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#1 Re: Forum Feedback » FIXED: how much is enough? » 2018-05-25 16:49:51

There have been some 7000 such the last month.

well i have no problem with you trying to protect the forum from known vulnerabilities-- whether presently relevant ones or even incidental and likely irrelevant ones.

if this should happen again, my focus will be on helping you try to figure out the cause with greater precision, so you will be aware of it and perhaps so i can prevent it happening from this client/setup, at least.

if it happens again i will be happy to supply you with browser version, time, plugin, and some d1g urls from my history sorted by most recently visited. that trail is a bit cold now, but if it happens again, sure. next time i will document it as well as i possibly can.

good luck.

#2 Re: Devuan » Microcode exploits thread - spectre, meltdown, the list goes on... » 2018-05-25 16:40:57

golinux wrote:

golinux is guessing RMS

excellent guess and youre not far off, because rms would be the first to say something like that. rms was the original lead developer for the entire gnu operating system, though hurd was more of a design based on the mach kernel (afaik-- and so is the darwin kernel in macos) than an original work.

what im saying is that i dont think of rms as a guy mostly into lower-level matters like microcode, and the person im referring to is more likely to speak with authority on this.

im not deliberately being coy actually, im trying to talk about this without spoiling someones research paper.

though if siva sends that email out, maybe this will encourage them to announce it or get it finished more quickly. that would be a nice bonus. i feel like the whole idea is central enough to free software (i dont want to run non-free microcode updates if they arent needed) that its worth leaking what i did so far. if i am even "leaking" anything at all.

#3 Re: Devuan » Microcode exploits thread - spectre, meltdown, the list goes on... » 2018-05-25 16:27:36

siva wrote:

Also, this is the first time anyone has made that claim, so it might be helpful if that person were in this conversation or if a source were shared.

i dont want to give the name of someone currently working on a paper that im not sure is announced publically. i have emailed you the name of the person so you can ask them yourself.

unless ive already said to much, im sure they will be happy to reply about this. they might even give you an update on the timeframe, which i would love to hear. i would say based on experience that a 3-6 day delay is a good range to wait for a reply; you might get one faster.

#4 Re: Forum Feedback » FIXED: how much is enough? » 2018-05-25 16:03:38

golinux wrote:
figdev wrote:

edit: the thread didnt have the confirm request yet. confirmed, this is fixed-- thank you again, and thank you ralph as well.

There is no automated "confirmation request".  Just let us know here that it's working.

it is working.

in retrospect it is really no problem at all, i truly do not know how this "HEAD /req_message HTTP/1.1" was created, and i presume you guys dont know how it happens to you either-- so we are all really on the same page with that i think.

as to the resolution, it was very fast once i found a way to point it out, and if it should happen in the future i will be sure to ask about it before i get too excited.

thanks again.

what program did you use?

before the problem, i *believe* i was only using firefox. it was late and ive slept since then, but i have fairly good reason to think that firefox is the only thing that could have triggered this-- i dont tend to surf the forum with a wide variety of tools.

with all the funny stuff about noscript lately, i cant rule it out as a factor, but i dont want to make it sound like js is required here when im pretty sure its not.

after the problem, i used curl and wget to try to diagnose the blank page i was getting from firefox, but im sure this didnt trigger it retroactively.

edit: i take that back; it is *possible* (i hadnt considered it) that i had an unrelated ssl error/display problem, and curl and wget to diagnose that first problem triggered the dubious thing. i dont think thats what happened-- though i cant rule it out.

i believe the only switches used were -O- for wget and -k for curl though. i often try --no-check-certificate when i (very rarely) have errors with ssl. but thats what the -k is for.

#5 Re: Forum Feedback » FIXED: how much is enough? » 2018-05-25 15:48:49


well, thats alright. i am happy to post this way for a while, thanks for letting me know what you know.

edit: the thread didnt have the confirm request yet. confirmed, this is fixed-- thank you again, and thank you ralph as well.

