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#1 2021-05-31 03:45:21

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The Basics of Devuan Package Maintenance

Welcome to those who have expressed an interest in packaging for Devuan!  Below are a few links that will help to get you oriented.

Contributing to Devuan should answer basic questions you might have.

The Devuan Packaging Guide provides an overview of the packaging process.

The following statement from the above document clarifies our policy regarding systemd unit files and/or libsystemd0:

. . . the current policy is not to fork a package only to remove systemd unit files and/or libsystemd0 dependencies. Further details on this and the rationale behind it can be found in this forum post by KatolaZ.

Please contribute your questions/proposals to this forum.  Also join us on the #devuan-dev channel at and subscribe to the Devuan Developers list.


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