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#1 2022-04-10 08:18:18

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[Solved] Slimjet browser updated, broken libffmpeg

Updated Flashpeak-Slimjet Web-Browser to ver and when ever I tried to start it failed.

Running it from a console there was an error about "symbols".

It seems to be the version of being too old.

I haven't found a replacement in my usual haunts but came accross this solution on the slimjet web site forum.

Here are some links to newer versions (I'm using 0.62.1)

Slimjet forum... … dts#p11888

the github link...

All the best.

Regards Glenn

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#2 2022-07-24 11:17:28

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Re: [Solved] Slimjet browser updated, broken libffmpeg


I recommend people to use

* LibreWolf instead of Default Firefox

* Un googled chromium instead of Chrome default … -binaries/ … d-chromium

* Surf - CLI

* Dillo


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