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#1 Re: Intergalactic Communities » French Speaking Forum » 2018-09-01 20:58:07

golinux wrote:

@HextorBRX . . . Il y a aussi deux autre de Didier Kyrn - traduction de dev1fanboy's documentation:

Convertir un système Debian en Devuan

Installation minimale

peut-on convertir un système Ubuntu en Devuan? par ex. Bionic 18.04. Et, si oui peut-on faire ça sur un Bionic ayant été amélioré par le bureau DEEPIN comme le suggère ce site ubunutuiste: … untu-18-04 ?

#2 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] equivalent for Debian SID available? yes there are, read #3 » 2018-06-13 21:39:12


thank you Siva. you are right my question did have 2 sides and you did answer both completely.

no, I will not use Devuan unstable completely but check if there are packages not available in Devuan Jessie being able to be used by pinning in Devuan Jessie. I hope pinning is possible?

#3 Installation » [SOLVED] equivalent for Debian SID available? yes there are, read #3 » 2018-06-06 08:02:42

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Has Devuan an equivalent or how to use best  SID from Debian under Devuan?

#4 Installation » fonts for Far East languages (absolutely minimalistical dotation) » 2018-06-06 07:56:06

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a lot of occidental people is today interesting to handle sometimes with Far East languages (sometimes without to learn it! for ex. my nephew: his wife is English Chinese woman, or the son of my cousin, his wife is Korean French woman so that all the families on both sides (!), not only the concerned persons and her children, open today Far East web pages and are sad to see the Far East characters only as symbolic icons!).

for those persons is the non stylistic old form (remembering pencil letters) of chars better than the new geometrical forms, because, if the did try / begin to learn those languages, the pencil form did be more used in books than the new typographic inventions !!!

what can you recommend in a MINIMAL installation to just cover this need (simplified Chinese, in the hope it is enough, Japanese, Korean, they are probably the most difficult to cover, see , Vietnamese, I am not certain, but suppose that normal fonts used by the keyboard setting "us intl" cover them. Indian fonts are also a problem because of the quantity of specific fonts for all languages of India)?

#5 Off-topic » browsers ... the eternel thematic! » 2018-06-04 19:56:34

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as today a lot of sites restrict the use of her publications and those publications are the inverse of important for me, "links2" become to be again the best browser for me: I read the part of those sites offered free and refuse myself the rest: The sites claiming today for payment was not initially present in the web at all! they came willing and did offer without pression of peoples her prestations to acquire or wishing to acquire a monopolist position (yes, not only google, google did get it, but also the looser yahoo! and it is the same with newspapers online etc. they are winner and they are loosers).

with one exception: I need youtube. in fact has youtube also a monopolist position and millions of helpers of other peoples did adhere to the idea to publish online free manuals, informations and howto's on an extreme variation of thematics supposing that youtube will be free also in the future. this make youtube unique.

but you need a big arsenal of software.

only one example:

I will listen Anoushka Shankar and her sitar and know the existence of beautiful pieces of sound on the thematic "Georges" (Georges Harisson).

I try to open links2.

youtube appears! no problem. but the "search" function is not active...

also try I to find a way directly to the wished part of the enormous youtube index using

... google. com of course.

I open and search in the search line "anoushka shankar georges" with success

some titles of anoushka shankar are listed including George Harrison - Concert For George: Ravi's Orchestra - YouTube ► 10:57 Nov. 2016 - 11 Min. - Hochgeladen von GeorgeHarrisonVEVO In love and remembrance, CONCERT FOR GEORGE is being reissued, as a ... Ravi Shankar ...

so I did get in/with the poor links2 the youtube number for one of the songs...

what now? youtube songs themself can't be invoqued in links2 and need extrem heavy browser with an extrem heavy

which way can be try to listen youtube without firefox or adobe propriety software?

#6 Re: Devuan » Why are systemd files present in Devuan? » 2018-06-04 19:19:50


I did check in my installation (in Jessie):

sudo apt-get --no-install-recommends install sudo gpm clex xinit xserver-common xserver-xorg-core xserver-xorg-input-all xserver-xorg-input-mouse xserver-xorg-video-modesetting xserver-xorg-video-intel x11-apps x11-common x11-session-utils x11-utils x11-xkb-utils x11-xserver-utils xfonts-base xfonts-encodings xfonts-scalable xfonts-utils xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-video-vmware xterm menu 9menu ratpoison jwm choosewm merkaartor mpv deborphan rxvt alsa-base alsa-tools alsa-utils alsa-tools-gui pulseaudio cups-client cups-common cups-server-common ssl-cer

(I did only add manually QtWeb and Seamonkey, each the last proposed download from the sites of both, and from my last (32 bit) Debian Jessie installation...)

