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#1 2018-12-19 21:50:32

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Refracta Tools for Beowulf/Ceres (and Buster/Sid)

New versions of refractasnapshot and refractainstaller are available in Ceres and also on sourceforge. The ones on sf are signed with my key and have ~fsr in the version. Other than that, they are the same as the ones in the repo.

refractainstaller-base (9.5.0)

  * Set root path to include sbin directories. (for Buster/Beowulf)
  * Eliminate sudo/su question in wrapper script. Try sudo first.
  * Shorten log name to refractainstaller.log
  * Changed yad version test to 0.27 or newer needed. (This is a guess.)
  * Changed wording for sshd_config (s/without-password/prohibit-password)

refractasnapshot-base (10.2.0)

  * Set root path to include sbin directories. (for Buster/Beowulf)
  * Fixed missing grub splash in uefi boot.
  * Choose task first, get disk report only with full snapshot.
  * Put report in text-info window so it has scroll bars and fits on screen.
  * Merge grub-efi warning into main report.
  * Automate the encryption confusion:
  * Test initrd for cryptsetup. Rebuild with CRYPTSETUP=y if needed.
  * Test initrd for conf.d/resume and cryptroot. Remove if present.
  * Update ssh_config wording.
  * Replaced dysfunctional progress bar in check_space() with info window.
  * Test for config file after command-line options.
  * Changed name of log to refractasnapshot.log
  * Make help screen available within program.
  * Added '-iso-level 3' to xorriso command for isos larger than 4GB.


#2 2021-12-31 23:35:28

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Re: Refracta Tools for Beowulf/Ceres (and Buster/Sid)

I did reinstall on the HardDisk, this time actual Daedalus 32 with the French language but simple (I need not the simple but the International, but the other derivates of us map were not proposed) American Keybord, out the original net install ISO from Devuan, with Gnome ans Gnome sessions manager.

It seems to work great!

I comes without preinstalled refracta tools. I did install both packages for snapshot.

And erase all the not Gnome software (mainly firefox, LO, ab. 1 GB of for nothing good pre installed stuff).

After that, I did install the stuff from Gnome of course! Abiword, Gnumeric, Gimp, mgp (as Gnome has nothing else and this presentation is really enough for my purposes), epiphany-browser, tesseract-ocr, gimagereader.

This installation seems to work as I will as full install.

After that, I did add refractasnapshot both packages.

And realize my first snapshot with succes...

With success, hm, really?

Yes, success as the iso exits really and is usable.

But all is in English after start and the time is the time of Greenwitch not hour time (I did forget the New Year as I am using this iso now!).

2 Questions:

a. How to "re-snapshot" with that part (*1 of installation?

b. During copy time in Snapshot, at copy time for /usr/share, thousands of files for foreing parts of the world being not yet or in the future actual for me did be copied! Is a fast as well as simple way known how to eliminate all that (including English ;-)  !) what not relevant is for my own localization(s , if I have more than one) to spare copy and squash time  as well as iso size?

(*1 that part = the initial selected and activated language, in my case also French, as well as the (other) local settings: time, active language for system, active language for spell control!

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#3 2022-01-02 02:12:20

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Re: Refracta Tools for Beowulf/Ceres (and Buster/Sid)

i think you need to tell the iso to boot into French. Add the following to the boot command. (Press TAB to edit the isolinux boot menu, or press e to edit a grub boot menu if you booted in uefi mode)

locales=fr_FR.UTF-8 keyboard-layouts=fr

Start with that and see if it works.


#4 2022-02-18 18:18:52

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Re: Refracta Tools for Beowulf/Ceres (and Buster/Sid)

Greetings. I just signed up to Dev1galaxy. I am a long time OS "tinkerer" level refugee trying to escape Window$, and now the Systemd monster. I do not have a computer science background. I have been running Devuan in a virtual machine for about half a year after learning about Systemd, and just now learned about such things as dbus, and other evil spawns of Systemd. I also just started messing around with distros such as Refracta. As such I want to thank you, and others who are working for freedom from the tracked-traced-and databased control overlords. I recently also installed Devuan on hardware, with a live Devuan in virt-manager for a family member, GUIfied everything I could (Cinnamon, with the Win 7 theme stuff, appimage stuff, and other tinkering). I now will slowly try to figure out Refracta, and similar distros (the last live Refracta I tried worked except for the Tor browser), and later make an install on hardware as able. I am just a regular non tech person tinkering slowly, but persistently. I will let others know of your work as I am able.

I just wanted to give a small shout out for encouragement for those like you who are more liberty minded, and actively working for alternatives to evil tracking, and control. To other Lurkers, I encourage you to do what you can to help people like this fighting in the traditional Linux Desktop World, as well as communities such as the de-googled phone world, alt email world (like Session Messenger), and so forth. They need it.


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