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#1 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Devuan est à la traîne (google: Devuan is lagging behind) ! » 2024-05-16 19:26:19


Did you not understand my post? I use the REAL Debian now! Devuan is a wrong dream: not actual. Problems and problems made themself! Today I only want to warn: This Devuan is not Debian without systemD any more: Désormais (now) Devuan est (is) à la traîne  (laggin behind says Google) and does not respect the new usages any more from all other Debian-world distributions...
As such, it is a new chimere!

#2 Devuan Derivatives » Devuan est à la traîne (google: Devuan is lagging behind) ! » 2024-05-16 18:08:09

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Because of the really aggressiv reaction especially of fsmithred, the producent of the wonderfull software refractasnapshot and other,  I did go away but continue to use fidel refractasnapshot ...

... if possible!

but it seems that Devuan would not be any more the exact copy of Debian, and that that causes really terrible consequences for the users (searching days and days for solutions ABSOLUTELY NOT NEEDING if Devuan would be actual at the level of Debian ah ah ah!).

I already did report in that community that lots of refractasnapshot did not success espec. with ubuntu. Look please yourself for the probably wrong reaction from the moderator at this time (this man will only provocate!!! Not him! I!!!).

Actually, I continue to build my KDE installations WITHOUT SOME LIBREOFFICE, FIREFOX, THUNDERBIRD, and co. but with the REAL kde APPLICATIONS continuing the developments of the German University having created free and for free KDE and konqueror etc. But I do that now in the real


as Devuan seems to be more and more some cartel against Debian.

But I continue to use the refracta-tools. They are free, ok, or not?

In the new Debian were some details make better (why, if not, new versions!!!).

apt claims: «That is not ZSTD!!!».

Hm! zstd? Does Devuan and Refracta ignore zstd?


Zstd is a rediculous amoung of bites! And the moderator here did only answer to my problems that they probably don't exists!

The reallity is that refracta tools need to meet the real compressions tools of Debian, Ubuntu etc. If not, it does not work properly!

(A last time: excuse please my bad English! I would transmit my infos in other form in my mother tongue.,,,)

#3 Re: Devuan Derivatives » it works! it works well... CeresKDEminiOnJwmFull » 2024-04-06 07:42:54


Like on the bike path when you overtake a horse with the mountain bike: some riders are afraid that you rings because the animal bounces, and on the contrary, the others want to report in advance! This is how it is with the developers: some are bad if they are not mentioned (person or/and system), even if they supposedly call the software freely, and others like fsmithred years do nothing, then others do something out of pure enthusiasm (me If my first attempts in the first half of 2023 before the new Refracta-Isos were released, only my problems with the Devuan Kernel, I have to say, because there is no core problem with Ubuntu); in the announcement of this new isos, the author clearly explained that there was an overdue need. Linux has become that came from open and free source ...
Another note: I did not want to upload this ISO at all but only explain how to build it, because once explain everything else can replace everything! There are also forums for that too ...
(Google did above translate: Wie auf dem Radweg wenn man mit dem Mountainbike ein Pferd überholt: Manche Reiter haben Angst davor, dass man klingelt, weil das Tier hüpft, und die anderen möchten im Gegenteil, dass man vorab sich meldet! So ist es mit den Entwicklern: Manche nehmen übel, wenn sie (Person oder/und System) nicht genannt werden, auch wenn sie angeblich die Software frei nennen, und andere wie fsmithred tun Jahre nichts, dann tun andere aus purer Begeisterung was (ich tat meine ersten Gehversuche in der ersten Hälfte von 2023 bevor die neuen Refracta-Isos veröffentlicht wurden, nur meine Probleme mit den Devuan-Kernel, ich muss so sagen, denn bei Ubuntu gibt es kein Kernelproblem, haben mich verzögert; aus meinen Wortmeldung im Forum und den Datums kann man das aber gut ableiten)! In der Ankündigung dieser neuen ISOs hat der Autor aber klar erklärt, es gab einen überfälligen Bedarf. Ok, ich werde nie mehr von Refracta reden, aber den Stoff ungezügelt integrieren, da es sowieso ein freier Linux-Stoff geworden ist, der aus open and free source kam...
Noch ein Hinweis: Ich wollte diese ISO gar nicht hochladen sondern nur erklären wie man es baut, weil ein Mal erklären alles weitere ersetzen vermag! Dazu sind auch Foren auch da...)

