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#1 Re: Devuan » As Debian 11 moves closer to Devuan. Is there any reason to stay on De » 2021-10-12 07:02:31

For me, not using Debian isnt simply a technical matter of trust regarding their use of systemd, but I stopped using Debian way, way, before systemd. Firstly I could never come to terms with the holier than thou attitudes and the sneering at the users who wanted to install proprietary software, but I at least respected their position on that. Loved Debian, didnt like their policies, decided I would respect them and move on.
Then a while later I learnt just how much money they were taking from global corporations that appeared to be compromising everything I respected about Debian. Even though I disagreed with them, I at least respected them, admired them in fact, until I found out they hadn't enough self respect and restraint and discipline to say no to the money that has now corrupted them. Now I cant even download their Net install without feeling slightly tainted. They have gone from being saintly upholders of the values of Linux to being grubby corporate shills.

#2 Re: Freedom Hacks » Do not use pulseaudio » 2021-06-17 23:54:29

Will Alsa allow me to create a pass through from line in to line out?
Also if I use a midi controller on my computer will it work with Alsa?

#3 Re: Off-topic » Is this the future of Linux » 2021-04-09 17:43:33

dice wrote:

While bedrock and similar type of overlay packages and management might seem unique, i dont believe they will last the test of time. I would rather use packages straight from devuan and if i cant i may build them from source if need be. Case in point right now are suckless programs, i benefit more building them from source as i can control what features are added rather than installing dwm or dmenu via apt.

Im sticking with devuan for linux and openbsd for unix for the foreseeable future. They have both served my needs well for over many years.

Actually, after experimentation with bedrock and GUIX, I have come to the conclusion that they require so much of my time and energy that I just cannot afford to implement them (afford, in terms of time not money) I think you're right, they are a nice experiment but who, other than a genius of linux has got time to do all the reading and fix all the pitfalls. I'm certainly just an average user and dont have time to experiment these days. Maybe if I was 20 or 30 years younger I could afford to waste half a decade
I will stick to devuan

#4 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » xfce4 Uncertain about compton » 2021-04-09 17:32:52

Ahh ! you are right. I cant understand why I made such an erroneous post. Of course Compton is a compositor. I knew that and still posted.
I hate it when I post muddled posts
I can only imagine the wine was stronger than I thought it was LOL (read "Embarrassed at making a fundamental error").
I'm sorry to sound a bit thick but where you say

or force the full composition pipeline for the NVIDIA proprietary drivers. For nouveau & the modesetting DDX driver compton is the only option.

Could you please expand on that a bit and tell me more?

#5 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » Does Lightdm work now with Devuan? » 2021-04-06 16:27:27

MLEvD wrote:

I'm using lightdm with slick greeter in Debbowulf. Seems to work ok though I notice the login screen shows when shutting down under sysv, which is wasn't doing under systemd in LMDE2 and 3 before the upgrade to Debbie/Beowulf

I have noticed that with all the greeters I have used, whether slim or lightdm
forgot to say I use runit

#6 Re: DIY » What do you think of Docker? » 2021-04-06 16:24:49

Maybe I'm getting old (or too paranoid) but I dont really trust these container software thingies.

#7 Re: Off-topic » What other distro are you using (besides devuan)? » 2021-04-06 16:20:22

dice wrote:

I gave slitaz a try today, i just love how they have created such a tiny distro that can do so much for old hardware. I managed to install it to a partition on an old laptop i had collecting dust and it works perfectly, even picked up the ancient wifi dongle i used with way back.

I used slitaz many years ago. I think that would have been about 2004 maybe 2006
I loved it too
also DSL is similar and great and .... oh ummmm ahhhh something box .. a french distro I believe
I'll look that up
OH - madbox

#8 Re: Off-topic » What other distro are you using (besides devuan)? » 2021-04-06 16:18:05

This is a difficult question for me as I am always looking at distro's and have many I have installed on various SSD's etc. Like, yesterday I started looking at guix just to see what all the fuss is about, Before I came to Devuan I was using Void but for some reason, even though I was happy with it for 18 months or so, after the death of "pullmoll" the maintainer it dont feel right and hasnt been working right since his github last post (no pun intended). Void is great. I also have openindiana an illumos distro that I have been messing with for a few months. I like OpenBSD and mess with that a lot. Those are personal use but then in my work life I help companies use SUSE, Debian, and Ubuntu,servers mainly on a daily basis.

