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#1 2017-09-25 09:43:53

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Linux + systemd, that's not the way we meant to be.

I really appreciate the efforts that the open source "freedom" community is taking to make the software world free. Free from the dictatorial mindset that many corporations endorse. Devuan by refusing to adapt the complexity of systemd is a revolution facing the mindset in the tech industry. I don't mean by that to ridicule Red Hat guys who worked on systemd, but the systemd invention is rather so complex that a programmer like me got nothing to do except believing in its complexity and idealize those who were behind it. When you use systemd just hope for the best, and try to have your mind wrapped up around the idea that complex "always" implies efficiency.

The argument that XDG  files are easier to configure is sound and great. However, there's no simplicity in integrating everything into one thing. systemd is not a failure in my opinion, but a lesson to learn from. Although, I admit that the system is efficient, but what's efficiency when something breaks down in a complex system? You won't be able to help yourself. And this is exactly why I love the idea of freedom in software and not to follow fads in the tech industry. I tend to  concentrate on simplicity, I find traditional init systems to be less efficient than systemd or Upstrart, but rather than taking a whole revolution why not try to improve the system if possible? Unfortunately, systemd wanted to revolutionize the whole init system and yet wanted to be part the system  which it went against, by being backward compatible with SysV init. I find the idea that systemd tries to be backward compatible to be silly, why? How can you distinguish yourself from others and be them! It's really complicated. If run-levels are trash of the past from systemd's perspective, why have trash next to your door?

Although the XDG files are cool and easy to configure, configuring systemd itself is the real pain. The man pages are ambiguous, and quite often I find myself tinkering to figure out how things fit together. It's a sad reality that behind the beautiful facades there might be pain, traumas, and suffering. I can't even be anything now but wishful that the free open source community will not become the enslaved Open-soft.

Salute to Devuan!

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