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#1 2023-04-26 02:10:35

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Help us build up autonomous communication infrastructure

I have had a riseup account for a very long time and imagine a number of you have too! The riseup birds are a unique flock and IMO deserve support. I just did the donation thing. Maybe some of you will want to do the same. Here's their message:

Many years ago, we had a server literally held together with duct tape and stashed away in someone's overheated closet. Then we had one in someone's dusty basement, that a well-meaning environmental activist kept turning off. Our first fundraiser was held to replace these servers, and we had one person donate! That was almost twenty years ago, and while many things have changed since then we are still the same.

We still dumpster equipment, fight spammers and trolls, and do whatever else we can to support people engaged in their struggles against oppression.

Our work is not possible without your support, and we work hard to ensure that our services can be a lever we can collectively use to force the world to change. We spend most of our time keeping these services up and running, and we aren't great at focusing on things like asking for money. If you can, please take a moment and make a donation to support the autonomous communication infrastructure at


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