#6 Forum Feedback » FIXED: how much is enough? » 2018-05-25 15:12:22

Replies: 8

last night i was in the middle of using the forum, and it suddenly stopped working.


about 12 hours later, it still isnt working.

i have installed additional software to enable me to post.

this is obviously NOT A BAN because:

three of the forum admins have visited since this non-ban, and NONE have informed me directly-- i cant even be sure this is intentional.

most forum bans let you at least read the forums, or tell you that youre banned-- or log the ban so other admins are aware of it.

however, i am actually prevented from accessing the site-- no message about a "ban" (other than the vague error shown here) is displayed.

if i am banned, i would like to know for how long.

i will not try to circumvent a ban and post during the duration im informed the ban will last for,

but i will try to circumvent a network error in order to ask what happened.

thanks very much!

#7 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Hyperbola Thread » 2018-05-25 03:36:30

I think that's a solution in need of a problem but I understand where you're coming from and why.

i believe you understand the obvious part, yes. perhaps more than that.

but heres the bigger part: devuan wants participation and it wants derivatives.

if the the definition is inclusive to the point of absurdity-- then you and i might even agree that would make the name lack meaning. if the definition is too exclusive, then people are shut out of devuan without good reason or instructions on how to resolve it.

so perhaps there is no problem, however im not sure i agree. so far, where ive hoped for real arguments and discussion of this ive received assertions instead.

i happen to prefer greater substance, but you cant always buy responses with substance-- let alone get them for free! so im afraid i might understand this present situation too-- rest assured though, that i wont bring it up again in this topic. good call on the hyperbola classification though, im pretty confident they wont disagree either.

#8 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Hyperbola Thread » 2018-05-25 02:35:18

golinux wrote:

Hyperbola has requested to be acknowledged on our init freedom page and that is being discussed.  dxrobertson is correct that it is arch-based and only uses parts of devuan so not really a devuan derivative.  More of a chimera.

i actually agree with this. i was very sceptical the moment i read "pacman" (since ive only used pacman on arch derivs) that this was in fact part of the devuan family. im also sure that it doesnt *claim* to be part of the devuan family, which would be a clue as well. i welcome and sympathise with percentage-based arguments as to what is/not devuan, though im not married to that argument either.

i think we are getting very close to a need for a very official definition of what devuan is. i have contacted but im not counting on a speedy reply.

if someone is going to officially define what constitutes "devuan" and derivs, i figure two things have supreme merit here:

* what the criteria was for debian derivs and respins

(perhaps more importantly)

* whatever jaromil says about it

(perhaps also)

* what the entire devuan team says, from the top- down.

right now it matters much less what is/not devuan, but between the (fairly open) trademark issues and really just a matter of "should i consider myself a participant or not? what are the official requirements?" i think this question is increasing need of settling through proper channels.

not that i think it needs to go to a vote or any of the overly fancy stuff debian went through just to put systemd in debian. i doubt devuan will ever have half the government bloat debian did-- in retrospect, being "too official" didnt help debian that much, right? so im not saying it would necessarily help too much with this either.

#9 Re: Devuan » Microcode exploits thread - spectre, meltdown, the list goes on... » 2018-05-25 02:13:37

i have it on authority (certainly not mine) that many things like this are only a problem if youre running non-free software.

you have a right to be sceptical of this claim-- i share your scepticism!

however, the person who tells me this is quite a bright fellow and associated with the free software foundation, and youve probably heard of his work. i am being "secretive" probably without the need-- i look forward to something public about this i can share. i wouldnt mention this if i didnt think it relevant and if i wasnt also waiting to hear more.

again, im not asking you to take my word for it.

but i do think its interesting if its even possibly true.