#4 Devuan Derivatives » it works! it works well... CeresKDEminiOnJwmFull » 2024-04-05 20:47:52

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build with the actual refracta nox ISO 32 bit (stable)

step 1:  actualized

step 2: snapshooted

step 3: fullfilled fat with all serious apps of KDE plus Xfce4-Appfinder, Xfce4-Terminal, mousepad and thunar (as I did renounce to install Konqueror, but it would be possible without inconvenient! It is only so, that I do all that primary for me and and don't will spend time to relearn dolphin. The file manager that I know is important for me to work fast enough...) that on an naked installation of Jwm with menu and a beautiful background. My actual kde base is the package for CLI (search with aptitude search kde!). It would be possible to procede analog with the analog package for Openbox or for Kde Standard or for Plasma Desktop. If the KDE menu does not appear, add the package qml-module-org-kde-kitemmodels!

step 4: snapshooted (1.9 GB)

you can probably risk to use it! it comes from "stable" (add slim or other one it it works well)...

step 5: change the content of /etc/apt/sources.list (keep the first active row and write "testing" where you read "daedalus")

step 6: remove slim if installed for your productive version!

step 7: actualize

step 8: do upgrade using synaptic (it seems to work better than apt itself) keeping all Refracta scripts!

more than 1000 package will be actualized,

step 9: a good apt autoremove!

step 10: perhaps an inspection with deborphan (be VERY prudent!)

step 11: snapshooted (2.2 GB)

step 12: try to reboot and start the "testing" stage

(it contains probably 3 kernels. For my PC I did have to reactivate the most older of the 3; to that, open the terminal and go to / and mv the 2 present kernel and initrd.img into and ....last and (remake a link to to /boot/,,,,.img and /boot/vmlinuz-.... !)

probably it is good and you (already! actually, also today, the upgrade to "ceres" will make no change! Just continue to have an ISO more to "nurse" in the next times...) have success!

step 13: continue like step 5 and following steps with "ceres" instead of "testing" and nurse in the next times: you have a rolling mini KDE, enjoy it!

Contain of my /usr/share/applications:

breezestyleconfig.desktop calligra.desktop ceni.desktop com.rosegardenmusic.rosegarden.desktop feh.desktop gimagereader-gtk.desktop htop.desktop info.desktop kcm_breezedecoration.desktop kcm_cddb.desktop kcm_filetypes.desktop kcm_kamera.desktop kcm_kdeconnect.desktop kcm_trash.desktop kdesystemsettings.desktop krita_brush.desktop krita_csv.desktop krita_exr.desktop krita_gif.desktop krita_heif.desktop krita_heightmap.desktop krita_jp2.desktop krita_jpeg.desktop krita_jxl.desktop krita_kra.desktop krita_krz.desktop krita_ora.desktop krita_pdf.desktop krita_png.desktop krita_psd.desktop krita_qimageio.desktop krita_raw.desktop krita_spriter.desktop krita_svg.desktop krita_tga.desktop krita_tiff.desktop krita_webp.desktop krita_xcf.desktop ktelnetservice5.desktop links2.desktop marble_geo.desktop marble_geojson.desktop marble_gpx.desktop marble_kml.desktop marble_kmz.desktop marble_shp.desktop marble_worldwind.desktop mimeinfo.cache okularApplication_comicbook.desktop okularApplication_dvi.desktop okularApplication_fax.desktop okularApplication_fb.desktop okularApplication_ghostview.desktop okularApplication_kimgio.desktop okularApplication_mobi.desktop okularApplication_pdf.desktop okularApplication_plucker.desktop okularApplication_txt.desktop okularApplication_xps.desktop org.kde.calligrasheets.desktop org.kde.calligrastage.desktop org.kde.calligrawords_ascii.desktop org.kde.calligrawords.desktop org.kde.digikam.desktop org.kde.dragonplayer.desktop org.kde.elisa.desktop org.kde.falkon.desktop org.kde.gwenview.desktop org.kde.gwenview_importer.desktop org.kde.juk.desktop org.kde.kaffeine.desktop org.kde.karbon.desktop org.kde.kcolorchooser.desktop org.kde.kdeconnect.daemon.desktop org.kde.kdeconnect.handler.desktop org.kde.kdeconnect.nonplasma.desktop org.kde.kdeconnect-settings.desktop org.kde.kdeconnect.sms.desktop org.kde.kded5.desktop org.kde.kdenlive.desktop org.kde.kdiff3.desktop org.kde.keditfiletype.desktop org.kde.kmix.desktop org.kde.knewstuff-dialog.desktop org.kde.kolourpaint.desktop org.kde.kompare.desktop org.kde.krita.desktop org.kde.kruler.desktop org.kde.kstars.desktop org.kde.ktrip.desktop org.kde.kturtle.desktop org.kde.kwalletd5.desktop org.kde.kwave.desktop org.kde.marble.desktop org.kde.okular.desktop org.kde.parley.desktop org.kde.skanlite.desktop org.kde.skanpage.desktop org.kde.spectacle.desktop org.xfce.mousepad.desktop org.xfce.mousepad-settings.desktop pppoeconf.desktop python3.11.desktop synaptic.desktop systemsettings.desktop thunar-bulk-rename.desktop thunar.desktop thunar-settings.desktop vim.desktop xfce4-appfinder.desktop xfce4-run.desktop xfce4-terminal.desktop xfce4-terminal-settings.desktop

