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#1 2023-10-12 07:21:39

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Star, a Disturbing Discovery

My  user/login password is say  xyz
my  root password is say          xxxx

login     accepts xyz
su        only accepts my user/login  password ie. xyz
su -      only accepts my user/login  password ie. xyz
su root   only accepts my user/login  password ie. xyz
sudo      only accepts my user/login  password ie. xyz

NOWHERE is my Root Password accepted !


#2 2023-10-12 07:40:56

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Re: Star, a Disturbing Discovery

MabNesta: NOWHERE is my Root Password accepted !

Your excitability is unwarranted, Star is no longer being maintained due to the inability of the developer. After a long illness, he has dropped from communication.  Ozi's current status is unknown.


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#3 2023-11-12 22:13:00

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Re: Star, a Disturbing Discovery

but depending of the reason why you want STAR, you can relatively very light make yourself somewhat adequate and comparable directly with Devuan regular netinstall ISO (refuse the Devuan desktop + use yourself the tools of STAR as apt configuration + JWM, and, later, as it works correctly, SLIM or lightDM). STAR is somekind of equivalent in 32 bit from CROWZ in 64 bit.

I have and nurse my 4 ISO's

- Devuan justX 32
- Devuan justX 64
- Devuan 32 fat but in justX manner
- Devuan 64 fat but in justX manner

I did announce precedently to offer then at sourceforge but i whas before daedalus was really installed as the new stable... and then, I did upgrade to ceres as ceres and the new experimental were the same at that time. since this time, I have visualizations problems on more than 3 old but powerful PC's probably because of the new kernels and perhaps the astonish but intensive use of kernel links in Devuan Ceres (cursor gets draw permanently in the top corner of the screen).

I can of course offer such ISOs! And I will not come back to the stable version so I wait for new kernels being more friendly...


YOU also can do that for your need yourself! It is absolutely not difficult: You have only to look a bit in the womb of STAR or CROWZ (at /etc/apt/... and at etc other various details depending of your own needs as well as in /usr/share/applications. after that, you know a lot and can start without toil...

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