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#1 Re: Devuan Derivatives » New Vendefoul Wolf Re-spin | Devuan 5 » 2023-08-27 05:52:00

Thanks for your hard work

Whats the default root password
I clicked on Install/Intatar


Didnt work for the password


Check out

* Sourceforge for free linux iso hosting

* sourcehut for free linux project hosting

* ZeroSSL for a free SSL cert

* Vultr VPS for a free teir VPS … e-details/

* Otherwise Racknerd have an VPS cheap package
  - USD$23 per YEAR -

Also for crowd funding
Subscribe instead of ((( Pateron)))

Good Luck

#2 Re: Devuan » Increasing need for RAM » 2023-02-19 23:29:00

Currently running Debian 11 instead of Devuan (So I can do a review video on Debian 11 )

735-765 on boot with Terminal + HTOP
and thats with I2PD chewing resources at boot also

SSMD instead of LightDM
openbox instead of XfceWM

image :-

#3 Re: Installation » Got sound in Firefox with only alsa and JACK! » 2023-02-19 21:34:27

This is the question people should be asking

Why in 99% of Linux distros

((( FIREFOX ))) is included as "FREE AND OPEN SOURCE"
when its bloated, insecure and TRACKS people

LibreWolf isnt


Why is Default ((( CHROME))) available in 99% of linux Distros
yet ungoogled chomium isnt available

Because they are

((( THEM)))
Linux system sanctioned to be ((( PUSHED )))

All this moral talk of privacy, security and """ FREE DOM"""
gets over written by ((( CORPORATION ))) and ((( TRACKING ))) interests


This is why I recommend

Portable tar gz programs


I use appimage for

Delta Chat
Ghost Writer

Then I am in charge of when a program updates or doesnt update
not the OS, not the Distro, not the distro team

#4 Off-topic » Video - The New Redpill for Desktop Minimalism - Suckless Software » 2023-02-19 04:55:28

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The New Redpill for Desktop Minimalism - Suckless Software [Based Mental Outlaw]

Our philosophy is about keeping things simple, minimal and usable.
We believe this should become the mainstream philosophy in the IT sector.
Unfortunately, the tendency for complex, error-prone and slow software seems to be prevalent in the present-day software industry.
We intend to prove the opposite with our software projects.

Our project focuses on advanced and experienced computer users.
In contrast with the usual proprietary software world or many mainstream
open source projects that focus more on average and non-technical end users,
we think that experienced users are mostly ignored.

This is particularly true for user interfaces,
such as graphical environments on desktop computers, on mobile devices, and in so-called Web applications.

We believe that the market of experienced users is growing continuously,
with each user looking for more appropriate solutions for his/her work style.

Designing simple and elegant software is far more difficult than letting ad-hoc
or over-ambitious features obscure the code over time.

However one has to pay this price to achieve reliability and maintainability.
Furthermore, minimalism results in reasonable and attainable goals.
We strive to maintain minimalism and clarity to drive development to completion.

#5 Re: Installation » Got sound in Firefox with only alsa and JACK! » 2023-02-18 21:06:31


ALSA works with Librewolf also

A better choice then Default ((( FIREFOX))

#6 Re: Devuan » Increasing need for RAM » 2023-02-18 20:26:59


QT + KDE - Bloated by Design
Plasma - Bloated by Design

Web Browsers - Memory glutten and Bloated by Design


UI's I would recommend

XFCE too 4.14
XFCE Classic up to 4.14-4.16


Subverison + Bloat by Design

Pulse Audio + Wayland + Wireplumber + GTK3/4/5 + QT
+ Python + Dbus + SubvertD + Mono/Dotnet


Languages to avoid
Adobe Flash, Java, Python , Dotnet/mono , Ruby, Go , Dart


Good languages

Basic, Pascal , FORTRAN
C/Objective C

I recommend looking into

XFCE Classic


EXE - Devuan with TDE


Ways to save ram

- Use RSS

- Use Download program
eg wget or youtube-dlp

Use Peertube + Odysee instead of ((( Censortube)))