#5 Re: Devuan Derivatives » live-iso 32 bits testing and experimental with miniKDE » 2024-03-29 18:10:47


I would immediately delete such crafts of mine, you do not hesitate to post them.

how did you help the children in rich country, you the perfect man, children having no PC to learn at the school confinement during the corona pandemy? and how help you NOW the billions of children having no PC to learn at the school AFTER each confinement in poor countries (=at normal time without confinement)?

for scraps of the humanity, those problems are lower as rich and more rich and richer to become!

you can't overmount the problem of the humanity if only big solutions for rich people are in sight!

On a computer with an AMD video card, the screen blinks, but with an Intel video card, it gets stuck on endlessly repeating the server error message.

can you remember what you did say to me in November 23? You have simply a miserable PC (on my bad, your opinion at that time, DELL XT3 with i7, there is no problem)...

#7 Re: Devuan Derivatives » live-iso 32 bits testing and experimental with miniKDE » 2024-03-28 10:56:39


Dear aluma,

I force nobody to use or have some admiration. But in a world of (fictive occidental) freedom, I say, not by blablabla speaking, but bei doing (montrer par l'exemple et l'action / durch Beispiel und Aktion zeigen) that it would be other ways.

If the Linux community is becoming to be so idiotic, to publish KDE environment, where the KDE apps are away, better, organize KDE forums, where it is not possible any more to participate using the actual and fresh rebuild konqueror, I can have an other opinion.

actually firefox kills wittingly the second old traditional browser, the real Mozilla suite. Konqueror will not accepted any more by but you can use in Linux, if you want avoir google, yes, a certain Edge browser, ah ah ah

certain was happy to crown xfce4 and now lxqt and include one of both without some help to remove then and install a real KDE. It is clear: Only a real KDE with KDE stuff can compete Windows. How many towns use in their administration only or mainly Linux. And how many of then using somewhat othe as KDE?

Linux is today a symbol for absence of competence because the developer are at war with other solutions coming out of their own ranks or, perhaps, because some ones have core the decision -makers at Linux itself and are paid to promote Windows, Apple and Google OS's (Android at first)

It was a shame in the Corona time, that children did have not enough PC's because we did disclassify all 32 bit ones, perhaps billions of then, also in rich countries like Germany or France, not only in the olds colonies of then (did Liberia children, the old US colonie, have enough PC and an organized school system based on?).

Aluma, you are a poor person without vision and, probably, without some action...  Go back to your big official distributions, to the systemD makers, to the Mozilla killers, etc ...

I open the mouth, yes, but I do what, I use daily Linux 32 to cooperate with the old users, and I thank all developers like fsmithred offering a certain base of free operations systems for the billions of owner of old PC's being PRESENT next to children of poor families.

my snapshoots works on my dell's, I have more than one, they are available for old PC's. I does not prohibit anyone from looking for better choices for him

#8 Re: Devuan Derivatives » live-iso 32 bits testing and experimental with miniKDE » 2024-03-28 08:05:43


I fsmithred, as you suppose and probably now, user can't change the title line of threads in the forum (I also did write wrong the word experimental...) (*1 .