#10 Re: Devuan » Desktop Screenshot Contest! » 2018-05-25 01:34:53

you know on second thought, i dont give a f*** about devuan anymore.

ive given it three years, and im pretty sure i dont need three more years of this bullsh**. dont bother showing me the door, ill find myself.

gnu/linux has this disease, its lies and abused authority. lennart is patient zero. enzo is a carrier. gol is a rash, and if you scratch it it just gets worse.

theres no integrity in what you do.

you both repel donations, you repel contributions, and you are just another f***ing debian with *slightly* better software.

your own people know this, but they can live with you.

we dont have to. i dont have to, fernando doesnt have to-- the next sucker who has to deal with this doesnt have to.

next stop: non-devuan refracta.

after that: whatever.

you think youre losing a major problem, im sure. but youre keeping the bigger ones.

youre keeping the bugs in your community because of the features; it might as well be windows.

im not staying in this contest, this distro, or very likely this distro family anymore. its dysfunctional as f***, you keep doing this to people and getting this reaction.

pity, because without you, jaromil would still look good. hes a poor fool to keep you around, youre hurting his rep more than i ever will.


#11 Off-topic » why i use devuan » 2018-05-24 01:22:44

Replies: 3

with regards to devuan-- i am a number of things.

i have used devuan since the first unofficial iso was released in early 2015-- some have used devuan from debootstrap, not me.

i have donated money to devuan.

i have met one member of the devuan team in person.

and, until jessie started behaving strangely on the one machine i wasnt using wheezy on instead, i was promoting debian by running a small debian computer lab and giving debian away.

what i used debian for until systemd was foisted on us is directly related to why i use devuan now.

a few years ago, i was maintaining a small number of computers in a homeless shelter. it started when their main downstairs office machine was too slow. their needs were mostly web-related; i offered to install wheezy and the girl that worked there came out after she first used it and said:

"i cant get it to work!"
"its too ugly!"
"where is microsoft office?"

she said none of things-- she said "its so much faster!" no one ever said they were unhappy-- the machine was crawling before the upgrade.

later i put together a few desktops for people in the shelter to do job searches on. it also made it easier for them to communicate with family and friends. these machines ran wheezy, i remember one person complained it wouldnt run games. i informed the shelter i could install flash-- they were not interested.

this was the "standard" debian wheezy hybrid with lxde-- nothing special. i added a script to /etc/rc.local to automatically shut down a little while after the centre closed, so no one had to go around and do that.

the other thing i did was collect laptops and desktops people didnt want, and clean them up and install debian.

in my own experience, people who have them laying around dont want them fixed-- they have new ones. they dont care what you can install-- they just want to get rid of them, and it helps if theres a cause.

people who have messed up windows machines and no replacement yet will sometimes take an extra laptop if it works better. "here, you can use this." this covers pretty much every demographic except very rich people, ive had mixed luck there.

believe it or not, i recognised systemd pretty early on as something i didnt want to saddle people with. debian+systemd i refused to promote. so i stopped collecting free laptops and giving them away (for a while) and started looking into what could be done about this problem.

that was 2014, and it wasnt until 2015 that i had a solution-- switch to devuan.

around the time i dist-upgraded my main machine to devuan and also installed it on a second partition, i was working on a side-project related to education. i had spent months outlining a class on refurbishing computers with debian that i was now scrapping, so a code-related education project was alluring. i didnt have very big plans for this, because its bigger than anything ive coded before. thus im very proud of it, and you know whats it called, dont you?

i thought early on, the devuan team would love to know i was writing the first programming language in devuan. i was happy with this. i knew the team was busy but i did hope to get in touch with them and let them know. i suppose one devuan developer-- fsmithred-- is fully aware of what i do with fig, though at the time we met he was not in charge of devuan-live; there was no devuan-live yet.

i did use gnuinos and i was pretty happy with it.

as far as i know-- gnuinos is devuan, and refracta is just as much devuan as gnuinos is. devuan encourages remixes-- and it should! encouraging remixes is one way to make your distro larger and more relevant (and if only indirectly-- better designed.)

again, i was happy with gnuinos and im very happy with refracta-- they lend credence to the idea that devuan is suitable for remixing.

i also try a lot of distros out for reference and compatibility-- including devuan 2.0-- it looks good but one of the reasons i prefer refracta is i prefer the installer. refracta also includes fig, which i tried to get into devuan first but couldnt find a way (i had never used git when i first started using devuan.)

but obviously all the stuff ive worked on in the past few years works great with devuan in-some-form, it works great with devuan the official/original, and it was developed in devuan!

