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#1 2017-10-28 15:20:01

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my new Devuan installation is so tiny that I cant connect to the forum

(yes it is true, because I did not install some ssl software, and I don't know how to add some adequate tiny ssl software, so I can't connect with that and divers other pages. connection with Mrs. Google or Puppy Linux forum from John Murga is possible and work well, wired thank you for the answer concerning the wifi connection in the parallel message! I will try it soon).

my installation is in 64 bits and I did let tasksel completely empty.

i did quit after the installation but did not immediately restart but did start an other live linux (puppy linux) and copy that minimal installation ;-) . it's size is only

644 MB !

It is great! and restart again; before that, I did prepare an /etc/sudoers file with the editor in the editor window copying the same file from a precedent installation!

after restart, I did enter as user

only look what is preinstalled:

dpkg --get-selections | grep -v deinstall > s0
cat s0  | more

but commute immediately to the root identity:

su -

entering now my password again and install sudo:

apt install sudo gpm clex links2 didiwiki > s1

the system stops and wait. I have to answer 'n' (as I will only a compact documente 's1', 's'  is for 'step' also the protocol of the 1th installations step. it will install my minimal software for use in commando line: sudo, of course, gpm, to activate my mouse in commando-line-console, clex, my directories and files browser in cdo line, links2, better than the old venerable 'link', as I will extend after that my tiny installation to the graphic mode (links2 can both: start before the graphic mode in char only mode without pictures, and, using the option '-g'  in graphic mode after xstart, and then, show pictures) and didiwiki. Didiwiki is a great mini software: it is the personal wiki from some distributions, especially from Puppy linux. It starts through the url line from each browser, also links2, and make it able to write texts printable out in simple writing, or underlined writing, or italic, or bold. As CUPS also does not need some graphic system it would be possible to print pretty texts out that only-commando-line system (but I don't will install cups actually as I did see in my precedent installation, that Devuan installs cups with a lot of dependencies being not interessting for me (why? Puppy linux avoids some of those dependencies...).

the installations report I gave in the generated doc s1 :

The following NEW packages will be installed:
  clex didiwiki gpm libdirectfb-1.2-9 libgpm2 libjbig0 libjpeg62-turbo
  libtiff5 libx11-6 libx11-data libxau6 libxcb1 libxdmcp6 links2 sudo
0 upgraded, 15 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
Need to get 5,511 kB of archives.
After this operation, 13.4 MB of additional disk space will be used.

generating those installations protocols, I can control different facts:

- how heavy is the download
- how heavy is the consumption of hard disk room
- and, in case of recommendations, the system would write adequate supplementary lines.

I did not install yet 'sc', the venerable spread sheet in commando line (although I will probably use it later, as it is really enough for my modest need an spread sheet activity!)

I did not install 'deborphan' (a very usefull missing application to clean our systems...), 'alsa', 'samba' nor other goodies as they are for the commando line level!

I use 'nano', and, nothing to do: it is preinstalled!

nano has a very exceptional position under the editors: it is commando line, but offers flexible line length like graphic editors, and, hitting on the wheel of the mouse after marking text parts, it is possible to copy them

- from non-graphic console to non-graphic console (fast commutation using CRTL+ALT+ on of F1, F2, F3 etc.!)
- from graphic-console to separate non-graphic console (same commutation)
- from terminal window to graphic application in the own window or inverse!
- spell checking is possible
- unlimited line length
- insertion into existent line or paragraph without special precaution
- color use (I do nothing with it myself and have no experience other that, what nano does himself if I look code...)

also I will continue to use nano in graphic mode after installation of graphic mode. why not?

with the key 'arrowUP' I did make the last commando line reappears. it is very fast! and with 'backspace' erase the the part " > s1" and start the installation with 'enter'.

the system did constate the manipulation concerning sudo and ask if I will use the prepared /etc/sudoers. I did answer 'yes'.

to quit the root level:


and I did continue (if I will! I can now write, surf through the web, create own wiki pages, etc., and more if I would have installed the one or other package named!) as user using now 'sudo':

sudo apt install sudo gpm clex links2 didiwiki xserver-xorg-video-intel x11-xserver-utils xserver-xorg-input-mouse xinit ratpoison xli > s2

this is possible because I know which xserver xorg uses on my PC: it is the 'video-intel' one!

yes, you see right: I did repeat the begin of the line coming from step 1 so I will see in ~/.bash_history all my installation step by step and in s0, s1, s2 the things concerning each step ;-) . my installation is well and completely documented, step by step!

'xli' is for a future background.

ratpoison (includes link to the html ratpoison doc)!

yes, ratpoison is really good...

after the installation I did try if


as user starts directly. I did do it (on some systems, 'sudo xinit' is sometimes required before that! Quit with 'exit' and restart after that with 'startx' ...

or using a link in the future if you install a link like:

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/startx /usr/bin/go

(analog for links2:

sudo ln -s /usr/bin/links2 /usr/bin/web

but don't forget the option '-g' if you want (you probably really want it) start in graphic mode!)