Yes, title are difficult to write for person like I not really speaking English because the size of those lines is extremely limited: to be precise you need more room. But at sourceforge (see the parallel discussion where I did announce the upload of the parallel ISO; at this time, the 32 bit ISO is not yet uploaded at all, this is the reason because I did not speak yet about upload or place of the upload. I will do it soon, but will wait for your answer first) I have clearly write yesterday «made with Refracta (Devuan derivative) a small KDE environment made by a simple Linux user with apt and synaptic.» (only apt and synaptic are not really the tools of an high level developers :-) ! In my eyes it is clear so...). Next release, I will probably not use refracta any more but only the Devuan depository as I will use next debootstrap or, with the help of the NuTyx fans try a completely fresh compilation of the about one thousand packages (from LFS & BLFS). That are my plans for the miniKDE (and to restore so the position of the real KDE applications family with real Konqueror, with Calligra or KOffice etc. What the developers do actually with the KDE environment is a shame...). My position is not to develop but to help users and re-establish old general options in Linux being becoming more arm and poor each year now!

(*1 this is good so: for, probably, this reason, that forum app continue to be usuable without some graphic environment! The KDE forum can actually not be used with Konqueror as I did see the day before yesterday... and  also not with falkon, the new official invention of REAL (!)developers: they develop now solutions not able to use -> hunspell <- and bring so old user in embarrassment having language problems! Thank you, REAL developers: 10 years back direction middle age!
;-( !
@fsmithred: I did find now, a day later, the (easy way) to change it. Users can change the titel line themself, it is only a matter of the size + position of the little edit window. Thank you for the changing you did make!

#9 Devuan Derivatives » live-iso 32 bits testing and experimental with miniKDE » 2024-03-27 23:57:22

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as I did assume yesterday, the build in 32 bits was very easy exactly as I did in 64 bits, see

I have now 4 snapshots for i686:

- refracta nox actualized
- refracta miniKDE stable for i686
- refracta miniKDE testing for i686
- refracta miniKDE experimental for i686 (actually exactly the same as for testing excepted the active line /etc/apt/sources.list and int. data).

as for refracta

root has password root
user has password user

this time I did remove in the 3 last ones the rests of command line things having clear successor doing exactly the same in graphic mode (MC, Mutt, Vim). I did let the trio xcalc xedit xview as they would continue to have a function in X although they are not any more taken in consideration, espec. xcalc.

#10 Re: Devuan Derivatives » live-iso 64 bit testing and experimental » 2024-03-27 18:16:39


I did upload 2 times one of the ISOs (testing) here:

On Seamonkey, I have toil to open my own upload... Perhaps you have more luck!

#12 Re: Devuan Derivatives » my snaoshot Devuan Crown 64 bit: testing or ceres? libsystemd0 » 2024-03-26 22:09:04


I did meet a simple answer:

all installations frontend's for Debian are not really equivalent. In  graphic mode, prefer synaptic!

I, myself, I use better apt because you can redirect the apt output to a file and compare it with other days later! I don't know how to redirect and archive the output of synaptic. but synaptic avoid some installations problems.

but I did have today the experience, it can be the opposite also! If synaptic refuses, you can try apt or aptitude...

for synaptic, libsystemd0 seems to be no problem and after the use you never more hear somewhat from this ugly component!

in very tricky situations, dpkg can also help... the problem: you have a lot to learn if you want to use it so...

#13 Re: Devuan Derivatives » live-iso 64 bit testing and experimental » 2024-03-26 21:50:40


you can of course use a part of above installations way to install xfce4 etc.! Why not!

