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#1 2023-08-26 13:56:26

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Refracta, where is .bash_history

I can not seem to find .bash_history. It must be here as the terminal does remember commands with up arrow.
And apologies if this is a too stupid question.

Yes I am a newbie here, first post.

Extra babble, if you care. I am new to Refracta, but not to Linux, have used Linux Mint, with MATE desktop as daily driver for over 12 years, same Username on that forum.

I discovered Refracta quite by accident. I have made custom ISO's since Mint 18 using Systemback, and was just browsing for other software when I discovered Refractasnapshot, So I had to try it, VERY NICE piece of software BTW. I also decided I wanted to take a look at Refracta OS as well, so I downloaded the iso and installed it in Virtualbox, also VERY NICE!

Frankly I am surprised it is ranked ~190 on distrowatch (head scratch). With so many, seemingly, having some hatred for systemd, I am very surprised that there are not more interest in this ver nice, clean looking distro.

I also wrote a tutorial on using refractasnapshot over on the Mint forums, as the question comes up from time to time "how to make a custom iso"

Thanks, rickNS


#2 2023-08-26 14:54:49

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Re: Refracta, where is .bash_history

ls -a to see hidden files (the filename starts with a dot).


#3 2023-08-26 15:17:27

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Re: Refracta, where is .bash_history

It is an option in Thunar also.


#4 2023-08-26 18:32:42

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Re: Refracta, where is .bash_history

Stupid me I should have said I was running a live iso in virtualbox, and until threre some commands, and a log out, and back in or as I did in VB close, and save state there is no .bash_history. The file was there after doing that.
Here is terminal output from live iso not having saved state, IE as it was the first boot.

user@refracta:~$ ls -a
.                   .dmrc              refractainstaller-base_9.6.6_all.deb
..                  Downloads          refractainstaller-gui_9.6.6_all.deb
audio_test.ogg      firmware.chimaera  search_in_search_bar
.bash_logout        .gnupg             .su-to-rootrc
.bashrc             .ICEauthority      .viminfo
bin                 .kde               .w3m
.cache              .local             .wget-hsts
.config             .moc               .Xauthority
.dbus               .mozilla           .xscreensaver
debootstrap_devuan  .pki               .xsession-errors
Desktop             .profile

Also not sure how to mark terminal output, I highlighted it, and clicked the "code block" above this.


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