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#1 2018-05-20 13:04:57

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adding fig to various smaller distros

so this is what i was saying to the crunkbong author, since we are both fans of the console/command line and since asking this sort of question has gotten me somewhere before:

do let me know if youre interested in adding a 60kb python script to crunkbong, or a 950k .deb that includes documentation in pdf format.

and please feel free to email me <- link on the side if you want to talk about any of this further (we can also that here, i wanted to mention it though.)

i suggested that he email me about it, though once it was suggested it have its own topic i was like-- hey, why not?

fig is a smaller and simpler language based on python, which has some features of a library and some features of an educational programming language.

it requires python2, which crunkbong already has-- it does not require pygame, which is optional. the functions that use pygame will also work without it.

reasons to include: only 60k, designed to help people learn coding. version with examples and manual: 950k (the manual is a pdf, thats why the size.) that one is kindly packaged into a .deb by fsmithred and hosting in his repository.

i certainly dont think he needs this personally (though i find it useful) but not every package is always for the maintainer, they are sometimes for the distros users. if included, crunkbong would be the third distro to include this-- the second distro being my own.

article in distrowatch for the curious:

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