#14 Re: Devuan Derivatives » live-iso 64 bit testing and experimental » 2024-03-26 21:45:27


the installations string for Refracta stable:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install alsa-tools aptitude cups deborphan didiwiki gpm info samba xorg network-manager dbus-session-bus libteam-utils polkitd-pkla  policykit-1 modemmanager ppp dnsmasq-base dns-root-data libmbim-utils libqmi-utils usb-modeswitch wireless-regdb comgt wvdial network-manager-openvpn kde-plasma-desktop konsole konqueror  synaptic partitionmanager mgp qml-module-org-kde-kitemmodels calligrawords calligrasheets lximage-qt
sudo reboot
# after reboot
# if you want, you can remove the old kernel (if the new is in use!); use synaptic (search linux-image and mark the image to remove and do it!) before you make the snapshot
sudo refractasnapshot
# if want more, next level, testing
sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
# change the -> daedalus <- into -> testing <- in the first line
# comment the 2 next lines being not usable in testing or experimental
sudo apt update
sudo synaptic
# in synaptic, mark all and execute and open the windows for details to see the questions!
# I did keep the precedent versions of the scripts. If difficulties appear, you can remake taking the other choices...
sudo reboot
# after reboot
sudo apt autoremove
# probably not only one time!
# look which packages are orphaned and remove but with prudence!
# test that level
sudo refracta snapshot
# you can continue to -> ceres <- ! It is the same...
# yesterday all packages were present for all dependencies! synaptic did find solutions,
# but in ceres, it can each day be different!
# a lot of packages are coming from stable and testing and 
# synaptic use then to complete the dependencies as good solution! it is normal!
# actualize please often your ceres version but don't forget to make a snapshot before you do that!

I did add initially lightdm

but do it after testing if it works well!

or do it not: This booting is not so beautiful attraktiv but you start with a normal command line login (or not, without login using the refractainstaller option, and with a simple "go" after full installation, into the graphic environment and are (very more) free if you meet problems and will try to solve then in command line (note: you can also use CRL+ALT+F2 ;-) !).

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/startx /usr/bin/go

#15 Devuan Derivatives » live-iso 64 bit testing and experimental » 2024-03-26 21:32:51

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After the ugly discussion about DAEDALUS (in the right language, Greek, DAIDALOS), I will renounce now to use those idiotic complicate distro name and prefer the generic names "stable", "testing" and "experimental".

This evening, I have 3 refracta snapshots working well on my main PC, each seeming to work well and doing not cause protests from Apt or Synaptic for

  • Refracta stable (equivalent from bookworm)

  • Refracta testing

  • Refracta experimental (equivalent from SID but at an other ending stage)

for AMD64 on my PC


  • KDE base

  • Konqueror

  • Konsole

  • Kate and Kwrite

  • Calligrawords and Calligrasheets

  • a lot of tools (aptitude, connection managers, didiwiki, partitionmanager (KDE ¨gparted), synaptic

a great but small selection of real KDE apt's, not those ugly firefox and O"ne"Office being now in absolutely to find as monopolists in ALL distros also if they disclass those great works like KDE, the environment that did make Linux equivalent from M$-Windows in the professional world!

probably are those snapshots not perfect. probably I will next meet difficulties (next update etc.). I will try to nurse the one made of Ceres. The middle is a necessary level to obtain the Ceres one. But it is also probably more secure. The first (stable) is even the real stable version being usable without restriction...

They are different from my last trying actions as far as I did no use steps any more:

I did install Refracta nox as published here on this forum

add only one unique long string line «apt install this that more etc» with all the content

and did get a perfect "stable" installation :-) !

and I did simply update / upgrade!

and all works well now (but it was a long evolution!)...

The paint app is lximage-qt as, although small, it is powerful to make screensnapshots and more with then (I would have prefered some real kde app!).

Next steps:

perhaps port that on 32 bit (if all the stuff is present or compatible with the different levels! It is one of the great problems... «Youd did select a bad solution etc. ... and Sinaptic / Aptitude can't help»).

and probably adapt the style to debootstrap (where my own knowledge and experience are weak, this will be long... I would willing need some help!) both 32 an 64 bit if it is possible (can debootstrap "pin" if packages are not present at the more new level?).

The actual 64 bit ISO snapshot stable is ONLY 1.3 GB
testing 1.6 GB
experimental 1.6 GB.

The start completely in RAM from the version stable on my PC needs only 2 minutes 30 seconds from USB-stick (and probably be a lot better starting directly from HD!) so it is a real usuable light live KDE! After that, you have a really high speed Linux with KDE and can unplug the USB-stick to use the connector place differently or protect it against external chocks etc.!

Using his own /etc/fstab to mount his data partition on the harddisk, the user can hold and save what he want but after shutdown, no trace in his /home/user any more! It is the perfect discretion...