ive been told in private by more than one person that some people think im trying to hurt devuan.

you may think i have a motive to do so, but i think thats a ridiculous misunderstanding. i dont want to "hurt devuan" any more than jaromil wanted to "hurt debian." like everyone with a moral compass, i try to stand up for whats right-- and youll find me doing that closer to the things i care about most.

that would even include debian... if i thought it had a chance.

but it certainly includes devuan, because no matter what im griping about, devuan started by discussing the problem and then looking for solutions.

ive done all of that-- and now, like devuan, i now get to regularly defend my own solutions against... misunderstandings.

i have taken both sides in that debate-- as a defender of devuan, and a critic.

three years now with devuan instead of debian, and maybe very soon other people besides the devuan-live maintainer will know what im doing and why!

im quite happy to explain it, it just goes very badly when people try to speak for me.

give it time.

edit: per miyos thread i have just now heard of (and installed) this "neofetch" program.

it gives more information than im interested in sharing, but the parts that arent covered are unedited on my "non-devuan" (this sure looks like devuan) distro:


#12 Re: DIY » largely for siva (+ anybody interested): distro remixing methods » 2018-05-23 13:52:16

yep, live-sdk too. only heard of it once, would have included that if id thought of it.

#13 Re: Intergalactic Communities » Building Devuan communities » 2018-05-22 23:55:53

There is no war zone except in your hate-filled mind.

did i say war-zone? i meant happy zone.

most of the places i go, asking simple question does NOT predictably result in off-channel consultation (where are you quoting from, irc?) and a constant run-around, blanket denial and gaslighting, and finally direct insults that are practically too bizarre to comment on.

but this place is so happy, i experience all of those things. and its just me, of course. its all this very subjective thing that we can all agree is only happening as a result of my own choices, and that does (who can deny it) get you off the hook entirely. it is impossible for you to be dishonest or unfair or obtuse. that can only ever happen in someones mind!

obviously there is no systemd, either. thats good, we can relax. of course, if i decide that everything isnt fine, one could simply find the answers within-- which is also where we should go for questions that we would so foolishly ask here. there is no forum. there is no spoon. it does not say "spoon" on it, so it is not a spoon-- end of discussion!

"but what happens if you write 'spoon' on it?"

"idiot! there is nothing write SPOON on!" *golinux hits the devotee with a stick and then denies it-- there is no stick!*

consult the footer-- for there is much in its wisdom!

#14 Re: Intergalactic Communities » Building Devuan communities » 2018-05-22 21:59:41

Good grief.   I censored nothing.  I politely suggested where to go to get the most accurate answers to your questions.  Why does everything have to be an explosive confrontation with you?

because if you walk up to a lion and flick its ear and flick its ear and flick its ear, it might not matter the first or second time-- maybe the lion is tired, or just too surprised to do anything. i have lion tamers in my family.

are you the lion, or am i? and who is flicking the ear of whom? i know one thing-- im very open about the things that i think are wrong, and im happy to discuss them in a real debate. but im sure the question was rhetorical.

Have you never looked at the footer of the website?

i already knew that devuan was trademarked by, is the thing. my question was not about what said-- my question was about what you said, on this forum-- so why would i go and ask someone else about what you said here?

and why do you think im going to find the answer to that in the footer? it only tells me what i already said i know. why do you ask me these ridiculous questions-- when you know we both know the answer?

#15 Re: Intergalactic Communities » Building Devuan communities » 2018-05-22 21:29:45

golinux wrote:
pekman wrote:

Fix this topic

It has been fixed.  Please edit your posts accordingly.   figdev. . . you too please.

yes, first i post, then i get a very unsatisfactory and (honestly) absurd reply, and then i move my post somewhere else, before it is even answered.

so it is-- always being discouraged from posting at all. you know this place is a war zone, right? you know it was when i left for a year, it was in the meantime, and it still is. why?

you may possibly find this posts original contents somewhere else, but only upon request.

