debian/package.install
1: modified config file (otherwise init has to be based on a non standard config file)
2: another file just to rename (as i could not figure out how to do it in package.install)

dpkg-source --commit

git commit


This works just fine for me , get my packages that i can install with dpkg -i .

But starting to wonder , if anyone shows interest in this later , or i decide to upload this
for public consumption or even to devuan at some later stage.

What would be missing in my workflow that is required for proper (accepted/certified?) packaging?

Do i need to start using git-buildpackage?
Will that let me automatically connect my git commits to debian patches?

Also upstream sources have no tagging or any kind of versioning to tie releases to.
(what do i do in that case ? create my own versioning?)


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#2 2022-05-04 02:22:57

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Re: Basic Packaging workflow for new package.(new maintainer)

You might want to have a look at the Packaging Guide for Devuan on our git.


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