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#1 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-05-23 07:27:17

Welcome talbergor, Your setup looks like the good old days.

#2 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-05-10 12:37:02

Ogis1975 wrote:

Thank you, Nili. Well said. Exact words. By the way. Very nice set up. As usual.

Thank you too big_smile

#4 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-05-09 06:10:21

Plain Background
Edited: Devuan Stomach, Bloated?

#5 Re: Off-topic » HyperbolaBSD Roadmap relevance to Devuan » 2020-05-09 06:04:18

bimon wrote:

What do you think about following OpenBSD criticism? … enbsd.html

There is none 100% safety system as the life we live is not 100% guaranteed by countless factors.
In my opinion, Linux critics are even worse than those of Windows, especially on some prestigious tech-forums that are quite weird.

Meanwhile, Linux list it is even longer, consumers still use it.

The question wasn't addressed to me, but I am also giving my 2 cents.

As a BSD newbie , i really don't care that much anymore. I do as much i can to do my duties without being paranoid at all.
There are holes everywhere, from hardware to software. One issue will be closed another one will come out.

Use what makes you feel better and don't live for the other's eye or criticism. Criticize yourself if you want to or ignore by using something else.

#6 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-04-16 15:48:46

Awesome Ogis1975 - Dev1 simplicity that's what make it very close to a part of users.

Another Fluxbox Fellow

Thanks to xexpanderx & addy-dclxvi

#8 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-01-20 12:39:10

Thank you, Yes i use weather cli wttr on both conky and bash script.
It is my daily weather forecast indicator.

Best Regards!

#9 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-01-19 15:09:39

Thank you very much zephyr, i must adjust a few settings and perhaps install some others packg to make it working.
I'll start to rice one of these days wink

Best regards!

#10 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-01-17 12:14:26

zephyr wrote:

If you are interested will provide the bash script for the YouTube-dl or PMRP.



Please provide the bash script zephyr. Thank you!

#11 Re: Documentation » Install music player daemon and set up it as a user service in Devuan » 2020-01-15 14:49:40

Thanks for sharing the guide Ogis1975, When it comes to cli audio player mpd (Daemon) is irreplaceable.

#12 Re: Installation » network config lost after reboot, Devuan Jessie fresh install » 2020-01-15 14:47:36

I'll give another try those from Quad9. Thanks for pointing out Hoas.

#13 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-01-15 14:45:07

zephyr wrote:

Cli apps have become a mainstay with replacing some gui apps with me, the ever-popular htop, atop for viewing running processes, also ncdu and nnn for file search, tmux an old favorite for a multi-pane terminal usage. The cli app nnn is in the Ceres repos and don't know if it is available in Beowulf but it is not in Ascii. Don't know if you are familiar with hakerdefo's pmrp (internet radio), pmytd (youtube-dl), and pmss (screenshot) all very nice cli apps.

I too use ncdu, top/htop, youtube-dl the latter is almost in use daily, Everything from Youtube ends here thanks to mpv player. Also ffmpeg helps me pretty much about other media stuff's. Didn't know about "pmytd" & "pmrp" The first one looks very interesting, I will immediately check it and perhaps use it right away. I don't hear much radio on PC, the snippet-app looks just fine. hakerdefo have some pretty nifty stuff on his github. Thanks for sharing.

zephyr wrote:

Have been to Europe many times to the UK and Germany, was job-related and spent almost zero time doing offer than work at the airbases. I have longed to go back but Scotland and Australia would me my two destinations. Belgium, France, and Italy would be an architectural delight for me. I love old buildings and historical places. I spent many years living in Micronesia and Hawai and traveled briefly to the Philippines and Thailand. And once again not getting out into the community.

As you pointed out about those European cities, they are very beautiful in the cultural and historical prism, their ancient buildings being a great asset for themselves or entire world regarding history concerned. I'm sure you will enjoy it a lot when you make a visit on them. Australia is going through a very difficult time with fires and I hope they'll recover soon. I'm really sorry for what I see on the Internet from them, I wish when you make your going the colossal damage is minimized. Never been to extraordinary Hawaii, i'd love to get some sunshine now in January. I believe you were lucky to live in that place smile

zephyr wrote:

Work has always been an extension of myself, loved my different positions and jobs and do miss it now. Retirement isn't all its cut out to be, its an end to a very important part of your life. Have to say however when the numbers are right with income versus working or retiring...retire and enjoy life! smile
To be precise, work keeps us alive and well, i also love some early jobs from my beginnings. After all the hard work in life, the reward is deserved, so that after a lifetime of work rest is necessary, Even though the rest, hands do not cease to do daily work which means we never rest as long as we breathe.

