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#1 2023-12-12 10:05:12

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Updating kernel (Raspberry pi 2)

Hello. I want to use wireguard with my raspberry pi.

Installing the wireguard package requires another kernel - 6.1.0-14-rt-armmp.
I installed it and removed the current 6.1.64 kernel. However

uname -r

stil returns 6.1.64.

After some research I found that the actual booted kernel is the one in


. I believe that apt doesn't generate this specific img file (it generates the initramfs files though...).

I wonder how to generate the kernel7.img file without building custom kernel myself? Probably from the initrd.gz file? Or just putting vmlinuz-6.1.0-14-rt-armmp as kernel7.img ?

Otherwise I find these instructions proper for the task: … ernel.html


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