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#2 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » [SOLVED] Stupid music player tricks » 2024-03-13 08:27:30

deepforest wrote:

But if you tell me how, i can test lossless music with Audacious.

There are quite a few FLAC files readly available for you to download.

You can try this:

#3 Re: Off-topic » The Joke Thread » 2024-02-13 18:36:06

The number you have dialed is imaginary. Please rotate your phone 90° and try again.

Wow, this is a complex joke!

#4 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] can´t install .deb file, system then asking for insertation of cd rom » 2023-12-21 09:42:36

aluma wrote:

apt-get "does not understand" the path to the file, it must be run in the directory with the file or it looks for packages from sources.list.

Thanks for the info smile

#5 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] can´t install .deb file, system then asking for insertation of cd rom » 2023-12-20 10:12:55

devuantime wrote:

$ sudo apt-get install /home/devuan/Schreibtisch/XnViewMP-linux-x64.deb

AFAIK, this won't work. To install a local deb file you need to use dpkg, gdebi or equivalent.

#6 Re: Off-topic » "A future for the i386 architecture" and other good(???) news » 2023-12-19 12:22:04

siva wrote:

I wonder what the stats are on consumer *nix users on i386 processors nowadays. I only see them in niche cases anymore.

Quite. But there are out there very capable only-32bits computers I think wrong to just trash. One example: my Qosmio

#7 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » Can't watch videos over ftp with mpv, using KDE but it worked on XFCE? » 2023-12-16 11:52:20

steve_v wrote:

The bigger question might be why you're using FTP to stream from a local server to begin with, when things like NFS and SMB (or even SSHFS) exist...

Understanding that the OP could need/want some different, I would add to the range of posible solutions setting up a DLNA server: … nd_clients

#8 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » Copy and Paste the traditional way » 2023-12-14 12:22:11

Geoff 42 wrote:

Does anyone have any ideas of what might be going on here?

First things first, I'd check the hardware (I've been there a lot of times). My first step would be checking with xev if the mouse if firing correct events.

#9 Re: DIY » So I guess there's no getting around having to use GTK3 and Wayland? » 2023-11-23 10:15:49

JWM-Kit wrote:

you can't ignore the various features that a display manager provides. For example ...

I would like to add another example, which was a must in my work: the capability to be used in a multiuser environment, like the computer lab in a high school. For this to work as I wished, I had to fiddle a bit the configuration to not show a list of users (for security) and forget last user (for convenience). Last time I did (I'm retired now), kdm checked all the boxes.

#10 Re: Freedom Hacks » Anyone know how to make a usb mouse work? » 2023-11-21 10:05:01

zapper wrote:

it said permission denied

Was it run as root?

#11 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » are you happy with all the old and new wm's for simple small distros? » 2023-11-15 10:13:15

oui wrote:

oh! you find Linux doesn't like children (no distro includes stuff for then)! you can be right...

Not quite true. MAX (official Linux distro for K-12 education from Madrid, Spain), does include a lot of software for children.
Full disclosure: I worked on it (many) years ago.

#12 Re: Off-topic » Building a standard kernel for a specific computer. » 2023-10-26 08:45:52

Altoid wrote:

... because eventually the kernel will have more unneeded modules than needed ones.

In my opinion, unneeded modules don't harm the system, just take up space on disk. I even do think (never did) that they can be deleted without issues if you know what you are doing.

#13 Re: Off-topic » Building a standard kernel for a specific computer. » 2023-10-24 18:07:11

Altoid wrote:

My main doubt with respect to that is the eventual updating/upgrading of the kernel.

Nowadays distibutions kernels boast all the range of modules ready to install, so I don't see why a custom kernel is required anymore. Last time I did I was still young smile

Anyway, sometimes you need to compile your kernel tailored to your hardware at hand. As aluma said, you have to answer a lot of questions, but only if you configure from scratch. You can shortcut using a config file to start with. When upgrading, use your own config file again to recompile.

It was not much trouble, and it was trendy when I did. ¡YMMV!

#14 Re: Off-topic » Building a standard kernel for a specific computer. » 2023-10-24 09:55:31

aluma wrote:

Another question is that for this you need to have a modern computer.
On a machine with a Core 2Duo E8400/4Gb, compilation takes 3 hours

My first custom kernel needed all night to compile on a 486 with 16 MB of RAM smile

#15 Re: Off-topic » Google in trouble again » 2023-10-24 09:52:39

WDstudios wrote:

I miss Flash.

Out there are quite a few alternatives to run legacy swf files on modern OS.

#16 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » [SOLVED] Claws mail start crashing » 2023-10-16 18:55:12

Tad wrote:

Yes, that has cured the problem indeed.

Glad to know smile

#17 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » [SOLVED] Claws mail start crashing » 2023-10-16 09:17:07

Tad wrote:

No provider of eglCreateImage found

According to
this is worth a try:


I hope it helps smile

#18 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » [SOLVED] Claws mail start crashing » 2023-10-15 08:35:05

Tad wrote:

it crashes when ...

If you launch the program from a terminal, do you get some message on it?

#19 Re: Other Issues » Virus scanning on Devuan » 2023-09-07 09:34:39

Segfault wrote:

Anyone who is asking for citations is failing to use their own brain and this cannot be helped. (I'm out of this thread, nothing more left to say. Who hasn't grasped it yet never will.)

It is very likely that you misunderstood me. But you used very rude wording which prevents further digging into a very technical subject.

#20 Re: Other Issues » [SOLVED] Keyboard issue, theme installation » 2023-09-07 09:05:28

Charon795 wrote:

I tried to extract the folder with Colloroid to the path usr/shame/theme/ but I get an error saying that I do not have enough rights to extract to this directory

You have to do it as the user named "root".

#21 Re: Other Issues » Virus scanning on Devuan » 2023-09-06 08:45:03

bai4Iej2need wrote:
Segfault wrote:

Windows viruses do not run in Wine

And you was looking over my shoulder.
And the earth is flat.

Citation needed.

#22 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » Loss of on-hover response » 2023-07-13 10:07:10

dp wrote:

Is there a way to ssh via the tether connection?

Have you tried?

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