I recommend using

Hexchat + Mumble instead of ((( Discord)))
GhostWriter + Gnumeric instead of LibreOffice
SimpleScreenRecorder or FFMPEG instead of OBS
Shotcut instead of KDENLIVE


Want save more ram

Use SSDM instead of LightDM
Use SLIM instead of SSDM
Use openBOX instead of XFCEWM


Want to save ram
Dont use programs that are

C++, Dotnet, QT5/6 , GTK3/4

Also avoid these programs that are webapps


Also replace ((( FIREFOX))) with Librewolf

Replace Google default with ungoogled chromium

Best of luck
Sunday 19/Feb/2023

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* Website -
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#7 Re: News & Announcements » Non GNU Linux Chimera » 2023-02-14 20:39:30

Non GNU Linux Chimera

Uses International 'free' corporations and 'platforms'

Uses Github instead of self hosting

Uses Twatter , instead of self hosting (eg Mastodon/TwTxt)

Uses Matrix , instead of IRC/XMPP/Delta Chat/Newsgroups/Forums

Uses Reddit . instead of Mailing List/Old school Forum

Uses OFTC irc network , instead of self hosted irc server

Supports Censorship, Exclusion and Poltical Weaponary

"  Specific examples of things considered harmful and not welcome:

    Far-right and adjacent movements
    Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.
    Complaining about SJWs
    Loud anti-systemd nonsense, dogmatic suckless/”minimalism”, cat-v, cryptocurrencies and other sketchy religious movements


#8 Re: Devuan » Devuan LXQt Themes » 2023-01-31 01:52:13


Sounds great

Good to see more people rejecting the International Subverison of Linux and FOSS
which includes
- Copyright kernal/drivers
- Bloat
- Centralisation
- app stores
- re writing existing software to inject new teams/speech code and to force dependency on other bloatware
- SubvertD, Dbus, wayland, polickykit , pulseaudio, wireplumber, mono, python

I would like to see LXQT or LXDE migrating away from GTK2/3/4 and QT3/4/5
and use something else

Possibly looking into



What ever is done I would recommend

Dont use

Consider a cheap VPS (Check out deals on lowendbox) to self host your own code server
instead of using a 'free host' corporation 'funded' 'free service'

Even the 'leader' / person in charge of XFCE has clearly stated
that he doesn't like traditional UI's , classic menu/desktop apparenace
and prefers the new 'modern' uis like 'gnome'

Yet these 'people' come into our spaces
subvert it
and call us names when we call out the intentional poltical subverison by paraistic scum

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* Website -
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#9 Desktop and Multimedia » 7b7b] lumina desktop fork - Lumina without Dbus/QML/Compton » 2023-01-04 06:16:26

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7b7b] Lumina desktop  fork

    using qt6 as the default
    replaced qmake with cmake
    the core library now is a shared library with a Find7b7b.cmake module
    removed some dependencies (dbus, qml, fluxbox, multimedia and compton)
    overall code improvements
    removed unwanted features

Reddit Post


ISO (arch)



Offical Lumina



#10 Installation » How to change kernal to an old one - 20 Oct 2022 » 2022-10-20 07:30:49

Replies: 4


How does a person go back in kernel editions with Devuan and Debian

Current 6.0.0-1
Old - 5.7 or 5.8

Interesting notes about 5.8

I would like to try Libre Kernel instead of the mainstream kernel also

Once back on 5.7 or 5.8 , how do I hard fix Devuan and Debian to NEVER 'upgrade' to a 'new' version
for at least two years


Reason to go back

AMD RX 580 + Steam + Proton = games Crash eg Metro Exodus and Insurency Sandstorm (proton exp)


* If it doesnt happen to you I dont care
- Just because your 1 percent or single case doesnt happen
does not mean the other 99% arnt effected and its not a trend

