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#1 2019-10-16 23:56:25

From: Northern Earth ~ Brrrr
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[mini-p2p-mimo] New 'Devuan-based' Release:

mini-p2p-mimo ~ translation: "Minimal + peer2peer = Made-It-My-Own".
Comments:  miyoisomix at  -or-  stanz at


Released: Oct 2019
Build: Base pkgs/system, "Devuan", Ascii - stable release <>.
Arch: "32 and 64bit builds"
mini-p2p-mimo-32.iso: 9b71ba17f1c9db56241b544f00f796e5f2bb6f3a128dfdc223ea6babfec85379
mini-p2p-mimo-64.iso: 262cbba235656a64731ae15dd8e697ce49c6f39571447d8b1840f01723e39d22
...Also with the iso's on pcloud: see link below.

“mini-p2p-mimo”, is live media (created with refractasnapshot), and is easy to boot into and
start programs, to test and enjoy! Boot from a cd or usb, it will run mini-p2p-mimo,
without making 'any' changes to your current Operating System or Hard-drive.
If you do like it - then you can install it, while it's running - with the included “RefractaInstaller”!

mini-p2p-mimo, is built with your privacy and anonymity considered.

Installed "Applications/Packages" of interest:
Slim: A "desktop-independent graphical login manager" for X11.
Openbox: A stand-alone window manager.
Dynamic Right-click Menu (with or without icons).
tint2: Lightweight taskbar.

Spacefm: Multi-panel tabbed file manager - GTK2 version.
Geany or Featherpad: Lightweight, tabbed, editors.
qterminal: Lightweight Qt terminal emulator.
Yad: A tool for creating graphical dialogs from shell scripts.
MiyoLinux Update Notifier: Opens a notification displaying available updates.

Ring: Secure and distributed voice, video and chat platform - desktop client
OnionShare: Securely and anonymously share files of any size.
Amule: An eMule-like client for the eD2k and Kademlia networks.
Gtk-gnutella: A server/client for the Gnutella peer-to-peer network.
Hexchat (with: otr plugin): IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2

Palemoon: Web browser (added to source list - easily install if wanted).
Tor and Tor Web browser: Anonymizing overlay network for TCP.
APT transport via: "apt-transport-https" and "apt-transport-tor",
    Currently using tor, both work - 3 choices for ya!

Refractainstaller: A tool to install a running live-CD to hard drive.
Refractasnapshot: A tool to create a live-CD from the running system.

Xterm, Gparted, Bleachbit, and some other "Standard System Utilities".

Download locations:
= miyoisomix.i2p ( access with i2p-router running )
= tracker2.postman.i2p ( 'search' with i2p-router running )
= pcloud: Link to both the iso & shasums: ( access regular-web )
= Using OnionShare: Transfer the iso - using your Tor Browser,
( access over tor network, email me, to request link! )

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#2 2019-10-20 20:44:37

From: Northern Earth ~ Brrrr
Registered: 2018-01-14
Posts: 162  

Re: [mini-p2p-mimo] New 'Devuan-based' Release:

Greetings all...

Other than english...
Anyone having troubles setting "locales" or "keyboard-configuration", during installation process?
Do your changes apply, after reboot - as expected?

I was questioned about errors received, concerning the install of:
task-japanese, In our repo's, no issue for me to install.
ja_JP Not in our repo's. End-User choice smile
but --
locales-all In our repo's, brings many "potentially harmful" warnings, needs more research.
I have not continued passed locales-all, and not installed as yet - I don't know enough about this.

Well, I might as well post their commands - it may help..!

sudo cp /home/uname/Downloads/ja_JP /usr/share/i18n/locales/
sudo apt install --install-recommends fcitx fcitx-mozc
sudo  apt -y install task-japanese locales-all

No need to install a "fonts" package? Or even the "task-japanese-desktop" pkg?

research continues.. smile



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