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#2 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] migrate from Beowulf to Chimaera: dual-boot? » 2021-11-10 09:40:12

As you I use external SSDs for different systems. When I upgraded my (external) Beowulf installations, I ended up in dual-boot grub entries.
But I must say that I did not care about that during the upgrade process.

#3 Re: Installation » No more wlan after upgrade » 2021-10-24 07:21:00

Thanks @Head_on_a_Stick. The problem was that I could not find any error message. Wpa_supplicant was running, as well as dhclient, but they never were able to connect the machine.
I did what you said and disabled avahi, network-manager and modem-manager, step by step and one after the other. After that and without any further other changing the wpa_supplicant connects the machine as all the years before.

Did the upgrade process started all these daemons?

#4 Installation » No more wlan after upgrade » 2021-10-23 13:26:20

Replies: 3

During the last days I upgraded 7 machines from beowulf or chimaera-testing to the stable chimaera version - without any problem - perfect.
And today I did the upgrade on the last machine - an old Asus eee701, running chimaere-beta-386.
Upgrade went fine, but after the following reboot I had no connection to the internet. Ifconfig showed why: No IP address for wlan0.

The network handling for wlan0 was made by the wpa_supplicant, also perfect and stable. Now I saw that the wpa_supplicant was running on wlan0, but the dhclient was unable to give an ip.
Then I saw that further daemons were :
- avahi-daemon, which created an own interface wlan0:avahi with a fall-back ip adress from a wrong range.

I never ever had configured this daemons to run and to handle my wlan interface - but they did. However none of the programs were able to fire up wlan0 and connect to my dhcp server. OK, to many cooks probably.

All this only happened on the old eee701 Asus machine, other computer with wlan interface are still running fine with wpa_supplicant.

What is the best way to connect to the internet? Is it time to say good-bye to the wpa_supplicant? Or shall I deactivate network-manager and modem-manager and let still do wpa_supplicant the job?
Hints are highly appreciated.


#5 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » What games do you play on Devuan?? » 2021-10-18 07:53:28

I play AisleRiot too, beside gnome-mahjongg, Solitaire Klondike (xpat2) and cuyo. That's it.

#6 Re: Installation » minimal-live issue » 2021-09-13 14:34:05

Thanks @fsmithred, so I will do.

#7 Installation » minimal-live issue » 2021-09-12 17:03:50

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Yesterday I installed the latest minimal-live image onto an older Gigabyte Brix machine with 8GB of RAM and Celeron N2807. The Brix is from 2015 and is able to boot BIOS and UEFI. However the UEFI boot will not always work and therefore I made a BIOS installation.

This was not my first minimal-live installation and it is the best option for my personal Devuan.
OK, I started installation and everything seems to be fine - no errors, no problems.

But when I booted into the new system, grub starts, loads the kernel, and the the system hung! The last message was:

Kernel Panic: VFS: unable to mount root-fs on unknown block (0,0)

I tried multi- and single user mode, I repeated the grub-install, but nothing helped.

Later on, when I had no more ideas, I downloaded the refracta_11_nox image, which has the same kernel version. Installation was OK - and the system started perfectly. No kernel panic, nothing. Everything fine.

Any idea what went wrong with my minimal-live installation?


#9 Re: Installation » Could not install under UEFI with chimera netinstall » 2021-09-11 09:15:48

After several installations of Devuan in UEFI mode with the refractainstaller my experience is as follows:
- better make the disk partioning before running the installer
- never forget the EFI partition
- also never forget to write a fat filesystem onto the EFI partition
- run the installer
- repeat the install-grub procedure manually after installation
- boot the machine in EFI mode

Running only the installer I often had the situation, that the system did not boot: No boot device found, Grub Rescue or a fragmented Grub screen - all this has happened in the past.

Honestly the Grub installation of the refractainstaller seems to be not perfect.


PS: Using the lates minimal-live I ran into a problem when choosing GParted during installation. GParted was not part of minimal-live, and the refractainstaller ended in an endless loop between selecting the partition tool and going ahed without partitioning. Choosing another tool (gdisk, cfdisk) always brought the indication "GParted is not installed".
That happened yesterday when setting up a Daedalus system, based on minimal live.
Finally some manual work as described afore was successful.

#10 Re: Off-topic » [SOLVED] Devuan GNU/Linux 5 (daedalus) Released as Next Testing! » 2021-09-09 07:40:50

Don't be suprised, @zapper. smile

Off course my Beowulf- and Chimaera machines will be untouched, but an Alpha-installation with Daedalus on an external SSD is quite nice. A good toy for gray and boring autumn evenings, which will come soon.