I did really find in my absolutely minimal installation a subdir /lib/systemd with an impressive content!

#7 Re: Installation » Redefine alternatives in /etc/alternatives » 2018-06-03 14:09:16


oh! ok! I am a lover of the little directory and tree manager "clex" (try it please! it's very good and fast). the last line in clex ist the "bash" line. you can enter a bash command (or sudo plus a bash command) and hit on F2. F2 makes that the name of the file where the cursor is in the directory tree branch is completed in the bash line without to have to write yourself all the long name of the file. you confirm with return. and bash executes! very simply

I did do it in /etc/alternatives on the line with the long name "x-terminal-emulator" and bash did open nano on the linked file hidden by the link! nano did open a shell script and I did change in the shell script! very simply ...

... but it does not work.

ok! now, I did use your methode "update-alternatives --config x-terminal-emulator"

a terminal dialog appears and offer me to select one of 6 possible choices or keep the current choice entering a *

but doesn't not offer under the 6 possible choices the extra terminal emulator rxvt-unicode (is installed! and it appears under Debian menu under Applications > Terminal Emulators but only simple choice Rxvt, and hitting on this selection, rxvt version unicode really appears! Debian menu is part of the 2 files in /etc/jwm !).

conclusion: that way also does not work!

#8 Re: Installation » Redefine alternatives in /etc/alternatives » 2018-06-02 21:16:34


Hi, And thank you very much for the fast answer. I did find in the subdir alternatives a file x-terminal-emulator and simply open it through clex entering in the commando line of clex

sudo nano F2 (F2 complete with the file name, i DID suppose! The complete file name...)

I did change in nano in to line and terminate the change with CTRL X.

surprise, surprise, nano did save back...
...under an other name (without ending "1.gz")

so is the situation now and it is my problem: was this way wrong although permitted by the system?

I have now a text file without some ending.

will update-alternatives --config make all right itself?

#9 Off-topic » QtWeb » 2018-06-02 09:50:31

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how to integrate in Devuan Jessie this old browser beeing yet operable an sooooooo smal?

#10 Installation » Redefine alternatives in /etc/alternatives » 2018-06-02 09:48:04

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I only want to use uxrt as my prefered x-terminal-emulator. what is to do?

#11 Re: Installation » [CLOSED] choosewm » 2018-06-02 09:43:36


Hi msi

Thank you for your help! I did reinstall all and choosewm  is now installed and work perfectly (login in console mode, after password, command "go" = symlink to startx, at first use choose a wm and demark the field "show each at restart" if you only want to change wm in special situations).

#12 Installation » install devuan jessie with debootstrap in graphic mode using Puduan » 2018-05-30 09:08:51

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I will only a minimal installation and my installed Devuan jessie did crash as I did clean it (bad operation I did make) and I am really sad to use the Debian installer needing 1/2 hour or more in commando line. If I compare with Nutyx, the script installation of Nutyx is best to build a very minimal system and fast (is the common way of Nutyx to develope a new package in a chroot: you build so the chroot as extra dir in your system building it with the script equivalent from debootstrap but for LFS, precompiled as binaries by Nutyx and offered in a depository).

Puduan is able to start a subset from Devuan in Graphic  mode as a relatively recent Puppy linux. But I suppose it does not contain the Puduan debootstrap and it is possible it uses a Puppy linux bash instead of the Debian / Devuan.

I suppose it is possible to download both,  debootstrap and bash as well as the dependencies of  debootstrap (ar, I don't know if Puduan uses contains ar) and wget (is usually in each Puppy available)

- or are today more dependencies to take under consideration? -

and include them.

What are the actual commands to start the build of the new system in a supplementary dir?

#13 Re: Installation » [CLOSED] choosewm » 2018-05-30 08:49:03


thank you for the helpful answer

msi wrote:

On a general note, if a package is in Debian and doesn't depend on systemd, that same package will be in Devuan

does the reverse be true that if a package is not at the Devuan depository, then it depends on systemD and will not be available in binary? can it be compiled or is too difficult for a novice (choosewm does not seem to be at the jessie depot)

kind regards

#14 Installation » [CLOSED] choosewm » 2018-05-28 22:01:13

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under Debian it is possible to start commando line, and begin a graphic session withe that little application. it is perhaps the only one application in Debian to start choosing it ratpoison using menu (can be really useful for those having a cordless mouse or sometimes no mouse, because no desk or no place on the desk on PC's without graphic pad)!

does Devuan offer such a possibility?

