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#1 2017-10-31 20:51:48

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Simple Yad picture viewer

Man, it's almost perfect, the man has really done amazing things with Yad.

The "--picture" command is not even in the man page, lol, but towards the bottom it lists options for that command, I just happened to read down that far and tried --picture to see what would happen.

Try this, pick a folder with images, open a terminal and run this, substitute an image of yours for the one I have below (IMG_8678.JPG)

yad --title="VYUU - Right-click image for viewing options" --picture --size=fit --filename=IMG_8678.JPG --width=800 --height=600 --center --inc=256

Only bugs I see are in the increase/decrease size options, it does work but does not re-solve for focus, that only works if you use "fit to window" or "original size".

The other one is that you need to specify the window size to get the pic to open and fill the window, if you just use the --maximize argument the window will open up maximized but the pic will be thumbnail size.

To-do list says next version will get a slideshow function. Cool stuff, it's amazing what you can do with Yad and a dash of dash. wink
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#2 2017-10-31 21:36:30

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Re: Simple Yad picture viewer

Works here as described.  You're right that the man page gives options for pictures, but the --picture option itself is omitted.  You could drop the author a mail.

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#3 2018-05-14 04:15:31

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Re: Simple Yad picture viewer

all yad needs now is a file dialog, and it can replace most gui software.

...and a fork based on qt instead of gtk, though i like it regardless.


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