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#1 Re: Devuan » Cinnamon desktop will be unmaintained after bullseye » 2021-06-14 13:19:16

Ah, I used Cinnamon back in the day on Fedora! I have never used Linux Mint which is of course the home of Cinnamon. But I have since migrated off of Cinnamon as my DE because Xfce (and separately, fluxbox) are lighter. So Cinnamon is fine, but bulkier than I want. I had even submitted a patch or two to Cinnamon. I guess I hadn't even realized it was an option in Debian/Devuan.

Thanks for the update, hoas!

#2 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » [SOLVED] Package: tuned, not working » 2021-06-14 13:12:51

Somebody had mentioned a sysvinit orphaned scripts package that might be in Debian? Maybe this script can go in there.

#3 Re: Off-topic » youtube-dl tutorial » 2021-04-20 19:41:56

Haha, that's nice! I have never dug deep enough with youtube-dl to discover you could save the flags to a file. In my ~/.useful file I just have my example:

youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3

#4 Re: Documentation » HOW TO Install lightdm webkit2 greeter » 2021-04-05 18:58:01

I'm not discouraging its use! I think it's kind of scary-- to use web-related technologies on the login page, but I used it briefly when the project I was working with used it. But I think Antergos let it slip into the Aethernet, and I am unaware of any SuSE management of it.
Lightdm-webkit2-greeter also went by web-greeter or lightdm-web-greeter. I think it was renamed upstream briefly before stopping development:

#5 Re: Documentation » HOW TO Install lightdm webkit2 greeter » 2021-04-05 16:39:39

Ah, I needed lightdm-webkit2-greeter for a project once. I think it's dead now, from the upstream. But I built a release for Devuan Ceres: … t2-greeter, and it's the same major version number as Spock's listed above.

#6 Re: Forum Feedback » New member SPOCK » 2021-04-05 16:36:11

Live long and prosper.

I would hope that if Spock from Star Trek were to live today, he would use Devuan GNU+Linux because it is the logical choice.

So you're a Linux sysadmin contracting firm, eh? That sounds really cool, and probably is my "dream job."

#7 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] Dual monitor VM issues with VirtualBox on 3.1.0 » 2021-03-10 14:47:34

Have you started with removing any packages related to brltty? And the bluez listing is related to bluetooth. If you are certain you don't need any bluetooth userspace tools installed (which you probably don't anyway, because it can't find it), make sure those are gone too.

Regardless, I seriously doubt brltty and any bluetooth/lack of bluetooth is related to preventing a display from working.

#8 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] Dual monitor VM issues with VirtualBox on 3.1.0 » 2021-03-09 16:19:27

Alas, we have no magic for you. Can you inspect /var/log/syslog and /var/log/Xorg.0.log for messages at the time you tried to enable the second monitor?

#9 Re: Devuan » Why are systemd files present in Devuan? » 2021-03-01 12:54:02

HoaS was being funny. He knows the people critical of systemd are apt to call such distros that use systemd "systemd/Linux." He was initially quoting the rms copypasta ( but with "systemd/Linux" instead of "GNU/Linux." The uninitiated probably will misinterpret what he means, but to the informed, it was amusing if a bit off-topic!

HoAS has his hands in many pies, and he tolerates systemd better than we do, so he doesn't hate it.

#10 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » MS application on Wine will not open its files » 2021-02-26 02:56:37

You didn't specify which file manager you are using, so I will assume this is with Thunar, the default file manager in Xfce, which I think is the default desktop environment for Beowulf. Thunar follows multiple XDG specifications, including the desktop file spec.