#15 Installation » download all the *.deb of my actual installation, all the sources » 2018-05-28 21:37:16

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I am looking for a way to download all the *.deb of my actual installation (also all the sources packages), and to reinstall completely fresh with them.

Is that perhaps easily possible?

NB: I continue to use Devuan Jessie and it is the reason: I don't have some CD's or DVD's from that distro (are perhaps some ones available to buy ready for use? But else it it would be possible to get those, the question is simply interesting!) and will burn my packages on a CD!

#16 Installation » grub-PC and splash screen » 2017-12-23 23:03:12

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is the installation of such a splash screen difficult?

(I did finish my probably best installation of the last years. room occupied on the harddisk in 32 bit: ab. 2,5 GB including locales for germ./chin.simpl./eng./french./jap./kor.) with cups minimal, xorg minimal, slim, jwm, rox-filer (define which app for which document and offers by hitting right mouse key all app's wishing, jwm offers in the bar only a selection of alls), 3 browsers (vimprobable2,  xombrero and tazweb) and flash player (it was necessary to copy directly binaries from SliTaz where Debian creates actually difficulties to the users), tesseract and gimagereader, gv for the numerous *.pdf used instead man pages etc. ( :-( !), dc and sc (as I don't calculate a lot!), didiwiki, abiword, alsa-utils, nted for music, mplayer2, mhwaveedit, viewnior, mtpaint (image manipulation as well as screen shots!), granule, merkaartor, gramps, hunspell diction. As I did find no tutor to install adequate small input methods (and learn how to manage them! it is important. an input method is for nothing good if you don't know how to activate it! Tutors are written in the target languages and if you are not really speaker, nothing to do with such tutors to learn the languages better: you must learn them about completely before! I will also use simply also if some brothers claim «this connection is untrusted etc. ...»)

for this reason I would be interesting to make my installation from my point of view perfect with a splash screen in grub!

#17 Documentation » are the details of the Devuan (Debian?) installer public? » 2017-12-23 22:36:02

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the installer can without any toil of the things which are sometimes uncomfortable to realize after installation!

example 1:  after wired net installation, add wifi (you can reinstall both during installation, but only one stay registered and active! I did try to install wifi, but, after restart, no wifi any more (as I don't use some classic graphic environment having some commutation facility).

example 2: install over English and change the user language after the first start

example 3: find and install the right actual time of the country where you are

all that is possible without some toil and without any searching in commando line in the installer without you have to do somewhat. and after restart? all the knowledge is away.

ho to remake after first start


those steps?

#19 Re: Installation » luakit » 2017-12-08 12:05:20


what is with flashplayer?


it did not work willing...

copying tazweb from SliTaz live, you can also install flashplayer on SliTaz, with get-flash-player (has perhaps to be itself pre installed on slitaz with #taspkg -gi get-flash-player) in SliTaz, the installation from Adobe site is especially easy. after that you only copy in devuan /usr/lib the equivalent subdir /usr/lib/mozilla from SliTaz and, as it contains only a link, not the plugin itself, in /usr/share the equivalent subdir /usr/share/flash !

I presume you uses a 32 bit installation...

but it will not work immediately on a absolutely minimal installation from Devuan.

hm! ignoring what is the matter, I did install the actual opera.stable.deb...

somewhat was not fully ok, the message did not confirm success.

but after an #sudo apt-get -f install

opera did agree to start, and makes all operations with flash (as to be considered as fully normal: opera is recommanded by youtube!!! seamonkey etc, for ex., not!)


after that tazweb, vimprobable2 and luakit also able to do ...

... the same.

you can remove opera if you want, if you find the way, as the registration of Opera im Devuan system seems not to be ok!
it appears after a re-installation (only to find a way to erase) in /etc/jwm/debian* but is not registred (how is that possible?)...

(info: opera seems to need only a light installation's size compared with the other browsers recommanded by youtube!)

#20 Re: Installation » luakit » 2017-12-08 11:48:53


Now to the browsers:

2 ones offers

to the users

a maximal proctection:

- links2 (can show pictures else it cames directly from the side of commando line software), please start it with the option -g if it continues to be CLI browser in graphic mode and you want more)
- xombrero (esp. used without .xombrero.conf : with the help of the .xombrero.conf file, you can permit access and increase yourself, of course, your risks!)