Always a pleasure to chat, compare notes and share an interest, thank you! cool



After all the hard work, the reward is deserved, so that after a lifetime of work breaks are necessary, Even though rest, hands do not cease to do daily work which means we never rest as long as we breathe.
My pleasure to hear from you bro, Thanks aswell for sharing your Linux stuff and stories.

Best regards!

#14 Re: Installation » network config lost after reboot, Devuan Jessie fresh install » 2020-01-14 12:16:07

^Where i have the data doesn't matter very much about Google, I use many Google producst like Chrome, Youtube, GMAIL etc... I stoped worrying about Google security-complex in other networks.

However do you have DNS to suggest?
I've tried , , i didn't find them stable as, sometimes i see my Network unreachable with other DNS's, so i sets Google because looks always reachable to me.

I have to remove broadcast IP, I don't know how it ends there because I don't remember having to manually set it. I'm trying to remove it now thank you.

netmask it belongs to - i'm fixing this part by add /24 thanks.

Thanks so much, nothing to sorry, always pleasure to hear your suggestions & corrections.


#15 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-01-13 12:35:35

zephyr wrote:

I started paying attention to the d-u with sid, if it appeared that it was something that might break it then postponed upgrading a few days. Normally Debian had become quite bad about not sending upgrades in sequence and would either break or get an error. Devuan (knock on wood) has been very keen not to break an unstable install. Sid was quite nice to use with Wheezy and vinit but after that with systemd it became almost impossible to keep sid working. Became a little paranoid to do a d-u, that is no fun!

^Almost same to me, I remember very well the first time where SID boy break my toy, apt-listbugs & apt-listchanges i had em as my daily tools where i got the data regarding apps-bugs, info or releases. I was very family with hold-unhold packages then on my-testing for years, but the transition from kernel 3.16 to 4 or from Wheezy non-systemd to systemd something crashed and i couldn't manage to recover from it with my efforts, that's ended my little time on the sid. Agree, Wheezy was the last clean of Debian, the one and the best Debian i ever used. With the living of Devuan Debian pre-systemd the feeling is revived.

zephyr wrote:

Never used foobar2000 on windows, think remembering correctly just used default media player. DeaDBeeF has a lot to offer and like simplicity. I use foobar eq settings with the eq on DB. Will be happy when Devuan ports it over to its repos! smile

Use moc and cmus too, nice way to play from the music library! For one like using cli apps!

I used eq of foobar aswell, When i bought a pair of professional headphones i realized that i no longer needed those sound-configs.
Well, since i have urxvt,ranger,tmux,mpv,feh i couldn't leave myself without a cli audio-player, I am not so dedicated as i used to be. however, "apt-get" is the only 100% there ready to perform.

zephyr wrote:

Thank you I did, happy you had a great time with family and friends, NY is a great time to reflect and make those resolutions for a better year. Done the same with family and neighboring friends.  Retired so all I do is lounge about and have fun! smile



Thank you too, I'd been around Europe for a few days and had fun. I have meet few old and new friends around Italy, France, Belgium. Well, i still have 20+ more years to retire smile have planty of time to give and get on my way. Important to be fine and healthy above all.

Glad to hear from you zephyr.

Best Regards!

#16 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-01-12 15:38:58

zephyr wrote:

Hi Nili, Thank you! I have been using Ceres since Jessie became stable. Ceres has not even hiccuped on my main machine and daily driver! very stable for an unstable kernel! smile

A bit late due to slow start of the daily routine.
Yw, I always been a testing-user for two or more years on my #! time, once one day i made it to SID didn't last more than a week smile I wasn't prepared enough for Sid. So i used Sid only a week, i can't denny i haven't proper guts to run sid nowdays because i'm too busy with life things and fix my concerns will eat my time right away. I use stable distro mostly since a year. However I'm slowly open to other directions as well to Alpine, Void or BSD. Once i saw i user that run sid and have over 2000 packages installed, i always say that man have guts for sure to run sids with so many pckg's.

I started using DeaDBeeF shortly after coming to Linux, with CrunchBang. Very powerful and simply a great audio player. Not all audio players are created equal, have noticed DB and alsa works better than others. Impressed with your DB, very cool! cool

Ditto on the New Years, wish all good fortune and happiness! More peaceful world!



