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#1 2017-10-01 04:52:39

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Adventures of the systemd clownface

Had been doing a holdover on Lubuntu 14.04 prior to Devuan's developments, but I opted to boot up Lubuntu 16.04 in a VM to see how bad it was in pre-emptive research for the Borg Pigeon project. So I booted it up in Live in VM to see what would happen.

Turns out, not only is systemd really, really bad at booting up... it also makes your graphics go wonky and gives you this giant, creepy pasta distorted clown face, also notice the screen dimensions (apparently systemd thinks I have the 'tapestry' width setting):


Reacting like anyone would, I tried to click the 'clownface' only to find my cursor is also distorted and giant:


How on earth did systemd mess up a fully working OS distribution like this? Everything that could possibly be wrong is. I bet if there was audio it'd be a screaming RrRrRrRr noise as the systemd clownface attempts to curse you with it's giant, nethack-esque colour scheme.


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