But other brother are light and secure enough:

- vimprobable2 seems to be the ligh"est", works with webkit, version 1

is not easy to find as *.deb (I have save on my HD an old  version from Ubuntu). Devuan Jessie did accept it without problem, a fast #dpkg -i vimprobable* after package is in your home, and, after that, #apt -f install ! and all dependencies are available...

on this installation of vimprobable, you can copy the binary of SliTaz «tazweb» that you will find after a live start of the tiny graphic distribution in /usr/bin ;-) ! Copy better also the tazweb directory you will find

- in /usr/share (perhaps also the icon, depending how you work, with icons or not, I need no icon! is to find in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/32x32/apps/) alt. file in /usr/share/applications
- in your home, starting live in /home/tux/.config

why "tazweb"? Tazweb has an outfit a bit like firefox, with bookmarks (see in ~/.config/tazweb/bookmarks.html) and remembers passwords in some forums: you will have nothing to learn :-)

vimprobable2 is a frontend like tazweb, but it is hard to use if you prefer an other editor as Vim! Interesting in vimprobable2 is also, it imports all dependencies needing by tazweb and gives tazweb a adequate version of webkit without to have to search...

XOMBRERO (in the past xxxterm!)

the old version xxxterm can also be installed on that what vimprobable did install

also xxxterm/xombrero is only a frontend like vimprobable2 or tazweb...

also xxxterm/xombrero simulate a bit the firefox handling, but only if you permit it! if not, commando line handling like vimprobable2 and it can be hard, especially for not English speakers...


is commando line to handle like vimprobable2 and xxxterm / xombrero. with the command :open help or :help (I don't remember any more) in the browser you can see all commands from Luakit! Luakit is extensible in the language "lua".

of course, luakit is not so tiny as vimprobable2 ab. 170 kb, xxxterm ab. 250 kb as it needs more dependencies, esp. the stuff for lua!

#21 Re: Installation » luakit » 2017-12-08 10:17:57


Also thank you to you golinux, this reassures me!

(I really am no English speaker: I am an old French man born in Eastern (150 km) from Paris. In this in my youth, in this quarter of France we learned German Greek Latin. Over that, I did also learn Russian but never use. As adult person, I did learn Ogden's BASIC English, but all the theoretic knowledge from BASIC English is contained on the front and back side from a SINGLE page of paper (size for commercial letters! Including 2 big pictures! 850 words and 2 full hands of rules! It is very little knowledge... I belong the dictionary for the 22000 words of the standard English language from the years after 1920 as well as the scientific dictionary with the 15000 special words out the same time, all 35000 standard English words explained completely in BASIC English so I can discover each English text without more help (but I am not sectarian: today, I really use better I am sorry to say, other people rarelly love BASIC English texts although important authors like prof. A. P. Rossiter, Durham University, did write scientific oriented text using only BASIC English, for ex. «The Growth of Science», Pelican Books published by Penguin Books).

Back to the stuff of the topic:

SMALL BUT EFFICIENT BROWSERS for minimal installation ...

... and not only for minimal installation: hardly a malware is  trimmed to handle with those browsers! They are discrete and also other users generally don't know what is possible to do to damage the owner of the system / PC! This increase the security of users! What? This affirmation does not concord with the need of new versions of Firefox about each day?

Firefox and the other "great" live all from the goodwill not from user, but from the economic agents permitting to accede to interesting pages and services. And, as they are economic agents (publishers, dealers, houses for auctions or banking or mail services, they WILL OFFER GUARANTIES to her advertising customers that the advertising announces as publicity on their web page can't be blocked by the internet users disturbed by so much and enormous advertising activity! That is the risks, what new browser releases have to avoid! All the announcement is correct: «... new version to avoid security risks!». But, the greatest risks for the site owners are not virus etc. as we generally mean but risks, that the stuff can be "mal-used"  under wrong conditions (out the view of  the publicity announcers)! If they limit the use of their pages to Firefox, Bill-Gate-Explorers, Apple-Explorer and Google-Explorer (as well, I did see at the special page of youtube concerning which browser are supported by youtube, as Opera: but we have to remember - initially, Opera is a real commercial software on Microsoft OS's!): This is also the main reason in changing the HTML format to HTML5 with special plugins over that! No protection = no order from publicity announcers =  no money! And Google would be arm as at the first day of activity! But Messrs Google, Amazon, ebay, alibaba, big news papers over the world, etc. are not arm any more, my pity and comprehension are restricted... Different from wikipedia and others having renounced since the first day to infect their pages with advertising and other publicity and requiring sometime for a small contribution!

