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Video - The New Redpill for Desktop Minimalism - Suckless Software


The New Redpill for Desktop Minimalism - Suckless Software [Based Mental Outlaw]

Our philosophy is about keeping things simple, minimal and usable.
We believe this should become the mainstream philosophy in the IT sector.
Unfortunately, the tendency for complex, error-prone and slow software seems to be prevalent in the present-day software industry.
We intend to prove the opposite with our software projects.

Our project focuses on advanced and experienced computer users.
In contrast with the usual proprietary software world or many mainstream
open source projects that focus more on average and non-technical end users,
we think that experienced users are mostly ignored.

This is particularly true for user interfaces,
such as graphical environments on desktop computers, on mobile devices, and in so-called Web applications.

We believe that the market of experienced users is growing continuously,
with each user looking for more appropriate solutions for his/her work style.

Designing simple and elegant software is far more difficult than letting ad-hoc
or over-ambitious features obscure the code over time.

However one has to pay this price to achieve reliability and maintainability.
Furthermore, minimalism results in reasonable and attainable goals.
We strive to maintain minimalism and clarity to drive development to completion.


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