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#1 Re: News & Announcements » Devuan 2.0 ASCII Stable » 2018-06-10 15:14:28

Congratulations are extended to all involved in the development of Devuan!

#2 Re: Devuan » Microcode exploits thread - spectre, meltdown, the list goes on... » 2018-05-10 04:30:27

Your posts and links have kept me reading and researching for hours. Thank you for sharing.

#3 Re: Devuan Derivatives » crunkbong is looking for testers » 2018-05-10 04:20:31

I think I have an actual spare hard drive around here someplace that might provide a good install for crunkbong. I am always looking for something fun.

#4 Re: Installation » Thanks » 2018-05-10 04:16:41

With so many distros dropping 32-bit support, Devuan thankfully is here to continue supporting this older hardware.

Just because something is older does not mean it is no longer useful.

#5 Re: News & Announcements » Devuan 2.0 ASCII Release Candidate » 2018-05-10 04:12:43

Excellent news! I look forward to test-driving ASAP.

#6 Re: Off-topic » For all of you GNOME lovers... » 2018-05-10 04:10:39

That actually looks like a fun experiment.

#7 Re: Off-topic » In what country are you right Now ? » 2018-05-10 04:08:04

I live in the state of Georgia, United States. My stomping ground is along the coast near the city of Savannah.

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