And now, we have to constate often that news papers etc. require both: payment by user but continue to disturb with horrible among of often brutal publicity (you can't use your PC in the bed room any more: you would wake your partner with brutally noises and lighting effects!)

#22 Installation » after installation? » 2017-12-07 22:00:31

Replies: 1

I did reinstall.

Absolutely minimal (533 Mb 32 bit, in German).

I did only use wireless at installations time.

The installation installs a lot of stuff I never will use on a server (dictionaries and spells, more than only one) but I don't find some spontan usuable way to restart internet (it was IN at installation's time!)...

How to restart wireless internet to continue installation?

#23 Re: Installation » luakit » 2017-12-07 21:54:02


I understand nothing (not all forum member are really English speakers...) but it is important for me to thank for your answer. Thank you very much!

#24 Re: Off-topic » in 32bit, you, simply, can more! » 2017-12-07 13:29:47


Hi Fungus

I understand well, that you don't to see a crank again to start your car. But you know probably that the Wankel engine (eccentric rotary engine) did never have some succes...

Idem OS2 of IBM on the field of micro informatic (and IBM was the real leader!)...

Today, we constate all that the abuse (use for private personal transport) of Diesel engine is an important factor of the air pollution although Diesel engines uses the energy better!

I see actually, that Linux did not become the winner at all!

A lot of unix comparable systems, linux is one of them, did be create by Apple ... ZZZ but it is to early to decide which one is for the future.

In Germany Betamax was considered in the early phase of  diffusion of electronical videos as a kind of giant progress, but an other one did wine, and all were replaced by computer videos!

I did begin to use PC's with TMS 9900. Texas Instruments did produce the best technologie at this time. IBM did win with the old one... and that, to lose anyway.

I find good to see enthousiastic men as you!

#25 Off-topic » in 32bit, you, simply, can more! » 2017-12-06 20:52:16

Replies: 6

I am sorry, but 64 bit continues to not be at the same level as 32 bit!

I did reinstall in 32 bit and can install without complication about all the stuff I need in a very smart installation, yet about only 2 Gb installed.

nted (a familly computer without music sheets editor?), merkaartor, gramps, xine-console as well as mplayer2, gv, mtpaint, viewnior, gimagereader and tesseract-ocr, are also installed...

as browser, I did install from an old Ubuntu release "vimprobable2". it seems to be the smalltest browser theoretically able to  handle with

on it, it was possible to copy the SliTaz binary "Tazweb", ab. 140 kb, if I good remember: it make out the not easy to handle with VI commands vimprobable2 a browser like a very simply Firefox: analog commands, remembering of some passwords, history, cookies history in a text file (=ability to erase), and bookmarks (copy the dir's/files in /usr/bin, in /usr/share, also the icon if you want it, ~/.config/tazweb !)

and you can continue with the version actualised 2016 of luakit at the luakit site (*.deb is offered). after that, you have 3 browsers offering diverse possibilities under  70 Mb installation! you can add links2 on it within the 70 Mb

the problem is, Google did change extremely the rules:

if you visit the Google page of youtube (yes, youtube is now google, do never forget it!) concerning html5, you will see that no other browser as firefox, and only under the condition of some restrictions concerning hardware etc., under the FREE BROWSER can handle HTML5!

(it is not really true: SliTaz has developped himself Tazweb, and tazweb has never some difficulty until now with html5...)

our actuall distros, incl. Devuan, I am sorry, help Google to dominate the world: They did conclude: no HTML5, erase the app's, erase the browser from the scope of offered packages. it is exact what Google did want pushing html5!

in 32 bit, you can simply get old packages and sources from old depositories not cleaned actually under the pression of Google and Debian/Ubuntu and from old CD's annexed as publicity to old computer books and revues...

my actual installation over absolute minimal:

sudo apt install sudo gpm clex didiwiki alsa-utils cups-client cups-daemon sc alsa-utils xserver-xorg-video-intel x11-xserver-utils xserver-xorg-input-mouse xinit xdotool jwm gv mtpaint viewnior mhwaveedit menu vimprobable2 grun ranger gramps merkaartor nted ranger perl xine-console mplayer2 gimagereader tesseract-ocr-deu luakit links2 xvidcap

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