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#1 2017-06-27 22:41:40

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Defend Devuan against Antivirus and other thinks


Please I want to use a anti virus. But witch one is the best for Devuan?

Thanks.                     David


#2 2017-06-27 23:19:07

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Re: Defend Devuan against Antivirus and other thinks

The only one in the repo is the ubiquitous Clamav, it works okay, have used it a fair bit. There are also some rootkit programs like rkhunter.
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#3 2017-06-27 23:20:54

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Re: Defend Devuan against Antivirus and other thinks

You won't need a virus scanner for linux until enough people are using linux to make it worthwhile for someone to start writing linux viruses. Clamav is a linux virus scanner, but it is used for finding windows viruses. You would do better to spend your time securing your web browser.


#4 2017-06-28 03:12:02

From: Woodside South Australia
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Re: Defend Devuan against Antivirus and other thinks

As fsmithred and greenjeans  have said you do not need an antivirus for linux.
(or *BSDs)

_the rest of this is possibly not relevant_ but as I wrote it over my first coffee ...
Here it is anyway. Random observations  thats all.

Its not impossible to write a virus that actually does something,  just very difficult to do without _social__tricks_.
Like convincing you to run your browser or office suite  as root or something startling...
(yeah I guess this could happen, we are only humans. )

The easier attack vector for "Nixen" is where they do their work on networks.
(so packet filtering and simply not running services you don't need).
Or via exploits in existing software or via the package management system or even firmware blobs.
(say in a closed driver for some zappy new IoT thing)

is an _excellent_ well tested tool to scan for , rootkits.

It is particularly useful where you have many users with mixed skill sets.
e.g. you are  running webservers or have shell access accounts (!)  etc.
As _one_ layer of defence along with others.

is  for scanning email and _attachments_  for windows targeted payloads.
It would also be useful if your file sharing with windows networks etc.
Or collaborating with MSoffice users a lot.

i.e. Clamav looks for _known_ bad payloads in files you probably share..
You can help protect _them_ with clamav.
This works very well.
Now all you need to do is get them to keep _their_ anti virus suites up to date.
(this is not possible)

As a general user running with no special system privileges your
web browser is the weakest link.
( other than _yourself_ and,  say sudo smile

There are other approaches like tripwire or entire suites of stuff that audit and help validate your system.
Some of them are almost attacks in their own right as they grind your cpu's down to dust... checksumming  away.

These absolutely have a real place and are critical in some use cases...
Most of those assume your software doesn't change too often.
(thats a blurry line)

So real security starts with a clean kernel and a good package manager.

Like Devuan smile 

Sorry I do rabbit on . .
You only need a virus scanner for other peoples stuff.
(or because your boss/client/user is an box checking idiot)
(which is just a special sub set of the world of stupid really)


#5 2017-06-28 18:43:13

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Re: Defend Devuan against Antivirus and other thinks

Hi David,

Instead of an antivirus, considering using these things instead: AppArmor, FireHOL, Firejail, and NoScript or uBlock Origin.


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#6 2017-06-30 09:54:22

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Re: Defend Devuan against Antivirus and other thinks

pcalvert wrote:

Hi David,

Instead of an antivirus, considering using these things instead: AppArmor, FireHOL, Firejail, and NoScript or uBlock Origin.


Exactly, I used to be that ignorant, no offense, but it is a lack of knowledge that makes people think you need anti virus for everything.

Use AppArmor + Firejail + Noscript + Ublock Origin + Privacy Badger

these alone are good enough to block a whole lot of crap.

Also, greasemonkey and AAK-Cont Userscript For uBlock Origin

and you are in good shape. that's my personal thoughts on this.

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