I now am in graphic mode in my new installation and I did look a short time away, I see nothing...

black screen pure.

to activate some input, you have to enter

CRTL+t+. (yes a dot char!)

a selection's table appears. select one.

you are now in a new sub level and can select until you find the right (probably one of clex, nano, links2 if you did not install more as I did. didiwiki start is in links2!).


ratpoison seems able to open more than one console under X!

try to commute:


loggin appears. log in!

and remake the same succession of operations:

commute to the graphic mode with "go" (if you did install that link!)


select one other application one from the 3 applications clex, nano, or web -g

it appears!

and play with the commutation:






all are present and operable.


so long you have a free text console




sudo shutdown -r now

to only restart


sudo shutdown -h now

to really halt and shutdown the PC

(you will find that line in your bash history hitting on 'arrowUP' as far you did use it once! same thing for the command 'setxkbmap us intl'  etc, used if you often change your keyboard layout also in the middle of a document!)


#2 2017-10-28 15:21:48

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Re: my new Devuan installation is so tiny that I cant connect to the forum

that extremely light graphic system in Devuan 64 bit has now

861 Mb



#3 2017-10-28 15:23:17

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Re: my new Devuan installation is so tiny that I cant connect to the forum

question from me now: how to give him enough ssl ability to visit AND enter into this forum ;-) ?


#4 2017-10-28 18:07:15

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Re: my new Devuan installation is so tiny that I cant connect to the forum

I think you need to install ca-certificates and maybe openssl. (aptitude tells me that openssl is installed because of x11vnc, but I don't know if you need it. It might come automatically with ca-certificates.)


#5 2017-10-28 19:15:55

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Re: my new Devuan installation is so tiny that I cant connect to the forum

Hi fsmithred, thank you very much. I write now out Devuan Jessie, graphic system, out links2: the installation from ca-certificates was no problem and is only the matter of a few bits.


#6 2017-10-29 00:29:09

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Re: my new Devuan installation is so tiny that I cant connect to the forum

my new installation require some patience to learn to operate with the unusual tools used (ratpoison and links2) as both start with a black window...

I did already name above a few important keys for ratpoison as well as the manual. Yes, you can open more than one console. But you also can split each console playing with CTRL+t+S to split verticaly (or s to split horizontaly) and CTRL+t+arrowUP or DOWN or LEFT or RIGHT depending in which window you will work on your visible console.

In links2, you open with 'o' the url line, or with Esc the top barre. You quit links2 with 'q'. In the top barre, you will find a lot of stuf easy to learn to do more...

The dark screen is also normal in both.

As I did start the first time with links2 with option -g (graphic mode) I did see no cursor. I did quit immediately and do the same in text mode: That did have the power to position the cursor in that frish for the first time opened console. After that, no problem any more with the cursor position in graphic mode.

Only in THAT forum ( :-( !). Links2 don't process well with redirections. And in graphic mode, it seems to forget sometimes the entered login after the redirection. No problem such this in character mode. After you are logged in, you can reenter in the forum in graphic mode with valid login!

I will see for an better web browser for me, but it is not easy in new linux as the are all extremly vorace in browser ressources an dependencies (excepted seamonkey, offering a lot of tools more than the other ones: no one else offers for ex. an real WYSYG HTML editor. I often use HTML editors especialy in combination with browser to copy only the text content from extern webpage into my archives of texts. But seamonkey, already produced by some idealists, seems to be especially difficult to install? Or some little but powerfull browsers like TazWeb from SliTaz (SliTaz frondend for webkit1; SliTaz supply immediately midori as sweet over SliTaz, only a few kb more, and it is possible to add xombrero, the most secure browser. Also only a few kb more. And ALL THOSE 3 BROWSER works perfectly with an attraktive fully complete SliTaz environment: youtube works with warranty after the later installation of the non-free flash plugin as well as the most exigeant pages using flash!). it is so ridiculous how powerfull the little dwarft is with it's so compact solution (and, as it is a Swiss creation, it was ALWAYS in the 3 Swiss languages plus English and now different other, as the main coder is today a Russian man etc.!)


#7 2017-10-29 01:18:20

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Re: my new Devuan installation is so tiny that I cant connect to the forum

Have you tried netsurf?  I haven't but it has been discussed on the dng mail list so search for it in the archives and repos.


#8 2017-10-29 08:15:51

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Re: my new Devuan installation is so tiny that I cant connect to the forum

Hi golinux

my goal, as I did see that the base installation is only 644 Mb "light", did become to realize a tiny ground installation within 1 GB in 64 bits!

I have now over 860 MB. I can add 'mTpaint' to manage and process most pictures as well as take screen shots (is in all case the best way; after taking the screenshot, the pictures tool is open and you can continue directly to crop, reduce the size, add pictures elements, or filter) and 'mHwaveedit' to record and process some sound. For pdf for those using them only if not possible in other form, an 'pdftohtml', present at the depository, would often be enough, no need from Qt4 or from the great but giant tools from the latex world! But it is yet evident that it will not be possible to add some 'mplayer2'  or somewhat equivalent permitting to say: "this tiny installation can a lot of all standard activities" as look for videos did become today an important part of the personal computer activities.

it would also be good for the Devuan community, else if other performances have to be added, then specificly, to satisfy the complete need of functionality wished by some one.

an idea how to solve that?

I am not so far from target!

Netsurf has divers  inconvenient:
- same as links2, not able for flash
- a bit more heavy
- an not to activate in commando line

concerning javascript (important for a lot of pages like ebay) I can't remember

certain is that links2 continue to be recognize and in the most cases accepted as a non graphic browser and is extremely fast on all pages where the advertising is so intensive... no better tool for slipping in a short time from top to bottom on a huge newspaper page :-)) !

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