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#1 2019-09-04 22:28:26

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Upgrade Refracta9 to Beowulf

Refracta-9.1 is built on Devuan 2.0 (ASCII). Upgrading it to Devuan 3.0 (Beowulf, still in testing) is pretty easy. Here's what I did.

Fresh install of refracta-9.1 in a VM.
Change 'ascii' to 'beowulf' in /etc/apt/sources.list. Right now, there's only beowulf and beowulf-security. No -updates or -backports yet.

apt update
apt-get dist-upgrade

You'll be asked some questions during the upgrade regarding some configs. I gave the following answers:

- WINS      no (this is the default)
- /etc/init.d/networking     yes (take the new version. You might need to patch it again. Ask me about boot delay when network not connected.)
- /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf     yes  (take the new version. You can later edit it to use xz compression.)
- /etc/cryptsetup-initramfs/conf-hook     yes (take the new version. Set CRYPTSETUP=y if you want to make an iso for an encrypted live-usb)

apt-get autoremove

Done. I haven't done extensive testing, but it seems to be working ok.


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