#16 Re: Devuan Derivatives » my customized Refracta 64 bit » 2024-03-24 10:43:47


Thank you very much aluma (I did use myself in the past, working also on full web pages. French Puppy Linux users did try to include an analog app in their version of Puppy linux). But as you see, I use apt and synaptic and all those things are not present at the deb depositories...

And I did look at you link. And immediately see a (perhaps only little) problem: I am now working at a KDE oriented version of mini linux, and miss Konqueror or Falkon under the proposed browser (as well as Seamonkey, my prefered browser: I did start before 2000 with it, if I right remember, at that time as "the" Mozilla suite with the red dino and did never find somewhat better concerning the ergonomics (settings and results of then, room on the windows for graphic applications, tool bars...).

actually, my main care is to include as much real KDE app's into the smart KDE installation.

I did have for ex. the surprise that the most important parts of the real KDE office did not use really very much harddisk capacity  (calligrawords, calligrasheets and konqueror as document viewer, it is listed as a document viewer) but is fully integrated in the hidden kde system as the light Gnome office (abiword, gnumeric, evince), the last ones not being integrated, this in the actual Daedalus (it can evolve negative if a level of some dependency, especially the terribly big ones (webkitenginejava) evolves differently. My next steps are of course to try to upgrade that smart KDE based on bookworm, a name easy to write against the terrible daedalus, debian has more experience and avoid such errors, idem aeckszcaliboer, to testing (easy to write and taken in consideration by hunspell) and then to ceres (relatively easy to write under consideration of the pronunciation of the word, although the "c" is a letter with the most uncertain pronunciation! SID is really easy...).

#17 Re: Devuan Derivatives » my customized Refracta 64 bit » 2024-03-24 00:21:43


It is not an absurdity to be critic against idiotic the complicate writing of names being absolutely not international! It would better be intelligent to avoid that ;-) !

#18 Re: Devuan Derivatives » my customized Refracta 64 bit » 2024-03-23 18:35:01


I understand you, but please, next time (it is coming with exzkalyboer) take name's being used in the dictionary for the new distros so that hunspell will advise me directrly ;-) ... The names of antic great things evolve through the time. Also in Italian is dedalo a word with an open "e"...

it is so, I am a supporter of Daebian  as well as from Daevuan would I say and write now after that experience...

#19 Re: Devuan Derivatives » my customized Refracta 64 bit » 2024-03-23 09:21:28


I did in the last days a new version of Refracta dAedalus based on the small version "nox" for AMD64. I did name it for me
Refr(acta)dAe(dalus)justKDE64. That is all and says what it is and what it does... The base is the nox concept extended with a little command line office to complete the options already present in the nox concept.

On that base come xorg and as well jwm as KDE absolute minimal but incl. Konqueror (it finds the app's and give access in the main tab "go"). The Display manager is  SLIM.

In a ab. 16 GB partition, the used room is only under 4,5 GB. It generates a Refractasnappshot with a size of 1,5 GB.

The way how to make yourself your KDE & JWM minimal installation generating that 1.5 GB ISO is described here: … 09#p114809

(because I will translate it as well in French as in German. But this will wait some time to continue as I have actually to follow a medical treatment where to long PC work is not allow... Later, I will also continue to upgrade to "testing" and "experimental"!)


#20 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Fastest and newest AVMultimedia ever... » 2024-03-23 09:03:00


Der Einfachheit halber  melde ich mich diesmal auf Deutsch. Ich kannte Ihre Produkte bisher nicht und habe also die Seite besucht. Nur, hinterher bin ich kaum schlauer als vorher. Um was handelt es sich?

Um ein (bzw. mehrere) Gerät(e), die nicht sagende (auf jedem Fall nicht näher klärende) Namen trägt/tragen,

oder um eine Software?

Diese Diskussion ist schon seeeehr lang, aber, zumindest nehme ich an, für englischsprachige Leute noch überschaubar. Viele auf den englischsprachige Foren sind aber nicht so fix in der Sprache, die sich rühmt die Weltsprache zu sein (die Deutschen sind vor 40 J., als unser Sohn geboren wurde, den Weg gegangen, Englisch anstatt Latein als Pflicht zu nehmen! Aber überall in Diskussionsforen ausser hier, drängen sie inzwischen darauf, dass deutschsprachige Unterforen entstehen!). Diese Diskussion ist inzwischen sehr alt.