* No Im not buying NVIDIA

* No Im not buying a different AMD card


I ran steam today in the command line and in sandstorm it came up with a page fault error
Ive got a 8 gig swap partition AND 32gb of DDR4

See this forum thread for technical discussion around it :-

PSA for AMDGPU users: kernel 5.19 (and likely 6.0)
is affected by common page fault/fence timeout/gpu hang

#11 Re: Other Issues » Flatpak and ALSA » 2022-09-25 22:29:31


I recommend using
* Built in repo (apt get/arch/etc)
* Portable tar.gz programs
* Appimage

Ive used LibreWolf appimage on multiple distros including ARCH and DEBIAN based and Dev1

I personally dont recommend CLOUD, DRM, Vendor Lockin , online appstores that 'require' login or internet


Download latest LibreWolf Appimage from
- mainpage -
- git server -

Current Appimage as of 26/Sept/2022


My Video on Recommended Browsers

My Video on Installing LibreWolf

My Video on Linux portable programs

People's Republic of Australia
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#12 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » amixer-gtk » 2022-09-09 02:42:05

Bloody awesome , that is great !!!

Ive been using QasMixer and Volumeicon-alsa
I dont like ((( pulse audio )))  , ((( wayland ))) or ((( pipewire )))

Have you got it shared as an deb file so people with Debian and Debian distros can use it too ???

So people know
* Palemoon - works with ALSA
* LibreWolf - Works with ALSA
* Ungoogled Chromium - Works with ALSA
* Shortcut video editor - Works with ALSA
* Smplayer - Works with ALSA
* Simple Screen Recorder - Works with ALSA

#14 Re: Off-topic » Video - SwitchedToLinux - Peppermint Devuan - Removing systemd » 2022-09-02 05:04:53


I will be doing a video and blog about this topic soon

I wont comment more about this as
I will be edited, censored, removed, altered on
99% of 'freedom' and "Linux' community areas

#17 Re: Forum Feedback » Bitcoin/Crypto Donation » 2022-08-04 22:30:34

I recommend to avoid -


@charliebrownau . . . I recommend that you activate your "off" button when you feel inclined to blather on about your marginally related political agenda. You have been warned . . . Please waste those bytes elsewhere not on Devuan's dollar/euro whatever.



#19 Re: Installation » Any tutorial to bind Devuan to Mullvad? » 2022-08-04 11:44:05


Does OPENVPN offer a GUI Client via deb file ?

I dont trust wireguard

I recommend Mullvad VPN or IPVN or self host VPN
(problem with self hosting is you end up with 1 ip)

I also recommend home connections use DNS Watch ( Uncensored DNS)

and for privacy focused Domain Registering - Njalla -

#21 Re: Off-topic » OT nonsense » 2022-07-25 22:47:50

((( Mainstream ))) is full of lines, bullshit , incorrect , false axiums

Australia was always white
I don't believe that the Abos were in Australia for 60k years
Australia , like UK and USA has a lot of old world buildings showing that whites existed pre mudflood reset in the old world times


If you actually look at the truth behind " Colonization " and the "slave" trade
it wasnt 'right wing/pro white' group

It was World Jewish Power, Zionists, Kike, Freemasons behind that slave trade

Of course Blacks, Arabs and Chinese are never held to the same race guilt when they owned slaves in the past
yet it was right wing whitey that fought to free everyone on this realm
just for International Corporation Governance to become the new Modern slavery system via statism, taxation, usury, debt


Gender is another made up term
- Only two sex's exist, male and female
- Everything else is bad/faulty DNA or Mentally ill


Space, Gravity, Spinning Ball, Evolution , Dinosaurs and out of Africa are all recent made up lies by the ((( Mainstream)))
to hide our true history, our true reality and the extent of greatness that the realm wide White Empire used to be
before the Chosen parasite invaded the Earth Realm with its evilness, hate, green, subversion and satanic evil methods


I don't applogise for being white
or actions done by anyone else in the past that was of my race/species