#16 DIY » largely for siva (+ anybody interested): distro remixing methods » 2018-05-22 20:06:21

Replies: 6

siva and i have talked about remixing distros a lot over the past couple days, i thought id talk about it for a minute.

this is one of the best things about devuan imo, they encourage remixes / derivs. i have one, it proves that im not just making things up-- it does what im talking about-- but i truly care more about the ideas of fig os than fig os itself.

some of us, not just me-- are doing software not just for the software itself but to showcase ideas and other software (and yes, devuan itself.) so if you say "but thats not devuan?" you know-- its pretty easy to prove if we merely agree exactly *what* devuan is.

i mean i actually made a simple tool that diffs iso contents and squashfs contents by md5-- i can really prove these things by percentage, if necessary.

i like the "make it your own" brand and i love refracta, and all this is devuan. all this is definitely devuan. but how do you remix it?

i know several ways, but you only need to choose the one right for you. fsr showed me some things related to how devuan "becomes refracta" and the INPUT looks wildly (wonderfully) simple. i never did it that way because its debian specific and i didnt "get it" in 2016, but the more he documents it the more he ensures that refracta doesnt depend on him.

im a huge fan so i care how refracta (the distro) is actually made. he can correct me-- refracta is made with debootstrap or devuans version of it or something like that.

much related is how any debian/devuan distro can be turned into another distro-- using refracta tools. as far as i know, many of the derivs around here are made with those. ive tried it, i still need more free space to make it work.

i believe my way requires less free space. not fud, happy to confer with him on whether this is a fair statement.

each method has its strengths. here is a simple comparison:

* debootstrap / (devbootstrap?):
official - powerful - some of the input stages are relatively simple

* refracta tools:
friendly - easy - popular - almost certainly more fun (subjectively)

* mkfigos
probably requires less disk space - scripts can be distributed instead of isos (isos can be distributed too, like "normal") - a great amount of control over details

depending on your goal, the biggest projects will more often lean towards the most official method.

by definition, the most popular methods are what most people will use. thats a friendly, traditional remastering tool like refracta tools. there are plenty of others, but refracta tools are good.

i thought mkfigos was a new idea, but the olpc project has a similar thing that converts ubuntu into a distro for the olpc project.

im very glad im not the only person using this idea. it means i can point to at least one other example.

i dont care which of these you use, or if you make your own its great. but because i like the ideas, here is how it works:

mkfigos is written in my own language-- if you have python 2, you can run it. refracta includes the tools you need. (xorriso, isolinux, last time i checked.)

xorriso helps produce a bootable iso.

isolinux (iirc) includes tools to make the iso hybrid so you can write to cd/dvd or usb instead of just the first two.

mkfigos does all this for you. so does refracta tools i believe, which is probably why refracta has all the stuff you need.

with mkfigos, which is just *one example* of doing things this way, you could ultimately create your own if you wanted-- you can either:

distribute a 60k (right, 61,440 bytes) script that downloads a source iso (refracta in this version) and autoremixes it to create your own iso--

or-- create and upload a new 600+mb (629,145,600 bytes) every time you tweak your deriv.

when i make fig os, i dont even upload iso files. i upload a 60k script, a wonderful guy in britain runs it on another distro (cross-compatibility beyond devuan is a feature of mkfigos too) and he doesnt know how it works. just like devuan trusts fsmithred to be in charge of live, i trust ally and he trusts me.

he is not an official "fig os team" member though if he wanted it, id have to give him that. my forum (offline) was called "unofficialdistros" and fig os is very unofficial. but i did perform some checks on his work! hes also a respected archivist in charge of putting hundreds of isos online, so he was a good choice.

again, with this "third method" of remixing, when you want to change a small thing you dont have to upload and ask people to download 600mb or more each time.

in fact, since its based on refracta and new versions of that only come out so often-- mkfigos saves you TWO excesses:

1. you dont have to upload the latest "product iso" ever. because people can make it "at home."

2. THEY only have to download the latest "source iso" once, only when you switch to the latest source iso (the latest refracta version.)

so to recap:

1. if you make 10 updates to your derivative, thats only 0.6 megabytes (less than 1mb) of uploading you have to do. for 10 versions of your distro. that could work out to less than 1mb PER YEAR of uploading.

