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#26 2023-01-22 16:32:50

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Re: "target_home" dir after installation?

@deepforest . . . your question is answered in this post. Should be the same for amd64.


#27 2023-01-22 16:33:43

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Re: "target_home" dir after installation?

deepforest wrote:

why so different size?

The "desktop" ISO just includes the packages for the actual desktop in question but the "pool" ISO includes as many packages from the top of the popcon list as is possible to fit on a DVD.

deepforest wrote:

both using non fefracta installer?

Can you find that installer on those ISO images? It's probably better to learn things yourself rather than rely on others to spoon-feed you information as if you were a small child. Empower yourself.

I think the traditional Debian installer ("d-i") is available in both from the boot menu but I might be wrong. Just use the netinstall ISO and select the installer from the boot menu. That's what I always do and it always works.

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#28 2023-01-22 20:16:54

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Re: "target_home" dir after installation?

Again, the desktop iso is installer (not refracta) + a package pool, and the pool1 iso is only a package pool.

The desktop package pool contains some complete desktop package collections and then topped up with 2500 "most wanted" popcon packages, whereas the pool1 package pool merely is the 5000 most wanted packages.

In both cases the choice collection is filtered against currently available packages (at building time), expanded to include the first-options Depends and Recommends, and also including first-option choices for any so called "pure virtual" packages.


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