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#2 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Announcing JWM Kit Live [updated iso download] » 2020-07-06 01:16:41

You can install JWM Kit and make your own customizations. This would be more suited for your needs as every system is different. You can find the JWM Kit .deb on my codeberg page. The deb builds should work on all architecture (although they have only been tested on x86 and AMD64)

Some tips.
JWM Kit needs either the .jwmrc file or the ~/.config/jwmkit/settings
if you have at least one of these file jwmkit_config can create the other file for you.
If you have neither file use this command in the terminal to create an empty settings file:   touch ~/.config/jwmkit/settings
Future versions of JWM Kit will simplify this by automatically creating an empty settings file if neither file is present

Now with that out of the way you can use jwmkit_config to specify the location of the tray, menu, icons, startup, etc files. Use the folder icon to browse for the files or to create an new one. You should do this for all items in the list.  If  you wish to add addition menus or trays use the add button

That's the hard part.  Now you can use the various JWM Kit tools to edit the files.  The first thing you should do is create a tray and menu with links to a terminal & file-manager. While not as import also add the various parts of JWM Kit and other such useful apps. You can make it look pretty later, make it functional a first.

find the .deb below

Hope this helps

#3 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Announcing JWM Kit Live [updated iso download] » 2020-06-29 22:43:47

Thanks for the input. I was considering using Sourceforge, but have not taken the time to sign up. I've not done a lot of research on the best distribution method. I do know that everyone is leaving Github now that MS owns it and before that everyone left Sourceforge to go to Github. The only reason I used google drive was because I already had the account and did not want to add the burden to codeberg.

expect a Sourceforge link soon. Sourceforge added and removed Google Drive link


#4 Devuan Derivatives » Announcing JWM Kit Live [updated iso download] » 2020-06-29 16:23:42

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Hello everyone.  I’ve been lurking around here for a good while, but this is my first post.  I’m a long time Linux user and have always had a great appreciation for JWM. It is that appreciation that has driven me to create this distro and to write JWM Kit in hopes that my humble contribution can be useful to those who use JWM.

JWM Kit Live is a Devuan based distro with the primary purpose of demonstrating JWM Kit. JWM Kit is a new set of software design to simplify usage of JWM (Joe’s Window Manager). In order to maximize personal customization JWM Kit focus on providing a graphical interface for editing menus, trays, groups, etc in lieu of automatic creation of those items. No part of the kit is designed to runs in the background. It only runs when the user starts it, and properly quits when "closed", or for notifications will close when timed out in a few seconds.  The only parts of the JWM Kit Live distro that are not standard Devuan (not provided in the repos) are the custom configuration, JWM Kit, and a small modification using Zenity to provide a graphical prompt for permission (a replacement for the recently removed gksu/gksudo)

some images of the kit (small sample there is much more to the kit than this): … editor.png … -Icons.png … tretch.png

iso download: updated to sourceforge

JWM Kit git page:

----additional info------
currently release is 32bit Beowulf with a PAE Kernal.
if you use Virtualbox you will need to enable the PAE option under processor

------Short FAQ------
Q: What makes this distro different?
A1: it is a JWM distro which is rare to begin with.
A2: JWM Kit.  At this time it is the only Distro that uses JWM Kit

Q: So why can't someone else just make a JWM Distro with JWM Kit
A: Please do, and if you have questions about it just ask.

Q: Will there be a 64 bit version?
A: Maybe if there is demand for it. As stated the main purpose is to demonstrate JWM Kit. If other include JWM Kit in their builds there will be little reason for me to make a 64 bit version.

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