DeaDBeeF was the closest to foobar2000 on Windows, the only player that interested me in Windows early. When I switched to Linux 10 years ago I was looking for and tried many different players to compare with foobar and the most proximate was DB or Audacious.
I chosed DB because this seems more familiar to foobar, the author is very enthusiastic and stylish in the selection of details to that player.

deadbeef on a GUI fron-end, MOC or cmus cli other times.
Thanks, had a blast for New Year with fam and friends. Hope you had aswell a cheerful and rest time needed for starting a new year full of energy.


#17 Re: Installation » network config lost after reboot, Devuan Jessie fresh install » 2020-01-12 15:11:35

I had to wakup my interface eth0 static this way.

from my: "/etc/network/interfaces"

# This file describes the network interfaces available on your system
# and how to activate them. For more information, see interfaces(5).

source /etc/network/interfaces.d/*

# The loopback network interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

# The primary network interface
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static

Just change mine data to yours and ping once your system finish booting.

#18 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-01-04 06:35:08

That's a nice upgrade zephyr, It give us Devuan-end-users hopes for updates soon smile Also glad to see another DB fellow. This is my copy. Almost maximized, i used for a while semi-gui like yours, but a week ago i did a bit maximized.

DeaDBeeF is really tight audio player.

Happy New Year to everyone!
I wish everyone a healthy life success at work, enough money in pockets or wallets big_smile and good tweaks on systems for this new decade.

#19 Re: Devuan » Debian has fallen. What now? » 2019-12-29 16:37:19

I wish three elections to be considered by Devian senior management if one day a decision is made.

1) Switch to Slackware
2) BSD
3) Independent

Currently I'm already 80% BSD and 20% Linux well thanks to systemD that made me switch after 10 years on Linux mostly Debian or -based. My passing transition from Linux to BSD wasn't at all difficult than i thought.

I have always a ready system at any time for any startup Devuan will take. I am now practicing myself with new things mostly BSD.

#22 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2019-12-19 14:00:57

Devuan | No Bullt@rds! smile

Edit: Desktop doesn't seems that good without a background regardless Fluxbox settings, I put it a image and edited this post.
Photo credit: takahiro taguchi

The last ones for this year i think. Hope everyone have a blast during the celebrations.

#23 Re: Installation » Achieving minimal xorg install on Beowulf » 2019-12-19 13:51:21

+1 with HevyDevy, i always do like that aswell.

Enough to:

apt-get install xinit xserver-xorg-core xserver-xorg-video-fbdev xserver-xorg-video-intel xserver-xorg-input-evdev xserver-common --no-install-recommends

If you miss any other xorg package, just install individual ones with --no-install-recommends suffix at the end of command
"xserver-xorg-core" is the minimalistic.

Take a look at this too as it can help reduce the weight of your system.

Edit: The above link documentation, i still find it valid to install minimal xorg.

#24 Re: Devuan » Debian considering going systemd init only » 2019-12-09 14:09:15

ChuangTzu wrote:

Well, before completely jumping the Linux ship....there is Slackware (or SalixOS)which has remained true to *nix standards while everyone else forked off.

Thanks for the suggestion ChuangTzu, I've thought about it for a while, I've checked a bit on my early distro-hops and i regret that I didn't devoted enough time to the oldest (i think one of the true Linux distro around) i should have used more. I will consider it to check it soon, Any independent distro will have always a place in my mind as soon the opportunity knocking.

I'm not going to abandon Linux completely, but to I've lost a lot of trust in Debian since systemd, Debian once was my dearest OS.
Thanks to Devuan I still experience the feeling i once had. If things getting worse on the road, every other chances are open to me.

Regarding SalixOS, i know only by name, i'll make a visit to this distro aswell.

At the moment i'm having fun playing with BSD, I see that it have some limits compared to Linux. However, already i feel comfortable being on the BSD boats that i think is clean, honest and trustworthy regardless a few limits in some things.

Thanks mate, I'll consider your two suggestions that you put on the table.



#25 Re: Devuan » Debian considering going systemd init only » 2019-12-08 09:10:37

I do not care anymore. IMO, It's not too late to think of any other non-Linux system. I'm already practicing my hands with BSD. I'm looking at Haiku aswell. Instead of learning another Linux OS I find it more reasonable to use a non Linux OS.

Curiously, I installed Debian 10 a couple of days ago and didn't hold it for more than a few hours. Still no to"C:\SystemD" for me.

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