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#1 Intergalactic Communities » FOSDEM / CLT - meetings in Europe » 2024-01-25 10:54:14

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I will be at FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium, between 2024-02-02 and 2024-02-04. Is there anybody who wants to meet there?

Moreover, We applied for a booth at Chemnitzer Linux-Tage in Chemnitz, Germany, between 2024-03-16 and 2024-02-17

if anybody wantd to meet, chat, socialise, rub noses, exchange GPG keys, come over!

#2 Devuan » luakit and CVE-2023-40476 - or - security in Devuan » 2023-10-13 11:06:49

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Hi people,

I stumbled upun a security problem today. Is there a solution for this kind of problem?

I use luakit. CVE-2023-40476 [1] applies to luakit via libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37 . So - I have questions:
- Why does libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37 depend on libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-0 - which is explicitly the less-maintained part of gstreamer?
- Do we really want to rely on Debian doing the right thing here?

[1] … 2023-40476

#3 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » FVWM configuration » 2023-06-09 21:53:03

I bite. I use this configuration. It makes fvwm look and behave somewhat like tvtwm - the WM I used before fvwm (yes, >30 years ago). Furthermore it uses my goth color preferences and optimizes for low attention grab by decorations. It can be used mostly without mouse (smart window placement and C-S-key combinations to move between windows and such).

It is focus follows mouse, left button on window title rises window, right button lowers, middle button moves.

It looks like very outmoded fvwm design

#4 Devuan » FrOSCon, 6.Aug - Bonn, Germany » 2023-05-24 11:58:00

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So, there will be a FrOSCon this year and I plan to go there. If there is at least one other person with whom I can share the shifts I am willing to man a Devuan booth. Deadline for registation of booths is June 11.

Is there anybody willing to help?



#5 Re: Devuan » Devuan kFreeBSD » 2022-10-14 18:21:28

Everybody should do what bites him. I would be much more intrigued by Devuan L4-Hurd.

#6 Devuan » Meetup at FOSDEM? » 2022-10-14 12:08:43

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So, I will probably be at FOSDEM next year. Is anybody interested in meeting there?

#7 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » luakit broken after update » 2022-09-21 09:21:37

I should have read the answer carefully to have seen that I should send the report to debian myself. An automatism there might be helpful.

#8 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Severe damage to ext4 filesystem - advice needed » 2022-02-11 21:29:21

Whatever you do, create a backup of the drive with dd first.

Then you might use debugfs, pointing it at one of the remaining superblocks. As the inode table is probably history, you will have to use pattern search for anything you find worthwhile to scrap from the disk. This is horrible hand work, I can tell you from experience. ;-S

EDIT: as I darkly remembered, FS layout has changed - which is a good news. Parts of the inode table might be salvageable. See

#9 Devuan » Devuan Conference 2 » 2022-02-08 19:02:24

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Hello all  you beautiful people!

The last Devuan conference was a major success in my eyes. Now, as the epidemy is slowly fading down - how about a second run?

If yes: Do you people in Amsterdam want to run it again (seems to be a good idea as a number of central people seem to be located there)? If not, do we want to do a call for locations?



#11 Re: News & Announcements » Beowulf 3.0.0 is here! » 2020-06-03 19:59:06

Congratulations to all you beautiful people!

#12 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Michaels Devuan Edition *Update* » 2020-01-26 16:43:57


Just for your information - I maintain a set of minimal patches to strip pulseaudio and libsystemd from a number of packages I use.  You can find the packages (binaries and sources) under



#13 Devuan » Devuan Presence at » 2019-07-15 14:26:19

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I would be interested in running a devuan presence (booth or so) at Linuxday in Dornbirn, Austria (as I did the last years). Is anybody willing to man the place with me?



#14 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » What games do you play on Devuan?? » 2018-11-24 13:13:50

Xpat2, wesnoth, freeciv - mostly in that orrder

Some are great one-shots: singularity, Beneath a Steel Sky, passage

Games I would like to be more great: Vegastrike, lgeneral, widelands

#15 Re: Devuan » Presence on Conferences and similar meetings » 2018-10-02 21:53:19

Which Roland do you mean?

Even though I will do a booth and not a talk the slides might help.

#16 Re: Other Issues » mkfs.ext4: invalid blocks offset=X on device device.img » 2018-10-02 21:44:04

What about:

loopdev=$(losetup -P -f --show imagem-zero.img)
mkfs.ext4 ${loopdev}p1
losetup -d $loopdev

(Or something along these lines)

#17 Devuan » Presence on Conferences and similar meetings » 2018-09-26 15:00:16

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I will be present at Linuxday ( in Dornbirn, Austria and present Devuan there. If anybody wants to join I would be very happy to have help.

#18 Re: Devuan » Devuan newsgroup » 2018-08-12 10:46:32

nasus90 wrote:

Hi, I would like to know,
Devuan newsgroup ?

AFAICS there is no "real" news group for Devuan. But the -devel mailinglist is gated by gmane: gmane.linux.devuan.devel - as is this forum: gwene.linux.devuan.dev1galaxy.newposts (at least for the articles in contrast to the replies). Same goes for the -announce mailing list: gmane.linux.devuan.announce

Given the amount of traffic on the mailinglist a real newsgroup might prove worthwile.

nasus90 wrote:

and if there is a list of Mutt maintainers in Devuan?

Mutt is maintained in debian and transferred to devuan without change.


Y Plentyn

#19 Re: Installation » [Solved] Ascii upgrade (also) messed up this Devuan Jessie » 2018-06-16 11:07:58

Altoid wrote:


Altoid wrote:

I was able to start X, got the full desktop but still no Kb or mouse (it's plugged into the USB Kb).
So the problem persists.  =^/


I tried using a different mouse directly connected to a USB port (instead of a PS2 connected to a port on the Kb) but still no dice.
Is there any way I can get out of this problem without having to do a full reinstall?

It looks like your X is having some Problem either with this USB device or with USB in general.

* can you try another USB keyboard?
* can you try a PS2 keyboard?
* can you have a close look into /var/log/Xorg.0.log ? If nothing springs to your eye make it available to us?
* do you have an /etc/X11/xorg.conf or other config files as referenced from /var/log/Xorg.0.log ? If yes make it/them available, too...

#20 Re: Intergalactic Communities » Real-life meetings? » 2018-03-21 13:15:22

So, we had a nice chat at FOSDEM, now it is time to look for the next option: Does anybody of you plan to be present at RMLL 2018?

#21 Re: Intergalactic Communities » Real-life meetings? » 2017-08-14 13:52:50

golinux wrote:

Another option . . . this was posted to DNG.

Thanks. I answered there.

#22 Intergalactic Communities » Real-life meetings? » 2017-08-14 08:46:10

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What about having some real-life meetings, e.g. during some linux meetings?
Examples would be: (Austria, December), FOSDem (Belgium,
February), RMLL (around France, July), CLT (Germany, March).

So - to start: Is anybody interested in meeting at



#23 DIY » ghostscript packages without jbig2dec » 2017-07-14 12:56:35

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As jbig2dec does seem to be a security nuisance at the moment (see CVE-2016-8729) I rebuilt ghostscript without jbig2dec and uploaded (temporarily) to .

This should be compatible to devuan jessie or ascii. Be care ful - this is only signed by me. wink



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