Berni (just preparing a SSD)

#12 Re: Off-topic » [SOLVED] Devuan GNU/Linux 5 (daedalus) Released as Next Testing! » 2021-09-08 08:44:02

Please excuse my silly question: Did you simply upgrade to Daedalus by changing the repository?
Or is there a Daedalus boot image available to build the system from scratch?

Clueless, Berni

#13 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] I5 - 10400 -> what I must install? » 2021-08-08 08:19:31

Both will run fine on your hardware. I can*t see any exotic components in your system, which may cause problems.
My personal hint: Try chimaera!

#14 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » how do I set the default directory to / when I use su? » 2021-07-30 17:05:42

Why not simply use a mini script which only contains one line: cd / && su
Calling that script will bring you to / as root.

#15 Re: Devuan » Chimaera First Impressions » 2021-07-29 07:12:30

OK - I tried it on 2 Pi 4 (8GB), and it works fine. But you are right: It was much more fun than installing Chimaera onto an AMD64 machine.

#16 Re: Devuan » Chimaera First Impressions » 2021-07-28 07:50:15

wink Poor guy! I have the same problem on 6 machines, all running chimaera.

#17 Re: Installation » low memory installation » 2021-05-18 06:57:11

when Im on the road with a motorcycle I always have my old Asus eee701 PC in the saddlebags: Its small, very small, has an old 868 processor and 2 GB of RAM. There is no internal HD and instead I use the build-in SSD (4GB) and a SD card of 128GB for OS, apps and swap.
The system runs beowulf without Xorg.

My applications are:
text processing: joe, nano, emacs
spread sheet: sc
browsing the net: lynx, links
mail & news: alpine
file manager: mc
music: mpg123
playing: bsdgames
programming: php, ruby26
off course various tools are installed as ncftp, neofetch, nmap, arp-scan, wpa_supplicant,wget, git and a lot more.

All that may sound very poor, but for me its perfect on travelling. And the eeePC offers enough entertainment for a long and rainy eveneing in a hotel.
And believe me: After a while you will love the pure shell (bash) with its various options.
Thats my solution.


#18 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] How to change system to boot to text login instead of gui » 2021-05-04 09:37:48

Simply disable your Login-Manager (xdm, lightdm, gdm, slim - whatever you use). Now your booting ends up at a non-graphical login. Alt+ctrl+F1/2/3... gives virtual screens, again without GUI.
If you want to start Xorg via startx, you may need the .xinitrc file. Link your .xsession to .xinitrc or create a new file. In the simplest case your .xinitrc contains only the call of  the window-manager of your choice, maybe "exec xfce4-session".

#20 Re: ARM Builds » Testimage: RaspberryPi 3+, Chimaera + TDE 14.1 » 2021-03-31 18:10:18

smile The tools was too fast - suspisious fast.
However your image works very good!

#21 Re: ARM Builds » Testimage: RaspberryPi 3+, Chimaera + TDE 14.1 » 2021-03-31 08:07:14

@cOrnelius: Thanks, that worked perfect and the image now runs fine at an USB-3 port. On another raspi 4 I use one of your images and there I must not fix the quirk issue. Is this depending from the SSD type and manufacturer?

@samhain: Using raspi-config did not work correctly. Some tool showed the new size of 470 G, other the old size of 8 G. Then I copied lots of file to / and at 8 G it stops and indicated that it is full.
I then did the expand manually via fdisk and now I have the full size off the SSD.

#22 Re: ARM Builds » Testimage: RaspberryPi 3+, Chimaera + TDE 14.1 » 2021-03-30 20:42:38

Thanks, will try to expand now. I did not test the image with SD card yet, but will do it tomorrow.

#23 Re: ARM Builds » Testimage: RaspberryPi 3+, Chimaera + TDE 14.1 » 2021-03-30 18:02:28

samhain wrote:

Enjoy smile

I did so! Nice job, the image runs fine on my raspi 4 (8GB) - if I connect the ssd to an USB-2 port. Using USB-3 brings lots of errors and long delays. However on USB-2 it's OK.
This is my first Trinity system and its fast on the small machine - what I never have expected.

Is there an option to expand the images partition to the full ssd size?


#24 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » [SOLVED] Changing a parameter in /sys/module » 2021-03-27 21:29:04

Thanks HoaS, your hint was 100% correct and I was able to solve the problem! Reading the BoottimeEntropyStarvation opened my eyes and brought me to tpm. Indeed the T500 has a tpm chip and it requires randomizing. Disabling the tpm security chip was the solution and my old T500 now boots boot very fast. Thanks again for the help. ; )

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