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How to: Devuan 5 Daedalus an pipewire

Why pipewire? Because, it is considerably more reliable, and is a comfortable drop-in replacement for many use-cases.

How to install and start using pipewire?

It's very simple. First it is recommended to install the metapackage


which depends on wireplumber (the recommended session manager), pipewire-pulse (to replace PulseAudio), pipewire-alsa (ALSA) and libspa-0.2-bluetooth (for Bluetooth support). Moreover, installing this metapackage will remove pulseaudio to prevent any conflicts between both sound server.

Next, put these lines to your



wireplumber &

pipewire &

pipewire-pulse &

Attention! Order is important here!

After installing these packages and configuring your xsession, it is recommended to reboot the system.


I also recommend installing a package called


which makes it easy to adjust the audio outputs.

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