In Fact

Its GREAT to be White
No White Shame
No White Guilt
No White Blame


Take a real look at who has pushed/done

* UN + WEF + Great Reset + Plandemic
* Abortion
* Feminism
* Diversity
* Race Mixing
* Porn Industry
* Hollywood
* Wars (ww1/ww2/vietnam/iraq)
* Sunk the titanic
* Creation of the central banks + Federal Reserve
* Bigphama + Jabs
* Abortion
* Forced Intergration
* Multi racialism
* the black slave trade

Its not right wing 'whitey'
Its the Jews


All this bullshit that whites should feel guilty (again only ever APLIED TO WHITEY)
is based on lies to cover up the true guilty ones

I don't believe that we are all EQUAL or all 'human'
It seems infact the reality is different human SPICES exist
and we didnt all come from africa or Adam/Eve


It seems Head on a stick is an International leftist and self hating white
which like most have been brainwashed by the ((( MAINSTREAM ))) 'education' and 'news' and 'facts' ((( system )))

((( WIKI )) was created by a chosen parasite
and its become an Anti White , International leftist strong hold of corrupt political bullshit


No pro white or pro nation person is in charge
*  170 nations all signed up too
*  Agenda 21 2030
*  World Depopulation
*  World Corporation governance
*  Artificial leg over to help china

Check out
Belt Road
Black Road
Agenda 21
Liberal World Order

By every measure society and nations are better off when its
1 race
1 society
1 value system

This multi cultural bullshit is just another weapon against goyim and whitey to allow the chosen parasite to subvert, ruin and corrupt our society


I don't support
* Left
* Right
* Neo cuckservitism
* Judeo Islam
* Judeo Christianity
* neo liberalism
* voting + mah demoracy
* statism
* Federation or commonwealth (centralised state power)
* Taxation + welfare state
* pussy pass
* forced integration (only whites to be forced to put up with everyone else against their own well-being and safety)


No government system is willing to hold everyone to the SAME EXACT Standard
because its all a weapon against us


The Plandemic and Bigphama Jab demands is just the latest con from the Chosen Parasite and Mainstream and state system
to demonize, demoralize and degrade us
along with an ((( LEGAL ))) method to ruin anyone's body with toxic poison into our bodies

its all poison and bad for human bodies


Check out Keto + Carnavore + Init Fasting

it turns out ANOTHER ((( MAINSTREAM ))) Like that we don't need 3 meals a day
Carbs , Wheat, Sugar , Plants is not good or healthy

Breakfast - Milk , Carbs, Processed Junk, Sugar, Wheat is ruining our bodies
(look who created the breakfast cereal industry in the last 250 years )

They poison
* The air
* The water
* Our food
* Our soil
* our minds
* our meat
* our soul


We don't need you

Its time for whitey to walk away

Self Separate
Self Segregate
Self Succeed
Self Governance

We don't need the ill-moral, evil, degraded , brainwashed , useless, mentally ill
You are parasites feeding off the host

Well the host can survive without you




*  Why should anyone on the 'right'
- live in the same area
- work with
- or be forced to associate with

*  Non Whites
*  International Statists
*  Commies/Marxists/feminists/etc

Its clear we dont agree on any axiums , concepts or society values anymore

Time to go our own way

You in the Big Smart Cities

Pro whitey in rural/outback/regional areas without
central banking
Anti white hate



#22 Re: Off-topic » OT nonsense » 2022-07-25 07:09:28


I reject your International Authoritarianism Statist approach to using weaponized words against White people

*  Racist
*  Sexist
*  Nazi
*  Bigot
*  Conspiracy Theory


All are artificial new words created in the last 25-55-255 years to the ((( MAINSTREAM ))) too

*  1 - Shut down honest open debate
*  2 - Demonize, demoralize and devalue White people, White Society, White Values, White Nations
*  3- Anyone that supports an ethnic homeland without
   - Central Banking Cartel, Usury , Internationalism (Anti nation) , UN Agenda 21 , Modern Neo Liberal Mah Democracy subversion
*   Freedom of Speech
*   Truth
*    History Revisionism (Exposing the lies and false history we were 'told to repeat and trust')

