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#1 2020-06-18 15:58:01

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Ascii to Beowulf

I've been using Ascii from the start, and now have installed Beowulf but nothing works any more, I can't find how to edit files as administrator, I can no longe scan with Epsom V500, I can't find Gparted after installation, Google Earth no longer works properly, and the list goes on and on. The install works fine, but it's usless to do anything with, I can't find how to connect my two computers via the router, so I've gone back to Ascii, thoroughly pissed off. I couldn't even find how to post here it was so well hidden, but eventually found it, I'm so dissapointed with this Beowulf.


#2 2020-06-18 16:44:28

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Re: Ascii to Beowulf

That's quite a rant but has no useful description of what you did to get to beowulf.   Did you read the Release Notes and follow the installation documentation?


#3 2020-06-18 16:56:28

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Re: Ascii to Beowulf


Gparted is not installed by default. Can be done by "apt install gparted". Google earth works in my firefox browser. I do not have a scanner anymore but try to look here … ct-scanner.

Su has changed from just "su" to "su -" to get full access. This is covered in the release notes as well as a lot of other commonthing

To setup your network we need to know a liltel about your setup. But be patient. And google might be your friend

Have a nice day

Lars H


#4 2020-06-18 18:13:17

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Re: Ascii to Beowulf

Welcome to Devuan. Calm yourself down and take a good look into the mirror for a while. This forum uses a standard bulletin board software, and as it looks like there are enough posters around that easily could find the right button. Since you learned it the hard way it should be easy to remember how to find it next time.

To Beowulf: it works fine and slightly different than ASCII here and there, partially due to inheritance of news from Debian. Take a read of the referenced documents, and you will understand one or the other issue. I am happily using Beowulf on my file server for more than a year, and I am now in the process of switching my workstations to Beowulf now.

Another hint to gparted: when using Mate, gparted will move to the system tools menu.

Network should also work fine, per default and in my setup I can't see any difference between ASCII and Beowulf. That might be different in special situations. Please start a new thread in the Hardware & System Configuration section. One topic per thread please.



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