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#26 2020-12-05 20:25:45

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Re: Michaels Devuan Edition *Update*

alphalpha wrote:

i still have not figured out why the download is not working sometimes,
maybe i should upload somewhere else, but at the moment i am not sure where
i wish i had fast internet so i could just seed a torrent all the time

I still haven't succeed to download the 12 image.. sad
I have being retrying, eventually I will succeed..

probably they limit the size possible to download to 100-120mb... the image has more than 2 GB big_smile

Best Regards,


#27 2020-12-28 12:21:56

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Re: Michaels Devuan Edition *Update*

Just upladed Version 2021_01,
from now on there wont be montly updates anymore,
i think there is not much left to do and i am pretty happy with it as it is now.

Programms from other places than the Devuan repo can be updated with the 'update_all' alias.
(Palemoon,  Qutebrowser, Icecat, Shotcut, Deadbeef, youtube-dl)
And the programms that i compiled from source like JWM and BSPWM have been rebuilt with the latest git version, so they are good to go for the next time.

There will only new releases when the next version of Devuan is released, or if someone finds a bug in the installer script
or maybe if gnu hurd 1.0 will ever be reality wink


#28 2020-12-28 23:11:17

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Re: Michaels Devuan Edition *Update*

How did you make jwm work like that? How much CPU usage does that use? And could you make a git page with the source code?

This looks awesome, seriously!

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#29 2020-12-31 21:00:03

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Re: Michaels Devuan Edition *Update*

How did you make jwm work like that?

the font is called 'bebas-neue'

sudo apt install fonts-bebas-neue

for more information, checkout .config/jwm

How much CPU usage does that use?

according to htop it uses 0.0% tongue
the whole system with nothing other open but htop bounces between 1-2% cpu usage and 180-190M ram
since that is in percent, i should mention that this data refers to a 10 year old Thinkpad X201

And could you make a git page with the source code?

okay, im not a big fan of git, but here you go
still have not figured out how exactly everything works, but the jwm files are there

i am not sure if it is necessary, but to make sure jwm loads the correct config,
the line where jwm gets started in your .xinitrc should look like this

exec jwm -f $HOME/.config/jwm/jwmrc

also notice that .config/jwm/theme is a symlink to one of the files in .config/jwm/themes/
dont know how git handles symlinks, but in case that does not work, try

ln -s .config/jwm/themes/protogrey .config/jwm/theme

make sure to have a read of .config/jwm/ and adjust it to your needs
and to make your wallpaper load, check .config/jwm/wallpaper
you maybe want to change 'xwallpaper --zoom .local/wallpaper.png' to 'nitrogen --restore' or whatever wallpaper setter you use


#30 2020-12-31 21:18:43

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Re: Michaels Devuan Edition *Update*

since i announced that there wont be frequently new releaes
anyone who actually uses this, could add my gitlab to the newsbeuter rss reader to still get updates on scripts and stuff


#31 2021-02-23 00:51:14

From: Pawtucket RI EE.UU.
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Re: Michaels Devuan Edition *Update*

Thanks to Leonard's recommendation on SourceForge, I downloaded Michaels-Devuan-Edition-2021_02.iso quite easily and installed it to my hard drive. I gave up trying to change a user name during the install. So I' m running as michael now. I'm only interested in the jwm section. I only use jwm now. WOW! Such easy customization. And all those unknown to me programs to explore! Plus you went to all the trouble of including all those icons. I orinarily run jwm via an Alt-F2 keyed to grun. But with this one I'll be trying all the menu offerings.
2 comments: your update_all is not on this .iso. Also since I need subdirectory tab expansion I dumped the the zsh and change the passwd to /bin/bash. also I use an .xsessionrc file to get my accented and non-accented us layouts anyway... though the "Z" and "Y" switch caught me at first wink
Perhaps because of that $TERMINAL is NOT set so nnn, nano, ranger won't run off the menu. I just did a 46 items replaceall '$TERMINAL'  'rxvt-unicode' in jwm/menu and it's fine now.
Thanks for a great Devuan derivative.

When I get through trying all the programs, I plan write a little blurb on the multiple 'onroots' and what they do. Not sure where to share it though.

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