Japanese , Koreans , Whites and everyone on the Earth realm
is going thou the same attack by the Invading International Chosen Parasites
over the last 5-25-255-500 years since the "Modern World"

The International Chosen parasites hate anyone not part of their racial group
  and wish us the worse, genocide and depopulation on an entire realm wide scale


Most if not 99% of all Ethnic Nationalists and Race Nationalists support every single race having our own
*  Nation
*  Society
*  Culture
*  Value
*  System
*  Traditions
*  Knowledge
*  Customs

Without outside interference by any other group


I support

* White Power for Whites in White Nations
* Chinese Power for Chinese in China
* Japanese Power for Japan for Japanese
* Korean Power for Koreans in Japan
* Indian Power for Indians in India

No one has an Universal right to whitey or anyone else's homeland


or even ASK
if Whites wanted to become a hated majority , near coming to be a excluded minitory in our OWN HOMELAND which WE and our forefathers built

Whites ARE on track to be an official monitory in all white nations (West/EU) by 2030-2055
this is something the GOVERNMENT, the SYSTEM and the ((( MAINSTREAM ))) admits to happening


I reject
*   Anti Whites , Anti Whiteism
*  White Guilt , White Blame, White Shame
*  Statism , Taxation, Authoritarianism , state force
*  Central Banking Cartel +  Fiat Currency +  Usury + Debt based Economy
*  UN agenda 21 + Liberal World Order + International Corporation Governance + 2030 + Great Reset + Plandemic


If any self hating International Commie , Marxist, Socialist, Dugeonist,etc hates freedom, whites, truth
its pretty simple


Goto China
Goto Israel
Goto Africa

We don't want, need or value you in white nations


I put

Whites First
Australia First
Localism First
Small Business and Small Farmers First
Free Speech
Self Defense
Self Sufficiency
Self Reliance

Above anything that the International Parasite and Authoritarian plague offers to sheeple citizens

People like you

never the solution

Its parasites , subverts and leeches that have ruined everything in our society's

#24 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Audio interferences in vokoscreen » 2022-07-24 11:04:29


1 - You didnt list the make and model of webcam + Mic
2 - You didnt list software used in the recording process

3 - Are you using OBS or simple screen recorder
Audacity (sound) with GNVIew (webcam)


99% of 'webcams' are software based
thus it will use the CPU grunt for the processing


Hardware XLR audio interfaces with XLR mics
will be processed QUICKER
then software video streams from the webcam
thus you will need to artifcally make a delay in the audio for the video to be synced

I gave up on webcams and now use an

*  USB HDMI capture card - 20-30 bucks from Aliexpress

*  Presonus Audiobox USB audio interface

*  Action cam with Micro HDMI out, then with an Micro HDMI to HDMI adapter ,
connected to the Capture card
which then connects to PC via USB2



vokoscreenNG is sh1th0use software

1 - uses ((( github)))

2 - seens to use QT5 and openSSL , pulseaudio and libwayland

3 - no appimage or .deb file

Thus it sucks

Solution - Gitgud

Use OBS or Simple Screen Recorder

#25 Off-topic » OT nonsense » 2022-07-24 10:56:46

Replies: 25


Im yet to find a really good solution to AMD video card settings and fans

Almost all the 'software' is farking sh1thouse

It seems always
made with electron, dotnet, j3wscript, or ((( python)))
of course 'requiring' dbus, soyd, pulseaudio,etc

Im looking into some pyshical addition and external hardware monitoring devices
instead of 'software' on my ryzen PC with Asrock RX 580


Also if anyone knows of some decent programmers I can hire to make decent software
let me know - charliebrownau @ proton mail

Id prefer to hire White or Japanese Men as the programmers

not j3ws , blacks , Indians or Chinese

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