2. if refracta only updates its iso twice that year, then thats EIGHT times that you and your users dont have to download a big iso. unless you delete it.

3. it still produces an iso, so if you want to be traditional about it-- you can still distribute a big iso if you prefer / as an extra option.

but also, everybody that runs your script gets two things:

1. a full, fairly-easy to grep receipt of EVERY modification made to the source iso. are you curious what i did to refracta? NOTHING happens that you cant find in the script. nothings hidden, its all right there.

it even downloads copies of the files it integrates, so you can look at those afterwards or chuck them in the garbage. most of them however, are very plainly downloaded from the debian and refracta repos. (the way amprolla works, i havent checked if you can simply wget devuan packages. the community is free to school me on that.)

2. the whole thing is made FROM the "receipt," so this "receipt" you get actually predates the product itself. you can change the receipt and say: "well i like refractas window manager. can i get it to stop removing xfce?"

yes! you can figure that out yourself, and if this is a community thing, then i am happy to help *when i can.*

when you use a snapshot tool, youre creating a distro from a running system. did you look up something in the browser? that history might now be in your snapshot.

did you change something that you forgot about? it goes in the snapshot. im not saying this is awful, im just saying that my way avoids this-- all modifications are to a pristine source iso. every time-- um, assuming you delete the folder cache (even the perfect isnt perfect, right?)

so debootstrap i think "builds" an iso from instructions-- ive never used it--

refracta tools builds an iso from a running system-- very friendly, easy

and mkfigos rebuilds an iso directly from the iso. but it leaves the source iso alone so you can reuse it.

a nice side effect (or cost) of mkfigos is that if you want to modify it, you need to do a trivial amount of coding.

a trivial amount. go and get woof-ce and try it-- it asks you a lot of questions! mkfigos asks zero. you only have to run it.

but for example, you find the part that installs leafpad. you dont like leafpad? ok, the "coding" is to find the line and remove it. do it right, you get no leafpad.

like with any other technical task, you may have to ask on a forum. thats ok.

but you have all the power when you run mkfigos, because its not an iso-- its a very specific list of instructions for modifying a distro you know WAY better than fig os.

and yes, it could be used to modify devuan. or puppy linux. or artix. or...

i didnt mention, that i made it to modify TWO distros. at the same time. into a single iso.

i dont use it for that anymore, but thats what it was designed to do-- mix two distros together.

even if you never use this, i think there are some ideas here that maybe you can use depending on what you want to do.

happy remastering, happy "devuaning"

#17 Re: Intergalactic Communities » Building Devuan communities » 2018-05-22 19:50:57

we apologise for the inconvenience. this post was removed by its author, and is simply bound to show up somewhere nearby very soon.

#19 Re: DIY » a simpler way for minor distros to make certain actions doable nonroot » 2018-05-22 13:04:10

looks awesome. again, im already sorted personally but how well would this suit most of us?

im still looking for something that might suit our smaller derivatives better than what i could come up with-- even if devuan waits for a more perfect solution, which i dont blame them for and which of course would find its way to our derivatives eventually.

its not that im looking for everyone to standardise either-- its more about finding a solution in a class that would suit more than just me. for my distro, all you have to do instead of gksu is put an icon on the desktop. but thats not going to make everyone happy.

im a fan of yad by the way, i use it as a graphical/gui version of less.

/bin/echo -e '#!/bin/bash\nyad --text-info --editable --wrap  --fontname=monospace --show-uri --maximized --listen' > /usr/bin/yadless 

#20 Re: DIY » a simpler way for minor distros to make certain actions doable nonroot » 2018-05-21 16:09:03

its possible that a sudoers edit could make it possible to have a simple run dialog that replaced gksu. this post is mostly me being sort of incredulous that replacing gksu is such a challenge.

again, i think i could make a somewhat usable gksu replacement-- im far less certain that i could make a good one, id have to leave that to people that know what theyre doing. someone recommended kdesu to me, fine if you already have kde installed but im guessing that pulls in a lot of kde stuff if you dont.

gksu is the sort of thing where i dont personally need it at all, but i think we can agree that having something "like gksu" is probably something we want to be able to include.

steve litt is pretty good at coming up with "the easy way" to do this stuff, if he spent a couple hours on this im sure that would give the community a nice simple option while gksu is forked or replaced or overhauled. this is not a request or even a lament-- its commentary.

i was sort of hoping someone would say "thats not how you do it-- first, you invert a library protocol, open a reverse socket and fork the process through a wrapper function." at that point i would nod and say "oh, alright" but at least id know i was way off! i thought of sudoers too.

