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#26 2023-05-28 15:18:43

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Re: EXT4 BUG? Data loss when I have launched sigil :s

steve_v wrote:

Might not be a terrible idea to implement something similar for the Devuan bugtracker.

No . . . bad idea. The Devuan bug tracker is for bugs in packages that Devuan provides. I know you know this so why muddy the waters . . . ;D


#27 2023-06-18 23:38:56

From: Finland
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Re: EXT4 BUG? Data loss when I have launched sigil :s

So wouldn't the correct course of action be, in this case, to close this bug report manually?

If not, then just tell me. I'm only learning this stuff.

I think we have now established that 1) he is not going to reproduce it, ever. And 2) the information provided seems to point to a problem with crypto, not with ext4, not with Sigil and not with his hardware, but 3) we can never be sure and this isn't going anywhere ever.

That is, if we think that what broke, broke essentially (the problem, whatever it was, broke everything that it could, namely all encrypted filesystems) and not accidentally (it could have broken any filesystems, but it just happened to break these particular ones this time).

We have also established that 4) there is no way for Devuan or any distro of any size to reproduce a problem like this, also based on the information given, but also because no distribution is going to start a hunt for a random problem based on one report. Even if there was widespread property damage or loss of life, there would simply be not enough information to do anything. There simply isn't anything obviously wrong with ext4, and it would be his problem to prove otherwise.

I personally feel that a distro does not look bad if it can't do anything about this. But a distro might look bad to some people in some cases if it has many critical bug reports hanging endlessly, because someone might think that there are serious problems the distro thinks it ought to fix but for some reason hasn't been able to. It muddies the waters, so to speak.


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