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#1 Re: Devuan Derivatives » GNUinOS - Libre » 2020-08-12 16:14:10

aitor wrote:


I'm uploading new images of gnuinos:

Here you are a screenshot: … _scrot.png

Gnuinos is using runit as init system.

Read in some other post that you were the author/creator of gnuinos.  Thanks for a job well done, to you and anyone else involved.  Devuan has become my primary distro on 5 machines and gnuinos the best of the derivatives I have tried.  Since I discovered gnuinos I have downloaded and installed all x86_64 version beginning with ascii. With the exception of the 1st -06 ob release, they have all been good and even that one was corrected by an updated release.  Keep up the good work.

What particularly attracted me to gnuinos was the stated goal of FSF recognition and use of the runit init.  My preferred desktop is xfce with whisker menu but I have also added lxde and mate with brisk menu.  Your ob release is the most complete ob implementation I have tried, save  perhaps Slackel7.3.  Everything is FAST and just works with few hiccups - a tribute to your work and the solid devuan base upon which it is built. Again, keep up the good work - long live devuan and gnuinos.

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