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#26 2023-04-09 08:50:39

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Re: Share your photography!

Don't rub salt in the wound! smile
For such ceremonial shots, you need the sun, otherwise even a DSLR with its large sensor and high ISO will not allow you to get a decent result without Photoshop.
And this bird flies to me rarely and only in the rain.



#27 2023-04-09 20:37:16

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Re: Share your photography!

aluma wrote:

Don't rub salt in the wound!

That was certainly not my intention. I thought you may also be interested in those bird facts: you were/are seemingly lucky to have spotted that specimen in the UK, so your shot is in itself a great feat. I like that bird, but I never noticed the variations in its singing mentioned in the article. I will need to listen more carefully.

EDIT: not sure why I assumed your shot was taken in the UK. I still like your hoopoe pic.

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