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#1 2022-02-04 13:01:37

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Problems with desktop-live iso.

Hi guys.

I encountered with two desktop live iso problems that have not been fixed since the chimaera release.

1: Creating an efi partition by refractainstaller is completely broken. If user not have efi partition initially, refractainstaller create not proper efi partition and system not boot at all. I try desktop-live iso on many PC. The result is always the same. The system does not start. You can try it by yourself. Just delete efi partition and try install desktop-live iso.

2: I think you know about bad work nouveau with nvidia video cards. It affects the installation of desktop-live iso. Installation simply does not have time to finish when nouveau crash and freeze desktop environment. Sometimes from 10-15 attempts maybe something will succeed. You should think about optional installation without desktop environment.


#2 2022-02-04 18:09:31

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Re: Problems with desktop-live iso.

I just installed to a UEFI computer yesterday, it works. wink

When you install, you have to first create a fat32 partition of about 100MB, & set its flags to boot esp, then create your other partitions & install as usual. smile


#3 2022-02-04 18:13:47

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Re: Problems with desktop-live iso.

I think the modesetting DDX driver is a better option than nouveau at this stage. Not buying NVIDIA's crap is the best option ofc.

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#4 2022-02-04 20:45:03

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Re: Problems with desktop-live iso.

You could drop to console and use the cli version of the installer.

# Press ctrl-alt-F2 to get to a command prompt.
sudo refractainstaller

Note that refractainstaller does not do any automatic partitioning. If you boot in uefi mode and you don't have an efi partition, the installer will complain.


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