If you would like Thunar (and other Xfce applications in general) to easily recognize Irfanview as an application that handles various mimetypes, you can set up a file at /usr/share/applications/irfanview.desktop (all users) or ~/.local/share/applications/irfanview.desktop. Make the contents resemble (source):

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=View graphics
Exec=/usr/bin/irfanview %F
GenericName=Graphics Viewer

Adjust the binary name in the Exec line to point to your script that invokes Irfanview, or perhaps the whole wine invocation, although files with spaces in their names could get messy. For example, it could be

Exec=/usr/bin/wine "C:\Program Files\Irfanview\iview64.exe" %F

The %F in the Exec line is important, because that will tell XDG-compliant applications that it can pass multiple files to the program at the same time. Irfanview, when given multiple files, will let you scroll between just those multiple files.

The MimeType line is also very important, because it tells $SOMETHING (I am not entirely certain) what filetypes should list this application in the "Open with..." pre-filled list. But the "Other application..." dialog will show all /usr/share/application/*.desktop files that have a %F or %f in the Exec.

I forget what command you need to run to update the caches or menus so everything initially becomes aware of the changed .desktop file. A logout usually does it too. Maybe somebody can rescue me from my strange gap in knowledge.

I disavow responsibility for troubleshooting spaces and quotes in the Exec line of a .desktop file!

#11 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » PulseAudio always resets to mute » 2021-02-26 02:37:26

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:

Fun fact: the GNOME desktop in Debian bullseye no longer needs PulseAudio at all. PipeWire is the future...

Head_on_a_Stick, what is your opinion of PipeWire? I don't know anything about it, or if there are good reasons to dislike it or its architecture in the same vein as PulseAudio.

#12 Re: Devuan » As Debian 11 moves closer to Devuan. Is there any reason to stay on De » 2021-02-24 14:08:34

I can see how Debian might choose some level of sanity by providing support for sysvinit again, but the heavy lifting of making that possible would have been done in a separate environment (i.e., Devuan). It's clear that such maintenance and support wouldn't happen within the Debian world directly.

#13 Re: Off-topic » A peek into the future of distros » 2021-01-28 16:32:22

Systemd core: Hahaha, no. Just no. If I wanted a giant blob, I'd just run a certain Micro$oft operating system.
Universal package manager: like apt+dpkg? Rpm/yum is fine too. Just horses of different colors.
Flatpak/appimage/snap: um, no. If it takes more than a second to start a calculator, you're doing it wrong. Also, even on that blog post, a person commented he has dozens of mount points from snaps.
Polkit and apparmor: I've always felt uneasy about policykit but I cannot quite put my reasons into words. I know some people hate xml, so that might be a good enough reason. And apparmor, lol. I really wish I had enough guts to set up SELinux on Devuan. I miss SELinux. You put that in targetted mode, and you're protected even from yourself!
Systemd-homed: "moveable home," lol, you mean like a separate logical volume for /home? I guess they don't mean that. Ew, /home on a removable media? Yank out the wrong disk and everything goes kaput.
Wayland: I thought X11's integration with everything was pretty great. I have no desire to switch to something else that isn't as fully-featured.
Pipewire: I didn't like pulseaudio. Maybe it's like Star Trek movies and this is an even-numbered (Warning: TVTropes link) one.

#14 Re: Devuan » devuan and LTS » 2021-01-28 15:47:51

Wow, you find it easier to help Debian? I have not even collected the courage to try to go offer help on any packages in Debian. The amount of red tape I infer from all their vast documentation makes me unwilling to go offer my limited services in packaging up software that I want to package. I realize they have concerns about orphaned packages at some point in the future should I become unavailable.

I just started showing up to Devuan meetings and said I had some modifications to packages, and boom, they shoved some stuff at me and now I'm responsible for a few things!

#15 Re: Devuan » Why are systemd files present in Devuan? » 2021-01-28 15:41:14

To be on topic, and probably to repeat earlier stuff which I'm not bothering to read: A lot of packages drop files into systemd locations. It doesn't harm a system to have /usr/lib/systemd/system/$FOOBAR.service as a file. It just doesn't help either.