#9 Desktop and Multimedia » xfce4 Uncertain about compton » 2021-04-05 18:57:33

Replies: 3

Is Xfwm still replaceable by compton? I remember years ago replacing the xcfe window manager with compton and I'm pretty sure I thought back then it was better. I wanted to do this recently but then started reading posts where people were saying XFWM was more embedded than it used to be, so I didnt try incase I messed up my installation. If anyone could tell me the ins-and-outs of replacing XFWM I would be grateful.
I used vertical sync For example, too, and  I hate that screen tear I get when I scroll in a browser even when I have disabled smooth scroll and tried disabling/re-enabling hardware acceleration etc Would Compton solve that? Been so long ago when I changed to compton, maybe a decade ago, or was that something else?
Anyway is there a better Window manager that will work with XFCE4 and are there any good instructions posted elsewhere to get it running
(Should I / Shouldn't I)?

#10 Re: Off-topic » what music are you listening to RIGHT NOW? » 2021-04-05 18:32:17

andyprough wrote:

Any Terry Kath fans? .

I am now

#11 Re: Off-topic » what music are you listening to RIGHT NOW? » 2021-04-05 17:53:36

MLEvD wrote:

4=Beatles vs GNR - Sgt Pepper's Paradise (Extended Edition).mp3
8=sonic youth - Kissability.mp3
18=Jane's Addiction - No One's Leaving.ogg
28=Skunk Anansie - Weak.ogg
29=New Model Army - I Love The World.ogg
30=placebo - johnny & mary (robert palmer).mp3
31=nevermind/(Nirvana) - Lithium.ogg
33=sonic youth - (i got a) catholic block.mp3
35=sonic youth - schizophrenia.mp3
36=Nirvana - Where Did You Sleep Last Night-.ogg
38=Fields of the Nephilim-Dawnrazor-Reanimator.ogg
41=That Petrol Emotion - The Peel Sessions/Lettuce.mp3
46=Pop Will Eat Itself - Inside You.ogg
47=Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust.mp3

would listen.
Interesting story. I used to know the guys from Pop Will Eat Itself, met them, many many times when they were "Wild and Wondering" and used to have this funny track called "2000 light ales from home" (A parody of a rolling stones Record if I remember right). The good old days when I used to know half the bands north of London. Once even had dinner with New Order just after (about 6 months after they stopped being Joy Division because Ian Curtis left the planet)

Forgot to say, wow, you just reminded me of Fields of the Nephilim, OMG what a great band, seriously underrated IMHO

Here's a band for you
All Them Witches
check this
This is GENIUS pretty sure you'll like it

#12 Re: Off-topic » Is this the future of Linux » 2021-04-05 17:30:16

To Steve_v
in an earlier post you wrote

Debian fell a long time ago, they've ceased to be a democracy (or a meritocracy), stopped listening to the users, and I expect the divide between "user" and "developer" is too wide now for that to change.

dang, that one sentence will probably give me cause to think for a couple of years. It says a lot. I dont know if you realise how much thought it could give someone, but it's something, for me at least, that I will chew on for a long while.

Forgot to add

Installing Gentoo just requires a bunch of patience and an ability to follow instructions... As well as a free afternoon and about 3 gallons of coffee.

dang ! that much coffee would interere with my wine buzz

#13 Re: Documentation » HOW TO Install lightdm webkit2 greeter » 2021-04-05 17:12:43

bgstack15 wrote:

Ah, I needed lightdm-webkit2-greeter for a project once. I think it's dead now, from the upstream. But I built a release for Devuan Ceres: … t2-greeter, and it's the same major version number as Spock's listed above.

No, I think suse org took it over and renamed it the Antergos greeter - hence the link
I've only given the history of it a cursory view though so you may be right.
I do know that it became dead but then it got taken over by SUSE but, I dont know,
maybe it is considered dead again

Now I think of it though there arent as many people designing login pages as I hoped so you may very well be right
perhaps even suse abandoned it

#14 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2021-04-05 17:05:31

ivanovnegro wrote:

Show off your desktop! This time no t-shirt. wink

Some short info is sufficient. If you have questions ask politely and we will share.

I am very pleased with Devuan 2.0.

Minimally customized spectrwm with conky showing basic info in the bar.

(tongue in cheek) great desktop I love the whole "this image has been removed" look. Where can I get that wallpaper?

#15 Re: Off-topic » Is this the future of Linux » 2021-04-05 16:54:22

Somewhere on the Devuan forums I wrote that Debian was once too puritan and their puritanical ways kind of annoyed me. Then along came systemd and debian accepted it and wow that annoyed me even more. I've been through (experimented with) every major distro a person can think of. Mostly for clients (people who pay me to think about linux and make it work for them), I have used SUSE, Debian, and ubuntu on their servers. I've used crunchbang, slitaz, and DSL on my own desktops.  Not a problem until systemd came along and started invading my server setups. Way I think of it is why do I need to add complexity to servers, If I already have everything I need,why add more? Me and you are alike I am confident enough to politicise my view of Linux without becoming a mere mouthpiece of the anti-brigade.
It's because I need a linux that is free of systemd and have actually personally ran into its faults that I can talk about it in a personal way, not just as a propagandist
yeah - youre a good thinker on this subject

#16 Re: Off-topic » what music are you listening to RIGHT NOW? » 2021-04-05 16:17:55

dice wrote:
golinux wrote:

Do we really need TWO music threads?  I am considering merging with the other one at HoaS' suggestion.  Don't be surprised if that happens.

