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#1 2017-12-12 22:19:57

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[Vuu-do] menu fix if user has upgraded to ascii

Okay, here's what works for me and all Vuu-do systems:

First of all, users need to understand that Obmenu-generator is just a single perl script, with a couple of userspace config files. There is no need to upgrade it by installing a new package of it, or re-compile it, and no need to install cpanminus or anything else.

Vuu-do (1.0.6) already has the latest script, if you have an older version of Vuu-do and obmenu-generator, just download the new script and replace it in /usr/bin, newest script is here: … -generator, don't forget to make sure it's executable.  You will also need to replace the Linux::DesktopFiles perl module as described below.

That's it, keep all your other stuff, the only thing different in the schema file is some cleaned up code, the file you have will work fine, if you want to you can go in and replace all the 'begin_cat' commands with 'beg' and all the 'end_cat' commands with 'end'. That's literally the only difference (already done in Vuu-do 1.0.6)

So, assuming you have the latest script, here's how to re-install the Linux::DesktopFiles perl module (this is the real and only reason obmenu-generator stops working when you upgrade to ascii, because when you upgrade the system you are installing a new version of Perl and it doesn't have the proper Linux::DesktopFiles module pre-installed.):

Download Trizen's Linux::DesktopFiles perl module, this is custom made by the same author, zip file here: …

Open file manager and navigate to the download folder, right-click the zip file and choose "extract here". Now enter that directory and open a terminal, su-to-root, and run these commands one at a time:

 perl Build.PL
     ./Build test
     ./Build install

That's it, it will start working immediately. No need to re-scan icons unless you want to, script will do it automatically if you delete the icon cache and db in ~/.config/obmenu-generator/, or you can just use the menu entry: Configuration >> Advanced >> Obmenu-generator >> Refresh icon set.
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#2 2018-03-15 22:30:18

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Re: [Vuu-do] menu fix if user has upgraded to ascii

Hello greenjeans,

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