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#1 2024-02-13 15:18:49

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Image viewers: EOG vs EOM

I used to use eog as an occasional image viewer. After my recent upgrade to devuan 5 I was perplexed to see that eog's spacebar navigation has been disabled, because who wants to be efficient. Some people probably find it easier to grab the mouse and touch a button, or to use one of the available cursor keys, whereas the spacebar is a rather big and blunt instrument, that - in a graphic application - only allows going to the next (or previous, if you press shift too) image.

Luckily there is eom, or the Eye of MATE, image viewer. Does everything I used to need in eog. Except, as I don't run the default xfce4 desktop (I run fluxbox), it uses default settings for font sizes, that are way too large, almost twice the size of what's needed.

I checked the environment and I did straces of eom, both in an xfce4 session and when running fluxbox, but I couldn't see anything that should make a difference.

Does anyone know how to tell eom to use the font sizes specified in the xfce4 settings even when not running XFCE4, or better still, to use defined .Xresources font sizes?


#2 2024-02-13 15:25:16

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Re: Image viewers: EOG vs EOM

You could try Ristretto which is the Xfce image viewer, as far as I know it should follow xfce4's settings more so than eom because of xfconf.


#3 2024-02-23 00:51:51

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Re: Image viewers: EOG vs EOM

I've used geeqie forever as my image viewer. In fact, I was using its predecessor gqview for so long that I aliased gqview to geeqie because I was so used to typing it and I couldn't adapt to typing geeqie.


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