I thought i was posting in that thread, goes to show how much attention i want to pay.

On topic:  Novembre - Novembrine Waltz -  2. Everasia

Oh I am sorry
do what you feel is right
I honestly didnt realise another thread existed like this
would be glad if the two threads merged in that case

#17 Re: Off-topic » what music are you listening to RIGHT NOW? » 2021-04-05 16:16:13

golinux wrote:

Silence is golden.

cynic detected

#18 Re: Off-topic » Is this the future of Linux » 2021-04-03 18:00:54

Steve_v - when you write it I see what I have been thinking for a long time but didnt know how to write it. I agree with everything you wrote, and I am here at Devuan, using their distro because I believe this is one of the great last refuges of the non-systemd distro. I like that you know how to install Gentoo. I tried it but sort of lost interest half way through. It's quite difficult to do. One thing though, I only started realising just how far the corporate takeover had gone when I read how much money gets ploughed into Firefox by Google, and I realised then that no person or corporate entity gives money away to that extent. If you give $500,000,000 away you arent doing it to be nice, you want something in return. It is only now, after 4 or 5 years of trying to find an honest distro that I realise the full extent of the infiltration of the corporations into the organisation of linux based operating systems etc, and only in the last year or two just how devious they have been in doing that. I dont want to sound overly dramatic or anything but sometimes I sit here in despair thinking what has been lost and to a great extent I think linux is a lost cause but Devuan and Void  give me a lot of hope, however since the Void maintainer (their main maintainer) died it hasnt been quite up to standard.
I'm here using Devuan as a refugee, in effect
You're a good thinker Steve_v a very good thinker

#19 Re: Documentation » HOW TO Install lightdm webkit2 greeter » 2021-04-03 16:40:50

that looks so nice. Not clunky at all, but when, maybe, a person changes the gtk theme for login it can look a bit "brutal"
but, yeah, I like that login, even though I like the more minimalist approach.
I tried the ly login manager before I tried lightdm webkit2 but could not make ly work properly. I just couldnt figure out what to do
nothing worked but now I have a beautiful login screen which I would show you if I could figure out how to take a snapshot of it

#21 Re: Off-topic » systemd's new feature (wtf?) » 2021-04-03 15:48:44

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:

It only allows for extensions to /usr & /opt (at the moment) so any "forced updates" could only be applied to those directories, which would limit them to themes, fonts & icon sets. Anyway the paradigm is intended to be used with immutable system images, which would preclude permanent upgrades.

Thanks for the clarification
Although, as Steve_v implies, that could all change, right?

#22 Re: News & Announcements » How you can help Devuan » 2021-04-03 15:36:00

can I just ask a question regarding how I can help?
I have to admit, I'm not a rich man by any means (comparable to my own culture - the UK)
and I'm not exactly what you'd call a programmer.
So I dont feel able to donate money or contribute to any code,
but I do love certain things and am good at them,
for example I like making digital art and backgrounds and logo's and that kind of thing.
Also I am good at helping people figure out problems with computers and networks
I'm just wondering if any of that is considered a conribution?
For example, I know other distro's hold (kind of) competitions before each new release for people
to submit ideas for art works that will be included in the new edition of the distro

#23 Re: Forum Feedback » New member SPOCK » 2021-04-03 15:23:07

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:


Sup is  you. I like your posts and you have fun here

#24 Re: Forum Feedback » New member SPOCK » 2021-04-03 15:21:37

dice wrote:

Please tell me Leonard Nemoy uses Devuan wink


I laughed

#25 Re: Off-topic » what music are you listening to RIGHT NOW? » 2021-04-03 14:49:50

I am now listening to Manitas De Plata on youtube
He is one great guitarist from France, that earned the respect of Spanish artists such as Dali and Picasso
A genuine musician from the Gypsy community that lived in the Basque/Camargue region that wants separation from France and Spain
I could be wrong here but I think the two singers are his nephew (the younger guy) and a cousin from the same community
Upon hearing him play at Arles in 1964, Pablo Picasso is said to have exclaimed "that man is of greater worth than I am!" and proceeded to draw on the guitar.

I promise you wont be disappointed if you check this out

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