There's rumblings of a devuan-sanity-systemctl package that will provide a systemctl translator script to actually provide the real behavior from the "systemctl" invocations, for the Ceres (unstable) release, but I don't know if that's going anywhere. If you download that yourself, be sure to put it in /usr/bin and not /usr/sbin. But be advised that the script will just run the real "service $FOOBAR stop" commands and not actually use the /usr/lib/systemd/system/$FOOBAR.service service entries. It isn't systemd, after all.

If you would like to contribute to how Devuan operates, we meet weekly. You can read the announcement for how to attend the meetings: … 7c.en.html.

#16 Re: Devuan » Unreliable Wicd » 2021-01-18 15:03:34

If you think wicd itself is the cause of the problem, perhaps you could try another lightweight network manager (not to be confused with Network Manager). When Devuan Ceres dropped wicd because it is written in python2, I switched to connman. It has been about as good as wicd.

I had a flaky wireless network card that thankfully also got added to mainline kernel tree around the time I had to drop wicd, so I was never sure if it was the flaky driver or wicd.

#17 Re: Off-topic » openssl file encryption scripts » 2021-01-15 14:52:20

If I recall correctly, openssl has a relatively small upper limit of file size it can encrypt. I think it was like 1MB in my very unscientific testing.
The main way people encrypt files in a Linux and filesystem context is with GPG: … -on-linux/

#18 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » /etc/os-release clarification ? » 2021-01-11 13:29:06

@ifdv44, Yes, the various tty and sty (serial terminal) available on your system.

And I could have sworn I had configured some ssh daemon configs to print /etc/, but maybe it was just the same contents as my /etc/motd and I used setting "PrintMotd yes". I cannot find it now. Plus, says that was for telnetd.

#19 Re: Installation » SOLVED: Devuan's "systemctl daemon-reload" » 2021-01-11 13:19:09

There is coming eventually to Devuan Ceres a "systemctl" script that will translate the systemctl commands into real service commands. Ceres is the unstable release, and I doubt our devuan-sanity-systemctl package will ever reach a stable release, but it has the potential to solve this issue for folks who can use the unstable release.

#20 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » /etc/os-release clarification ? » 2021-01-08 13:30:49

/etc/issue is traditionally the message that appears on the virtual terminals above the login prompt. And /etc/ is traditionally the message for when you log in via ssh. They normally start with contents that might list the OS, but they can be set to whatever you want.

I had no idea /etc/os-release was a systemd thing... drat.

#21 Re: Off-topic » Notable programs in the devuan/debian repos » 2021-01-07 21:12:19

I was impressed that gtk3-nocsd exists here! There's no way that would ever show up in Fedora/CentOS.

#22 Re: ARM Builds » Installing Devuan on the Pinebook Pro (mainline u-boot + kernel) » 2021-01-07 21:11:12

Thank you: This is good news! I had toyed around with the idea of getting a Pinebook Pro, and I would only want to run the best software on it. I'm not afraid of a kernel compile especially with nice instructions like you have there. I just cannot find a real reason to get a super-small laptop yet...

#23 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » /etc/os-release clarification ? » 2021-01-07 21:04:14

Some applications can try to read various lines from here, as a way to determine if they are compatible. Ideally, a piece of software would see the ID_LIKE includes "debian" and so would adopt debian-like behavior for the application (which depends on the app).
This is indeed just a text file, so use your editor of choice. But be aware that there could be lots of things that read this file; I'm sure there are ways to audit that but you can search for that on the Internet if you want to do that. In general, it's best to leave the /etc/os-release alone.

#24 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » SOLVED: Error detected while processing /home/nobody/.vimrc » 2020-12-16 01:57:42

Make sure that you have "vim" package installed and not just "vim-tiny." That sounds like you've got the bare minimum vi implementation in a Debian-like system.

#25 Re: DIY » What do you think of Docker? » 2020-12-14 21:29:34

From what I read, I was under the impression that k8s was removing a specific layer of code that interacts with Docker. You will still be able to use Docker components underneath k8s, because they both use CRI (container runtime interface) protocols.

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