Kann man fragen: um was dreht es sich eigentlich? Gerät / Software? Falls Software opensource oder nicht ?  Was tut die Software, das neue Gerät? Gibt es eine Liste der Abkürzungen, die den Zweck jeder verdeutlich, was ist DMS, MRP usw.? Welche Voraussetzungen minimal / empfohlen (denn die Anderen können ja weiterhin wohl das Thema ignorieren, es sei denn sie suchen selbst etwas neues)...

#21 Devuan Derivatives » my customized Refracta 64 bit » 2024-03-15 08:46:22

Replies: 7

I did finish now the upgrade of the new ISO Daedalus to -> Excalibur -> Ceres and have 3 beautiful ISO-Snapshots with a gread number of app's (mousepad, epiphany=/gnome-browser, gnumeric, the presentation MagicPoint known as mgp, hunspell, tesseract-OCR, gimagereader, inkscape, marble-qt, granule (for youngs and children), nted (idem!), rosegarden, kdenlive, etc. (but I did uninstall certain ones as the are double of those and easy to add again! The trick was to have certain app's in the ISO whom are not all present in Ceres and I did hoppe to win an ISO under 2 GB (but the ceres and excalibur are 2 GB, sorry). I did uninstall geany, firefox (too big), vim. They are at the depository). But I have no capacity any more in my upload site...

#22 Installation » my tutor in 3 languages (en - de - fr) how2install Devuan minimalistic » 2024-03-10 21:12:29

Replies: 0

I did finish now my tutor (in my bad English! It will be completed in the next time in French and German) how to install Devuan minimalistic! You find it at the Puppy linux forum as it is next neighbor from the Puppy linux thematic AND, that is important, the Puppy Linux forum did always permit discussion in other languages and help in certain languages with a separate part of the forum (it is in my eyes a great limit and inconvenient of the Devuan forum! Hello hello, M$ respect the other languages and helps and we are worse?).

You find it at

Good luck and enjoy!

#23 Installation » minimalistic net installation » 2024-03-07 08:09:57

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I am now a good minimalistic installation based on a start with that official (is it so really?) devuan iso: … t/mini.iso

one of the problems (would be the same in case of a debootstrap installation (I am thinking about the interest to use a debootstrap installation in the next time because the other very small ISO from devuan DIRECTLY for Ceres seems don't to work! I did loose a quantity of time before I did realize that) is immediately to get a usuable internet connection else if you have to  connect to a secured LAN!

a/ in the case of above ISO and the offered tasksel in the ISO in which offered task are the packages for the WLAN connection (I hope in the last option!!!)

b/ if not, which packages are to be downloaded BEFORE you begin to install (to have then ready to use after the installation ending with the situation that you can't connect with WLAN and continue and how to continue in command line? An what is to do to get so a perfect and really practicable connection with WLAN in command line after each restart with the WAP secured internet?

(I have no experience: my internet connection is 30 year wired and the Fritz Box (end point of the phone wire) is directly 10 cm away from PC on the work  desk...).

NEXT STEP after installation of xorg, I will use, if possible, a tool of XFCE4 in graphic (without to have tu MUST to install the full XFCE4 to connect in graphic mode with WLAN. Which (chain of) tools will XFCE4 need?

(The XFCE4 package is, very different from LXQT ah ah ah, very totlerant! You usually can install each part separately and can let the other part away! I hope it is the same with WLAN!)

i need above info to write a detailled and documented instructions in English, French and German how to set up a minimal Devuan beginning with, actually the above minimal ISO, and, next step (I am myself not fit enough actually in debootstrap else if I did use it a long time ago) as independant from ISO, debootstrap.

which wiki use Devuan user to publish such pages in the named 3 languages?

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Hi fsmithred
I did reinstall completely not as stable anymore but as testing and then upgrade as ceres. the refractasnapshot did create the CD image. I suppose that in daedalus a dependency was missed...

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old installations are not affected! you can "snapshot" as often you want without to meet some defeat with snapshot (but well with the system itself!)... so did I produce the snapshot that I did upload the February 29 this year (in the section Derivatives)...

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