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#1 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » Yesterday 13:25:32

i3wm with custom zenburn color theme, py3status etc...


#2 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2021-05-11 13:14:59

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:

^ Nice.

I've switched to a central clock and changed the numerical battery indicator to an ASCII symbol string (because reading numbers is too hard):

Nice smile It is openbox wm with tint2?

#3 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Firewall on laptop with Chimaera » 2021-05-02 16:55:32

rolfie wrote:

Is UFW/GUFW good enough and state of the art?

Yes, it is not a bad choice .

#4 Re: DIY » Lowest memory footprint obtained. » 2021-04-26 16:55:11

MLEvD wrote:

Desktop - 47 MB

Desktop, music player, networking, taskbar ~ 100 MB

Which desktop?

#7 Re: Documentation » dwm statusbar bash script » 2021-04-15 17:00:12

dice wrote:

Thanks Ogis, glad it worked for you. smile

Yes. This script works great in Debian 10. I'll try it tomorrow on Devuan 3.1 smile

#8 Re: Documentation » dwm statusbar bash script » 2021-04-15 13:11:46

dice wrote:

What i like about this script is ive found a way to maintain timed loops inside the while loop itself using let. I would love any feedback to see if this is a viable script free from errors.

Thank you for this script. Works flawlessly and very well !


#9 Re: DIY » Minimalism Tips » 2021-04-14 13:35:40

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:
Ogis1975 wrote:

ash is superseded by Dash in Debian since DebianSarge

You can still use ash in De??an:

# apt install busybox
# ln -s /bin/busybox /bin/ash
# echo '/bin/ash' >> /etc/shells

Alpine Linux uses busybox's ash as their default shell and it's very nice.

EDIT: actually I think that's the same as dash:

Thanks for the helpful advice  smile

#10 Re: DIY » Minimalism Tips » 2021-04-14 13:34:31

Do not use bloated gui torrent clients. Just use aria2

#11 Re: DIY » Minimalism Tips » 2021-04-13 14:10:01

Thank you for the link, dice.

#12 Re: DIY » Minimalism Tips » 2021-04-13 13:35:04

Do not use bloated window managers. Just use dwm smile

#13 Re: DIY » Minimalism Tips » 2021-04-13 13:31:54

dice wrote:

what does your .ashrc look like?

Here: … ash.config

But you probably know that ash is superseded by Dash in Debian since DebianSarge....for interactive shell i use tcsh...

#14 Re: DIY » Minimalism Tips » 2021-04-13 13:11:55

zapper wrote:

Actually, moc seems to be the lightest way to play audio that I know of.

No. Lightest way to play audio is sox.

#15 Re: DIY » Minimalism Tips » 2021-04-13 13:08:21

Do not use  bloated music players. Just use sox.

Do not use bash. It is bloated. Just use ash. Or in the worst case use tcsh.

#16 Re: Installation » Partitioning schemes separate var and usr and boot 4 unfussy root? » 2021-04-13 12:39:32

On a separate partitions / and /home i use old 1 TB hdd disk, which no longer has any operating systems (except Devuan)  smile

#17 Re: Installation » Uneeded (?) services » 2021-04-06 16:06:09

Gdomap is a daemon used by GNUstep programs. GNUstep is a framework for building applications that adheres to the OpenStep API specifications. More info here: … t-used-for

#18 Re: Off-topic » what music are you listening to RIGHT NOW? » 2021-04-02 17:30:47

Strid-Nattevandring. Strid is a Norwegian black metal band commonly recognized as a major pioneer within the depressive black metal scene.

#19 Re: DIY » Minimalism Tips » 2021-03-24 16:54:22

Thank you so much for your valuable information, MiyoLinux!

#20 Re: Off-topic » What are you reading/want to read ? » 2021-03-24 16:43:20

Now i am reading     Karl Marx "Capital. A Critique of Political Economy".

#21 Re: Off-topic » Music » 2021-03-24 16:41:50

Body Count-The hate is real. Track from their album "Carnivore"

Brujeria-Cocaina. New single

#22 Re: Installation » Cannot add ppa » 2021-03-20 14:27:58

zapper wrote:

Isn't there some warning about not making a frankendebian?

Such a warning exists. Here he is

And here's a quote

Repositories that can create a FrankenDebian if used with Debian Stable:

    Debian testing release (currently bullseye)

    Debian unstable release (also known as sid)

    Ubuntu, Mint or other derivative repositories are not compatible with Debian!
    Ubuntu PPAs and other repositories created to distribute single applications

#23 Re: Off-topic » Digital minimalism. How many applications do you use daily » 2021-03-08 12:51:01

Here is my list smile

Firefox for browsing and email

apvlv for PDFs

feh for image viewing

imagemagick for image manipulation

ffmpeg for music

ffmpeg for videos

wordgrinder and sc for documents

nvim for editing

alacritty for terminal and starting stuff (Yes. I am a cave man)

transmission-gtk for torrents

ranger for file browsing, I use the (bash) shell for file management.

#24 Re: Devuan » Meet Chimaera's deepsea theme » 2021-02-24 12:59:12

golinux wrote:

Finally, have the Chimaera deepsea theme together.  Am now getting all the other parts in place.  Enjoy your dive to the deepsea floor!

I like it very much!

#25 Re: Installation » recommented init system » 2021-02-24 12:52:39

Yes, use default (sysvinit). It is rock solid and easy to use. Another choose (runit and openrc) is for those who know what they are doing.

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