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#1 Installation » Mirrors, repositories, GRUB and file systems » 2017-10-17 02:05:06

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Last sunday, I got a used computer, installed a new hard drive and did a Devuan Jessie install.
Did a manual partition: 20 gigs for / and 2 gigs for swap, chose JFS.

When choosing repos, I chose the auto...repo, gave a warning about no being able to use it, I ignored it and continued with the install, chose GRUB on the MBR, it gave a fatal error, chose LILO and it worked, rebooted, and the repos worked fine
(why the warning?)

Installed a second Devuan (20 gigs for /) on another partition gave me the same repo warning, chose XFS as fs, installed GRUB on the MBR and this time it worked flawlessly. Rebooted, I did an "update-grub" and pulled the other Devuan distro (the first one with LILO, and JFS), uninstalled LILO, and now it is working fine.

Is there a bug with JFS and GRUB on the MBR?

#2 Devuan Derivatives » Star 1.0.1 - Distrowatch Review (from yesterday) » 2017-10-17 01:41:00

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"I ran into one curious bug involving manual pages. Most Linux distributions include manual pages (often called man pages), though some omit the documentation to save space. Star includes the man command and entries for every command's manual page are included, but all of the manual pages are empty. (The files for each manual page are zero bytes in size.) This causes the man command to recognize program names we give to it, but man only ever displays a blank page.

One final problem I ran into concerned the MPV media player. When I tried to launch the player from either the application menu or command line, MPV would immediately crash. I was able to install other media players, such as Rhythmbox and VLC, to handle playing media files. In the VirtualBox environment I found VLC was unable to play video files and would crash if I tried to play a video. Audio files, however, would play successfully in VLC. This inability to play video files appears to be an issue specific to the VirtualBox environment. While desktop players consistently crashed when asked to play video files, I found I was able to play YouTube videos in the Firefox browser without any issues.


On the whole, I like the ideas presented in Star's design. The distribution is basically Devuan and pulls packages from Devuan's software repositories, but the live media and lightweight environments are great for testing the distribution and for breathing life into older computers. While this approach of starting light and adding only what we need is a solid concept, and proved to be very forgiving on resources, there are some rough edges in the implementation. The missing manual pages, for example, and the media player issues I ran into posed problems.

A few programs I used flashed warning messages letting me know PulseAudio was not available as Star uses the ALSA sound system by default. Strictly speaking, PulseAudio is not required most of the time and, if we do run into a situation where it is needed, we can install PulseAudio easily enough by rerunning Star's welcome script.

The default JWM environment is very plain and empty, which suited me. My only complaint was the constantly updating Conky status panel at the bottom of the screen. I was able to disable Conky, but it required digging into JWM's configuration files. Which brings me to another point: many users will probably prefer to try heavier editions of Star (like Xfce) to gain access to more user friendly configuration tools. The JWM edition is intentionally bare bones and probably best suited to more experienced users.

One last observation I had while using Star is that it is based on Devuan 1.0.0, which presents us with software that is about three years old (or more) at this point. This means some packages, like LibreOffice, are notably behind upstream versions. Since Star is best suited for older computers, this may not be an issue for most users, but it is worth keeping in mind that Star's software repository is a few years old at this point. "

#3 Documentation » HOWTO: My Devuan Installation (minimal netinstall) » 2017-10-06 01:12:29

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For this you need an internet connection.

I burn this ISO:


It's only 227 GB, cool!

Insert the installation CD,

Choose from the menu: Advanced options > Expert
(don't fret, easy peacy).

Go thru the installation as always, when you get the option of choosing desktop
environments, servers etc, untick all options.

IOW, you install nothing from this page, all you got are the base apps you got
by default at the beginning of the installation, put GRUB on the mbr, finish the
installation, reboot.

Come back, at the prompt become ROOT, do:

# apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

Install what you like, (don't forget xorg)

In my particular case:

# apt-get install xorg firefox-esr sudo ufw gpm firmware-linux firmware-realtek locate localepurge


# apt-get install jwm gmrun menu lxterminal xfe mirage hexchat scrot numlockx unclutter nvi inxi

# ufw enable

# reboot

Come back configure jwm

voilà !

Happy trails,

macondo123 aka macondo

#5 Other Issues » [SOLVED]I cannot make "locate" work » 2017-09-24 08:11:37

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It seems "lib6c" is missing and cannot install it, any ideas? It gives me this error:

E: Unable to locate package lib6c

My bad! Apologies!

I forgot to updatedb as ROOT.

#6 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » flash player plugin not run in Devuan » 2017-09-23 22:02:40

Hi, I haven't used flash in a year, I use html5 extension in FF, and it is working very well with youtube, and movies.


#7 Installation » JWM bug » 2017-09-23 20:40:58

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I installed JWM and the global config file does not exist. The manual lists it as: /etc/jwm/jwm/system.jwmrc
which it does not exist.

The correct file is at: /etc/jwm/system.jwmrc

I copied it to my /home:

$ cp /etc/jwm/system.jwmrc .jwmrc

and edited as USER:

$ nano .jwmrc

and configured and solved the problem.

Hope it helps somebody smile

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