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#1 Other Issues » Does apt switch to mirrors automatically when performing an upgrade? » 2020-12-02 13:11:46

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I'm using Beowulf with the regular repos.

I did apt upgrade yesterday and noticed that it was downloading the updates from somewhere other than

It went by pretty quickly so I didn't notice the full message, but I'm pretty sure it said it was retrieving the updates from a domain other than devuan. I can't remember the domain name, I thought it said "fast" in there somewhere, but like I said it went by pretty quickly.

I did poke around in the logs, but couldn't find where the updates came from.

I'm probably being a little paranoid, but I just wanted to make sure that it's normal for a devuan installation to switch to a mirror when upgrading. Hopefully I'm not being completely daft here.

#2 Re: Off-topic » What other distro are you using (besides devuan)? » 2020-11-09 20:31:56

I've been running MX on a Chromebook. This model is known to sometimes have issues running Linux, but it works flawlessly. Touchpad and keyboard work exactly as they should. Great overall distro no matter the hardware and no systemd, at least with default boot. Devuan live usb worked decent on this machine, but I couldn't get the touchpad working correctly. I may try again in the future.

#3 Re: Devuan » Devuan, maybe not for every one but most! » 2020-11-06 23:40:47

I like that review. I also appreciate having a systemd free distro that works well. Took me a little time and work to get it set up (not weeks like the "CFI" haha), but it was worth it.

#4 Re: Installation » Getting Bluetooth Working » 2020-11-06 23:29:58

I have a similar Bluetooth tip that might help some people:

Bluetooth wasn't working on a standard user/non-admin account, so I added the user to the bluetooth group. Still got error messages so I added user to netdev group as well. Bluetooth works now and the error messages are gone.

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