#21 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » How do you encrypt files? » 2018-05-21 10:18:05

i was going to suggest that someone find a way to add gpg to the menu on spacefm file manager, though it already exists:

Requirements: an already existing gpg/gpg2 environment with a default key.

#22 DIY » a simpler way for minor distros to make certain actions doable nonroot » 2018-05-20 19:52:51

Replies: 4

theres probably always a better way to do this-- the freedesktop way is to take all the ways available, invent an ever "better one," deprecate the others, and then make the new way depend on whatever they want to saddle the user with.

but that doesnt mean there arent truly better, even traditional ways to do this-- i think of steve litt and udevil and how mounting volumes works in spacefm though not pcmanfm (i used to use pcmanfm for that. in debian 7, when it worked.)

specifically with regards to shutdown and suspend, you probably dont want any user to be able to do that except the one using the desktop, and the root user.

but if you had a simple daemon running as root, it could look for a flag to be created in a user writeable folder-- like /home/user/.powerdaemon for example, and if a file called reboot was created via a username included in a file like /etc/powerdaemon/allowedusers:

touch /home/$USER/.powerdaemon/reboot

and the name "user" was also a line in /etc/powerdaemon/allowedusers

then /sbin/powerdaemon (the daemon itself) would call /sbin/reboot and no amount of policykit or freedesktop or debian or gnome would be able to do a thing about it.

since this is probably not the most professional method (i would ask what it is, since every "professional" tool keeps getting deliberately broken by its maintainers these days...) i would NOT recommend this for devuan so much as possibly for derivatives.

i would ask "why not just use sudoers?" but since that is never suggested as a response to any questions like this, i just assume that sudoers isnt the thing we want here.

once again: if theres a better way to do this "diy" im just as curious what that would be.

#23 DIY » adding fig to various smaller distros » 2018-05-20 13:04:57

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so this is what i was saying to the crunkbong author, since we are both fans of the console/command line and since asking this sort of question has gotten me somewhere before:

do let me know if youre interested in adding a 60kb python script to crunkbong, or a 950k .deb that includes documentation in pdf format.

and please feel free to email me <- link on the side if you want to talk about any of this further (we can also that here, i wanted to mention it though.)

i suggested that he email me about it, though once it was suggested it have its own topic i was like-- hey, why not?

fig is a smaller and simpler language based on python, which has some features of a library and some features of an educational programming language.

it requires python2, which crunkbong already has-- it does not require pygame, which is optional. the functions that use pygame will also work without it.

reasons to include: only 60k, designed to help people learn coding. version with examples and manual: 950k (the manual is a pdf, thats why the size.) that one is kindly packaged into a .deb by fsmithred and hosting in his repository.

i certainly dont think he needs this personally (though i find it useful) but not every package is always for the maintainer, they are sometimes for the distros users. if included, crunkbong would be the third distro to include this-- the second distro being my own.

article in distrowatch for the curious:

#24 Re: Devuan Derivatives » crunkbong is looking for testers » 2018-05-20 13:00:38

fig, it might have been "cleaner" to start a new thread about your stuff where it could grow and just link to it here.  Maybe you'd consider doing that

there were certainly some pretty good reasons i didnt consider that option, but now that you mention it-- not the worst idea!

#25 Re: Devuan Derivatives » crunkbong is looking for testers » 2018-05-20 04:38:11

hey, i try to tell people that about fig os too. but icewm could look a lot better than ive made it so far-- and crunkbong already does look good!

im interested in making the console easier to learn and more fun to use, so we have some common interests. EDIT: a minor offer of free software is made here:

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